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Catherine Willows slowly made her way to the CSI lab. It was already starting to be a bad night. Lindsey had thrown up all over her bed sheets, and Catherine's and the kitchen, and well you get the point. Lindsey was sick, bad. And Catherine was beginning to not feel well herself. She hadn't had time to make breakfast, or clean the house. She came to work in old jeans and a t-shirt. She didn't care, if Grissom said anything about it, she would just yell at him.

As Catherine pulled into the CSI parking lot, she noticed that Nick, Warrick and Grissom's truck were all already there. She silently wondered where Sara was. Sara was usually at work before Grissom, hell sometimes she was at work before the day shift was over. Catherine got out of her truck and leisurely made her way into the lab. She stopped at the desk, and saw that the receptionist Julie was gone. Must be on break She thought. As Catherine turned around, she notice a small girl, maybe 5 or 6 six sitting on the benches humming softly while swinging her legs back and forth. Catherine didn't see anyone that looked like they could be her parents so she decided to talk to the child. "Hey there" She said as she sat down. The little girl looked up, and Catherine was amazed at what she saw. Big brown loving, and scared, and mysterious eyes. Where had she seen them before?

"Hi" the little girl said in a small voice.

"I'm Catherine, what's your name?"

"Grace" The little girl said a little louder that time.

"Is your mommy or daddy here Grace?"

"My daddy dropped me off here and said that my mommy would take me home with her. My daddy said that he was sick, and that he loved me, but he couldn't take care of me anymore. So he brought me here."

"Oh, does your mommy work here, or does she know someone that works here. Do you know your mommy's name?" Catherine asked.

"I'm not sure where she works, but I know her name. Its Sara Sidle."