To whoever has hacked into this. These are texts, so there will be spelling mistakes especially with the high school drop-our.

TEXT'S to Spike Will-Bloody

FROM Faith:


7:12pm: yo.

10 PM: so, that was pretty intense even if your us. I know you're off probably fighting a spelling bee's head ... I meant fighting a spell in B's head. The phone changed it. Maybe we can fight a spelling bee when you get back. I know you will get back & bring B with you. I didn't get a chance to say much. You guys had a go so quickly. I guess it's for the best I'm not really that good at pep talks anyway. But I know you & willow can save her.


5:00am: Kennedy pointed out that you might not get text in Englund. Connor then pointed out that it wouldn't much matter if you were doing a spelling bee's head...I meant a spell in B's head, phone again. I just wanted to say I wasn't About to say the L word to you. I'd never say "lesbians" when your telling me your gonna go off on a suicide mission. It would cheapen the whole thing. Bad joke. We all know I'm cheap. Speaking of lesbians that was some pretty fucked up stuff between Kennedy & Willow. Kennedy is pretty messed up over it. And since Willow Left her with slayer power I got to work hard to keep Her in line. No big. Not like I don't know her pretty well at this point. Funny thing about sticking around one place for too long you get to know people. Hope you guys get back soon with B and we can all stick around this place together. I know B might be bummed. She thought she got rid of the town. But it's better now there's a the cool bar & every thing. Hipsters every where.

700pm: shit. That was a long text before wasn't it? Sorry. Who needs a needy girlfriend when they're on a sooaicide mission right? I realize you're probably not getting these by now. So I'll stop. Turns out guy who owns bar went to school with B & he remembers me from my crazy years & doesn't hold it against me. Told me his lifestory after high school so I told him a little of mine. He's 5x5. He needs a bar tender & someone to keep the demons out. So, I might as well. Don't worry Connor is way more his type than me. He may be old enuff for Connor 2 bad he doesn't have boobs ;)Hit me back when Ure done saving B if U can.


12:45 PM You'll never guess who showed up. My old foster sister, Reese. She's all woman size now. Pretty, smart,educated,everything I'm not. I guess he never messed with her like he me. Don't worry she doesn't want to kill me because you killed the guy who adopted her. She just wants to catch up. She remembers me. Tho I don't know why. Wasn't like I was all that memorable then. I just remember being afraid and pissed & probably not doing right by her. She says different.


Reese & Scott ganged up on me & took me shopping they said I gotta get color in my wardrobe. She made me try on this stupid dress. Can u believe it? Well I

So how's the spelling bee's head going? You know what I'm not going to correct the phone anymore let it just be a spelling bee's head. No, that's disrespectful to B. I hope she is okay. Zander and Dawn are really pissed that she came back and didn't tell them. I'm not even to talk about Kennedy . Me, I totally get it.


Happy holloween! Coonor & Reese hooked up! Connor & Reese. Throwing down. I thought Connor liked them old butTtT *(&_ GGGG

Spike? This is Reese. You killed my father prepare to die. JK ;).We know he wasn't my father. But, he sent me to a good school and taught me how to take care of myself and what I care about. I care about Faith. She is my sister of the system. She said you went to Oxford like 100 years ago and you never taught her how to spell? Are you also the reason the colors in her wardrobe are black and harlot? After seeing your pic I think so. And, what kind of alpha male leaves his omega to help some blond? Connor wouldn't do that and he seems be as strong as a vampire and he can walk in the sss

….Me again. Bitch grabbed my phone. Sorry she's less of a brat sober. You'll see for yourself soon. Guess I got a sis who wasn't really my sis for a while. B & I share more shit everyday. Just as long as u remember who gave it up 4 u more i don't care. I do miss your bod. Some parts more than others. Miss how u hug my curves. Want to take U & rap my legs around U twice. U may be in B's head but that doesn't change hoo's body U were in last. If U were here Id my lips & mustles would swallow U up hole. The things I'll do with u , to u, for u. I can't spell em out. Really I can't. Rese sez I spell bad & this is with a phone that fixes stuff. Never said I wasn't a drop out. Now a little drunk dropout . Hoo knew I'd be with a punk victoreean guy who B had first & could take back anytine. 333


Got a little crazy last night. Really wish there was an unsend button. At least we are having fun while u guys r fighting for your lives. We do fight the fight it's just been slow.

Omg! Dude, I got a new phone and we saved the world. apocalypse averted! This thing has an awesome spell check & we're not too bad either. I did it dude! Well, every1 did. Get this we even saved a dude and a chick from another dimension. Dawn did really. Jimmy and Jema from Georgia, well, another Georgia where there was an demon take over and pple were food. So, they r very kill or be killed. Good fighters. Don't talk much. Just how I like it. But, I could really use some of your super strength for other reasons. Still got mad jumping



I could really use a response now dude. There's a thing. A little thing but…

Who am I kidding? You're not there. You aren't getting these.

