Biscuits 3: Just a Man
"Just a Man"
by Greywolf Lupous

Disclaimer: Rawhide characters, situations, and, uh, the Rawhide-ish kinda stuff, belong to who? CBS, Viacom… I dunno. But they don't belong to me! Though at times I wish they did… but they don't… so, uh, don't sue me, kay? ^_^;;;

Spoilers: Some for "Incident at Black Pass"

Authors Notes: Even shorter than the other ones (in case you didn't notice), the last in this teeny series.

If Rowdy gets himself killed by mouthing off, I'll fire him… after I shoot that blood lusting brave of course.

I'm not worried. I just can't afford to find another scout or ramrod. It's not that I'm afraid that when I reach the camp it'll be too late. And it's just the stew that Wishbone this morning that makes my stomach flip-flop and not the thought of that fool getting himself hurt or worse with that hot-headed temper of his. And it's just a sudden cold wind making me shiver whenever I think that I won't share another scouting expedition with Pete again.

I'm trying not to think about how the tribe might react as they see me pull their dead chief off of the horse he's draped on. I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that I have no words in which to give the tribe insight into their chief's decision. I'm just a man taking a ride.

I'm really not worried.

It's not my concern what happens to them. I'd do the same for any of my men, after all, I can't push this herd myself. I'm not doing this because I'd miss that fool kid's antics, or those companionable silences with Pete after supper. It's not like my life would feel as empty as it did after my wife died.

I'm just a man, heading to just another destination.

And I'm not worried. I'm really not.