Chapter 1: It.

"To lose one's memories is like losing a part of oneself. Sometimes people welcome the loss of memories, but eventually they will yearn for those memories. With your memories, you'll feel whole. Should you be missing memories, you'll feel empty, you will feel lost. It will change you, it will alter your being. No, to lose ones memories is not always a good thing."

Pain, all It could remember was pain. There was nothing beyond the pain that raked through Its body. It could feel almost every bone, muscle and nerve being in agony. The pain consumed all other things, such as rational thoughts and movements. It didn't know where It was, but It certainly was in pain. How It came to be in such pain, It did not know. How to get out of the pain, It did not know.

It could feel some pipe going into Its mouth, and It noticed that although this caused pain, it also helped relieve the pain a bit. If It had not been in such pain, It would have noticed that It was lying on a soft bed, but It was more aware of the pain than anything else. It could also hear some strange noises. Some beeping, some rattling sounds. What this could be, It did not know, but It didn't care enough to find out.

It felt something cool on Its forehead. It was glad that It could still think of something beyond the pain, but was quickly losing the battle to stay awake against said pain.

Soft sounds could be heard. It tried to make sense of those sounds and remembered that it were words. It was spoken to. Or so it seemed. The words were soothing for the painfilled mind. Just before slipping in the painless realm of sleep, nearing unconsiousness, It could hear some words which made It's heart leap with joy a bit.

"Yes, this boy might make it through the night. Hopefully he will then be able to tell us more."

'I'm not an It any more, I'm a boy, I'm a he.' And with that thought, He drifted off into some much needed sleep, void of all the pain still raking through his body.

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