Doesn't matter. Nothing I do matters. It was always gonna be me with my back up against the wall. Right? Why do I even bother trying? I thought I was getting smarter but it's just that my friends are getting richer. That isn't enough. If you ran off with B that's fine, okay. For reels. Who am I to say anything about it?

11/15 12:32 PM

Fyck sorry. I went skittle off the rails there. Saw Dawn and she told me Giles said the spell is still going and you and Willow are there fighting for B. So, I guess I was acting like a crazy jealous bitch. Surprise! I just really need a grown up to talk to. So y am I bothering u? ;) it's like I miss u or something, dead boy. No worries 5 by 5. It's all good. Was just a little stressed. The duty and all. Reese and I r gonna blow off steam after I meet with Robyn at the school. Haven't seen him since the awkwardness.

11/16 1:09 AM

I'm a killer and none of you are here to take me down . Y is it me alone always? Why am I asking when I know the fucking answer, Because I'm no am I texting this. You aren't there. YOU prolly died the day you went into spelling bs head and now she is dead for sure. B is dead and I know it because I got my powers back. I thought the spell made it so I could never have power again but I'm just so fucking lucky. It shoulda been me instead of u dead, baby. I shoulda been the one to save B. I was the one that knew bEEs darkness. U just loved her & made love to her. I'm the one who fucked her. I almost made her like me, a killer. Never shoulda let u go. I'd make sure she came back. It's clear she should be here & not me. She'd freakin notice if her sister was getting into vengeance. She'd never murder her sister. She'd find a way to save her boy and her sister. She;d never drive an ex to want to trap her & hurt her friends . OK, B wouldn't have an ex with a soul that she'd drive to do that. Not me. Killing and making killers is all I do. I wish æ Ø Ï

11/18 3:33 PM

Update lover. Kind a ripped my phone in half when I figured out B died when I got my physical powers back. Comma got me a new one. I mean Connor. This phone types when you talk. It's not perfect but is good for an ill literate slob like me.

Know its more for me than u or whoever decides to read my fucking texts and violate my privacy next. Maybe it can be an arc ride for future generations. This is when old faith really went officially Charlie Sheen. So, you're not too stupid. You prolly figured out baby sis was becoming a vengeance demon and she was gonna kill our boy Connor. She wasn't after Connor or anything. She was gonna do it just to prove he meant nothing. She messed with Robyn bad. Don't even want to go into it. Spike she had me totally snowed. I thought she loved him. I was a good little actor in my day but i could never fake love. I dont even know how to do it for real. If i really loved people y wouldnt I be able to stop all this shit from happening?

I know what you'd say to what I just said. Sad, I can hear your voice, dude. All Brit proper and Sid vicious mash-up. Like when you were in that coma. You weren't dead then so you can't be dead now. You just can't be. You do everything but the one thing you don't do is die. But back to me, Aren't I all kinds of Claire Danes tragic? But you don't know how I screwed totally screwed the pooch. How can I not a seen that the girl was in trouble? I I couldn't save heart, I mean her. This thing records stutters. I can't talk about her anymore, dude. If you were here you'd prolly be a dick and make me talk about her and say something that was fucked up and nice Something that hurt like ripping off a band ate but then at least the band aid would be off. You are sofa king…I can't talk about her any more sorry. Ha ha, the phone said sofa king when I meant- you were so fucking. I wish you were so fucking, so fucking me…here…now. …Here I am going on about my stupid problems and B is dead. It doesn't seem real. I'll keep trying my best to do right by her. When you get backI …. what….Dude, I have to go. Connor and I are really worried about Kennedy. She thinks Willow is dead since B is dead too. Since Willow breaking up with her and giving her that Slayer power spell she's kind a hard to handle. She doesn't get that no matter how bratty she is I won't give up on her because she can never be as bad as me. The battiest of M all. I meant the baddest of them all. Stupid phone. Gotta go. XO.

Yes, you have now made me the kind of chick that writes Xs and Os and hearts to her boyfriend who isn't texting her back. You've made me soft and full of girl hormones. All it took to take me down was a forced literal soul sharing, you becoming my BFF and you trying to die for me- like a chump ass bitch- rocking awesome sex, my saving you from become a vampire cyborg assassin, more earth shattering sex, you constantly saying the L word and now going off to do this soulless mission. I guess I don't go down easy, no matter what they say ;). Couldn't we have met when you were evil so you could've just killed me instead, you dick! Guess we have B to thank for this forever. Won't forget her. Miss her even though she wasn't there for me a lot. I made it impossible for her. Spike, I'm sure you did everything to save her. You prolly have a bad magic hang over now. But call me when you are better. I want to like your wounds and coil myself around you like a super bandage. XOX 333. And just so you don't think I'm losing my edge here's some tits ( v ).

There's other stuff I gouda take care of too. Can't be too bat shit when everyone else is going crazy. Don't think I don't wanna be. A hundred times a day I think of taking the bike and roaming the country kung fool style.

