More or Less- A Spark of Life (Season 3 Opener)

Summary: After Spike and Willow went into Buffy's soul to save her she was electrocuted by Gwen Raiden. Spike is angry. It's all due to Angels meddling. How will they live with really losing Buffy for good? For the quickest review of Season 1-2 go to "More or Less Season summaries" in my stories. Spike POV, Willow, Angel, Gwen, Giles/Oliva, Other…more…

Spike didn't pause. He knew Buffy was dead on the floor. He knew who had killed her. He didn't care about what else he knew. He lunged at Gwen Raiden with everything he had at the moment of the rush. Only, what Spike had in the moment wasn't all that great, apparently. He felt his head bang against the floor after a huge zap of electricity. Gwen had knocked him back. It gave him a microsecond to think about too many things. Like how Buffy touched Gwen by accident, and how it was really all Angel's fault, and how Spike really had to kill Angel now, but how could he, with Faith and Connor? And how having a soul was a bloody pain in the ass. And his head hurt so buggering much, and he needed Faith. And how, how would they all live really losing Buffy?

"Man," he heard Gwen's cavalier voice above him, "You boys are out of control for a non-freaky girl, at least. I don't know how Faith does it. She must be able to give you a real spark."

"You surging whoring bitch!" Spike spat and sat up.

Spike would kill her. He would kill Gwen Raiden in this pretentiously sheik apartment with the minimalist look with Willow, Giles, Giles's girlfriend, and the powerful middle-aged witch, and sodding Angel all watching. Spike will explain it to Faith. He'll explain:

"This is a joke to you!" Giles yelled at Gwen, "Killing the greatest strongest soul—"

Spike out yelled a the people trying to talk as he rose. He was ready.

"I'll rip that smile off your face," Spike told Gwen, "and shove it down your sparking cu—"

"Whoa! Let's not make any promises we can't keep unless your girlfriend wants to watch," Gwen said, "I won't even tell Faith what a thing you have for this skinny blonde who's life I'm gonna save."

"Save her? You killed her!" the middle-aged witch said, "What kind of a creature are—"

"I'm a freak, lady, and a thief. But, don't worry. When I steal life like this I'm a pro at giving it back."

Gwen bent down by Buffy with all smiles leaving her face. She had a look of concentration. "1-2-3!" she said as she pumped Buffy's chest. Spike saw Buffy move with electricity, but then she was still again with no life.

"All you have to do is get one spark of life in her and I can do a spell, take power from someone else and she'll be okay," Willow said.

"Take it from me," Angel said.

"Miss Rosenberg," the powerful matronly Wiccan spoke up, "You can't—"

"I can and I will!" Willow snapped.

Before Spike could speak up he heard coughing wonderful gagging coughing.

"Buffy!" Spike heard his voice and Angel's say in unison.

"Give her air!" Angel said knocking Spike away as he knelt on the floor beside her.

Then the sod grabbed Buffy and put her on the bed. Angel then grabbed Willow's hand and pulled her toward Buffy.

"Willow," Angel said, "Do the spell!"

"No!" a strong male voice took Spike's line. It was Giles.

Buffy still coughed. She sat up and covered her mouth. Her eyes were wide. She looked around. She looked afraid. She reached out quickly to grab something. Spike wanted to move as fast as he could to get whatever it was for her. She got it herself. It was Willow's hand. Spike could see her eyes then and he knew…

"Buffy!" Willow said in a sad chocked voice now.

He knew everything was going to be alright. They had saved her. The darkness of her soul hadn't gotten her. Angel's meddling hadn't bullocks her up. Buffy was alive! And it wouldn't be like last time. Spike and everyone else could help her properly this time. He had just been in the blackest depths of her soul and he saved her. Spike knew everything this time around.

"Willow!" Buffy gasped suddenly, "Reg! Where's Reg?"

Who the bloody hell was Reg?

"Oh, Buffy!" Willow said.

Willow sounded like she knew this Reg. Was it a demon?

"Reg is in trouble! Some woman…"

Buffy rose up quickly with her little white night gown on she looked all about the sheik apartment.

"Some Italian woman with dark hair took him. She--"

Buffy stopped talking or moving as came to an old bloodstain on the hardwood floor. Bugger! Reg must have been who's flat this was. The man Buffy had been with when the god-witch attacked her. Willow had told Spike about him and Spike had completely forgotten. Reg was dead and gone.

"I--I had these dreams," Buffy continued, "these terrible dreams. I'd been having them. Reg told me not to worry about them and now—Now something happened to him and they've taken him. Well, Buffy got her boyfriend in trouble it must be Tuesday. Let's go and—"

"Buffy—" Giles began.

"No!" she said looking up at them for the first time and Spike felt his heart rip in a bunch of useless pieces. Spike found it surprising that if there was a way to rescue this Reg with the pretentious flat Spike would do it.

Buffy had gotten on jeans. She had jeans and put on a blue flannel shirt that was much too big for her over the nightgown.

"No," she said again and looked past all of them.

Spike finally noticed this was a large number of people crammed into a bedroom.

"Reg is smart. The smartest man I ever---He went to the Watcher's academy. He'd be able to fight whatever got him. And strong, almost freakishly so, like. But not nearly as strong as me," she said looking up with tears in her eyes, "They never are as strong as me. Why? Why, Willow? Why?"

She sobbed and knelt on the floor. Willow ran to her embracing her. So did Giles and his girlfriend. The middle aged-witch just stood back looking pained like the rest of them---Gwen, Angel and Spike all looking at Buffy in pain.

"I just want someone to be as strong as me!" she sobbed.

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