"Yeah, it's like that Chris and yes it's over. And to be quite honest with you, I might find it a little hard to be your friend. Let's just say that I'm tired of wasting my time on something and not getting anything in return." TC said.

"So that's what you're doing, wasting your time on me? Well let me not waste anymore of your time Sgt Callaway. And if that's how you want to be as far as the friendship is concerned, so be it." Chris replied and then walked away from TC. TC knew that he was a little harsh with her but it was all he could do not to break down. Chris made him so weak he had to be bitter to get his point across. Later that night Victor took TC out for a couple of beers to help him get his mind off Chris. Didn't work of course and Victor told himself that if he heard one more time about how Chris does this or that from TC he would scream.

"TC the whole point of this is to forget about Chris. I mean this room is full of beautiful women and they all want a piece of you. You have already turned two girls down and have been talking about Chris all night." Victor said.

"You are absolutely right Victor. The next girl that asks me to dance is getting that dance." TC said. Unbeknownst to the two gentlemen, Cory and Chris had just walked in. Cory spotted Victor and TC and tried to get Chris out of there. At that point Chris also spotted Victor and TC.

"Chris we should get of here." Cory said.

"Why, because TC and Victor are here. Cory we all hang out at the same places. TC and I are eventually going to see each other off work. I didn't want our break up to affect our friendship but he let it. And I'm definitely not going to let him keep the four of us apart. I can handle it, I just hope he can. Now let's go say hi." Chris replied. Cory knew that was a bad idea but went along anyways. She tried to prepare the boys for their approach but she and Chris caught them completely off guard.

"What's up guys? Didn't know expect to see you two here tonight." Chris said. Victor looked at Cory with the same confusion that she was giving him.

"Well it's a free country Chris." TC said smartly.

"I know that silly. What I meant was…"

"We know what you meant Chris," replied TC before she could finish. Victor and Cory knew that the two of them in the same room was not going to result in anything pretty so both of their minds were scrambling to figure out a way to separate the two.

"Chris would you like to join me in a game of pool?" Cory asked.

"Sure. You guys have a good night." Chris said, as she turned to walk away.

"THANKS" replied TC. Chris stopped in her tracks but didn't give TC the satisfaction of looking back. While Cory and Chris played pool, Victor would catch TC occasionally looking in their direction. Cory was also getting the same treatment from Chris. She had kicked Chris' butt twice already in pool and usually Chris was no easy opponent. Chris and Cory were walking up to the bar to purchase another pitcher when two females approached TC and Victor. Chris' attention was automatically drawn to them and she watched as TC talked to one of the girls. She thought nothing of it until TC got up to dance with one of them. Cory watched the hurt begin to form in Chris' eyes.

"You know what Cory; it's getting kind of late. Maybe we should call it a night." Chris said, already almost out the door.

"Yeah, I'm right behind you." Cory said. TC and Victor watched as the two girls stormed out of the bar. They both knew why they left but only TC took the pleasure of seeing them leave. The next day at work Palermo had a special assignment for Cory and Victor, so TC and Chris had to ride together. They both avoided going on their rounds until Palermo got involved and told them to get their butts on the road. The ride started off very slow and quiet. TC would speed up every once and a while just to piss Chris off. When she finally had enough, Chris turned her bike around and started for the firehouse.

"Where are you going?" TC asked when he caught up with her.

"I'm going back to the firehouse." Chris said.

"Why?" asked TC.

"I'm going to go tell Palermo that you and I can't ride together," replied Chris.

"If you do that, he will ask why," responded TC.

"So I will finagle something, but I can't keep riding with you like this. We aren't even talking to each other; well you're not talking to me, which means that we can't work together. I'm not going to pretend that this can work because it can't Sgt Callaway." Chris said. TC pulled his bike in front of Chris to stop her.

"Don't go to Palermo. Let's just finish our rounds, and I promise that I won't keep leaving you. I just don't want to go to Palermo for this. Let's try to make this work." TC said.

"Fine, but no more speeding up on me TC," replied Chris. For some reason, TC loved to hear his name come from her lips. It kind of put him in a trance. "I meant Sgt Callaway," she said. He looked at her and noticed she was more hurt to say it then he was to hear it. Their ride was trouble free and they both were relieved when it ended due to the heavy silence. Chris mounted her bike and turned just in time to catch TC watching her. She saw Palermo coming towards them and walked away before TC could say something. TC watched as the woman of his dreams walked away and he felt his soul leave his body. He was going to go after her, but Palermo stopped him before he had the chance. The day seemed to creep by and finally they were off. TC walked back and forth in his house with the phone in his hand, pondering on if it was a good idea to call Chris. 'So what if she doesn't love me. I mean she can learn to love me.' TC said aloud to himself. Just as he got the courage to call Chris the doorbell ranged. When he opened the door, Chris was standing there.

"Can I come in?" she asked.

"Yeah," said TC giving her the space she needed to enter.

"Are you busy?" Chris asked, noticing the phone in his hand.

"No, I was actually just about to call you." TC replied.

"Oh really, what for?" Chris asked.

"Um…I was going to ask you…if you…why are you here Chris?" TC asked.

"I guess I wanted closure. I mean I owe you that much. I won't waste your time so I will just get straight to the point." Chris replied. TC didn't know what to expect so he sat down. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for everything. For the other night, for all the nights before that, for taking you for granted pretty much. I guess I expected you to be there and now that you aren't I finally got that wake up call that I needed. I mean I finally meet a great guy and what do I do, I find a reason to push him away. I guess I was scared of how things were moving and how patient and incredible you have been to me, that I panicked. I'm sorry for leading you on TC. Anyways, that's all I had to say." Chris turned immediately and headed for the door. She didn't want TC to see her cry but she knew that she couldn't hold it back much longer. TC must have pounced up because he reached the door before she did.

"Do you have to leave," asked TC

"Only if you want me to. Do you want me to go?" Chris asked.

"No," replied TC. TC put his hands around hers and walked her away from the door. He leaned in to kiss her and felt his heartbeat begin to speed up. He put her hand on his chest so that she could feel it and she did the same. They couldn't decipher whose heart was beating faster. TC kissed Chris again, but this time more passionately. When they finally came up for air, they stared at each other and their eyes said everything. As TC was leading Chris into the bedroom, she stopped and looked at him.

"Whenever you're ready Chris. I would never rush you do anything." TC said. She looked at him at kissed him softly on the nose."

"I love you TC Callaway with everything in me." Chris said as she continued to the bedroom. TC followed her with the biggest smile his face could make.

Moral: It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations
--Kahlil Gibran