11/18 6:09 PM

Had to do some stuff. Robin's leaving town. I had to make sure he wasn't losing it along with Kennedy. Connor seems all right for someone who's girlfriend tried to kill him and turned out to be a demon that his friend killed in front of him. You know it's sad when I'm the sane one but I guess I had to man up. You see, Robin got caught up in Reese's vengeance shit. But, it wasn't his fault. You must know how this stuff works. He made a wish and she twisted it and it twisted him. He didn't hurt me, much. Not fitfully, I mean pisically, the phone isn't doing that word and I can't spell. The wish made him say things and do things that weren't him. I know I probably deserved some of it. But there are some things I know. HE broke up with ME and I'm not a cheater, just a murderer. But, most important Kennedy is not what he called her, and apparently I get wicked pissed when you call my friends things.

11/17 3:00AM

So, fuck balls! I just talked to Giles. Learned that B died and then got back up again like she does. And I know you guys left there with Willpw's magik 4 fucking weeks ago. Where the fuck are you guys! Kennedy still thinks your dead because Willow wouldn't mess up magik. So, I got to go take care of some more stuff. If you guys get back and I'm npt here I'll be back real soon. Girl's gotta have her secrets. ;)

12/1 4:42 AM

I dream of you. It's all shades of blond from bleach to dirty, words, whispers and screaming soup to nuts through Havean and Hell and back again.I thought I was doing ok. We all know Kennedy is right and that you guys would be here by now, and that there's some powerful thing that wants B dead afterall. Fuck Spike. Sometimes I really want to run away or die, but I can't I gotta be here and not because I'm The Slayer. You don't know how deep you got in me, dude. I'm about as much of a poet as I am a rocket scientist but I need people to know that know that no matter what being with you wasn't just another mistake. Angel made it so I could believe in myself. Robin made it so I could believe in guys. But you made it so I could go beyond belief. I was like, happy or something. But no, no. This is fucked up. This isn't about me. I just want you to know that you being alive and undead rocked this world. Okay, so there was like a hundred years where you made the world a scary place, but even while you were doing that because of what some bitch did to you- you didn't lose yourself and I think that's awesomw.

I know you're somewhere out there. Maybe you're in heaven with her. I hope you aren't too bored I know ou aren't there whited robe harp type. Who knows, maybe I'll get me a new stud farm. A girl has needs. But no more man as my best bud shit. I don't need that from anyone else or they won't have what I need. Connor says you be in a time warp in that spell . Maybe you'll come back and I'll be an old wrinkled bag of bones you couldn't possibly want. Nah. I'll be hot or I'll be dead. But I get that you could be with someone else or want someone else. Btw if u get hung up on someone that doesn't want u the only one more idiotic that u is her. Im not drunk so I guess i can't get all sappy. I'm not exactly in a position to promise anything here. But, Maybe you can see me now. Know I did everything I could think of to protect what I had to. (And, we know I'm not perfect) I did a little digging on you in the Wolfram & Hart files. They gotta lotta good stuff in there. Already knew all the killer stuff, but why didn't you tell me about Joe Strummer and that Italian poet chick? Guess I'll never know. Can live with that. Can live without U. But, Just know no matter what I didn't forget you, Pratt.

12/12- 12:01 AM To: Unknown Number to Faith

Calls dropping. Tried you 7 times. Answer! Where are u? Answer! Now! Today! Im not my most patient right now after everything I just got from u.

12/12- 12:02 AM Faith to Unknown Number

U got the wrong number, jack & just a tip. Maybe if u weren't so bitchy to your booty call theyd answer.

12/12 – 12:02 AM Unknown Number to Faith It's me. I love you & miss u more than u know clearly. How could think I'd want to be anywhere but with U..Just answer the phone

12/12- 12:02 AM Faith to Unknown Number: Nice job trying 2 sweet talk but u still have the wrong #

12/12 – 12:04 AM Unknown Number to Faith : Crushed bloody sodding fucking phone when it dropped the call. So I write from Buffy's phone.

Faith Patricia Diemers Lehane. You are not the only one who can look up files of full names at Wolfram and Hart. It wouldn't matter if I was in Heaven with any other person in existence I would tear my way out & down to Hell to be with you. Speaking of Hell seems like you've been through it. Where are you?

12/12- 12:05 AM Faith to Unknown Number: If this is some evil force fucking with me, congrats. U R the evilest cruelest fucking thing I've known and that's saying a lot. Too bad 4 you I must find U and torture U and kill u. My boyfriend and Buffy Summers are dead and I don't care if your some evil tech demon that is only made out of pixels and rom or whatever. I'm make your rom a shit stain notch on my killing bed-post.

12/12 – 12:06 AM Unknown Number to Faith: How do U manage to get me so still and quivering? Can't wait to show you how wrong you are as usual. You're so stupid for such a bright flame. Can't wait to see you and lick your burning center. Maybe you'll set me on fire again, it's been so long.

12/12- 12:30 AM Faith to Unknown Number: Little busy. Big worm, and by big I mean BeetleJuice size. If this is really U could use help! If not see past message about becoming shit stain.

12/12 – 12:06 AM Unknown Number to Faith: Does it really look like a BeetleJuice worm or is it…Nevermind. OMW! I love you!