The lighting in this bar made all these people look as golden as they wished they were. It was all white tabletops and walls along with golden brown wood. No posters. No art, unless you counted the fake microbrew banner and Spike did not.

This was the kind of place he'd slaughter if he was bored but in the end their blood was like a big round orange that ended up not tasting like anything. Hungry two hours later. Now, as a vampire with a soul he wouldn't bother to be bothered. But, he was bothered.

Spike was bothered because Faith was here for the hipster-yuppie, Justin Monroe, who was of all things, a motivational speaker on the rise. Of course, Faith wasn't here to hear him speak. Spike knew why she was here to see another man, and he didn't care. Well, he did a little. Spike didn't care that Faith was here to kill another man. Spike cared that Faith didn't invite him.

Faith was his girl, after all.

She had never made that more clear than last night. But, that was the rub with Faith whenever she made something as clear as day it meant that she was going to run off into the fog of night. But, Spike would go in and get her back. He just wasn't expecting a cheesy club two bloody hours away and this Justin. Faith hadn't seen Spike. She was dead-set on the other man. Spike knew he'd have to handle this delicately, carefully. He was sure how she had shown herself last night had something to do with-

"Where is she?"

Oh balls. How had she seen him? Now she was in his face yelling over whatever auto-tuned nightmare music this was. She was demanding answers from him. That wasn't how this was supposed to go.

"Who?" Spike said, "I'm here for you, and shouldn't I be the one all suspicious? You're in a club all in black looking deathly gorgeous thinking your without me. You're never without me."

He got an eye roll for that and she turned away from him and went upstairs but not without giving Mr. Monroe Motivational Speaker a good long desired look. Faith wanted the man. She talked to Spike with her back to him knowing he'd follow like a good little pet.

"So B's not here with you? You don't need to stalk me. I'm already your girlfriend, remember?" she said, "I'm just here to get a spell to get some of that worm venom out of me. Heard about a guy. You should be patrolling with B."

"Unlike you, that girl needs her space. Who do you want a spell from? That guy? Why not just ask Will—"

Faith knocked down Spike's arm as he pointed at the dark haired small built man in the overly tailored while button-down shirt. They had a great view of him from the white walled wood trimmed balcony. There was no way he could hear or see them unless he had powers to do so. Spike was sure all the man's power was going towards the blond that sat next to him in a tight white dress that looked out of his league.

"Spike!" Faith said and then went on more quietly, "Willow broke my friend's heart in the ass. It's not my business. But, she's also busy with B. So, I don't bother and ask for her magik to fix my screw-ups. I know you want to be there for B too. You're the only one she talks to. I'm the one that needs space and I'm about to kick one between your teeth. Don't screw this up."

"I'm not. Right now no one else wants to talk to Buffy, except me an' the witch. No one except you that is," he said, "Maybe you should try talking to Buffy yourself some time. But now, I'm tired of talking about her. I'm tired of talking. I'd like to do some listening."

He had gotten in front of her blocking the view of the man down below. He had meant to sound hard. He didn't want to talk about Buffy. But, he couldn't help it. Faith obviously was so worried about the other Slayer, and he way of showing it was just so gruffly adorable. He squeezed her shoulder.

"Yeah, right. You followed me here to for a public fuck?" she pushed him away, "I get it. Last night was a little vanilla. So, you thought you'd rub one out on the balcony with your current Slayer."

"What are you-" he began.

She walked past him. She made a show of it as she opened his leather duster she was wearing to reveal her breasts snug in a black tank top and black leggings and boots.

"Your current Slayer who I'm sure you now regret telling everything to when you were beer buddies," Faith said.

She put her back to the balcony leaned her ass against it and patted the thick ledge with a smirk.

"Oh, the balcony with Buffy. The Bronze. Yeah," Spike said.

Spike hadn't wanted a go on this balcony. It was a thick wall that was hard to bend someone over. Furthermore, Faith wasn't wearing a skirt but…

"If that's what you want. I'm game," she said, "Part of being with a vamp, or any dude, is being up for his kink. We'll do it quick and then you can just go like you don't know me and I'll do my business. You can go by the store on your way home and pick-up some toothpaste. Multi-tasking."

"But, I do know you Faith," he said, "I thought we were still beer buddies, among other things, but if you've traveled so far for this shit beer, I don't know. What I do know is I'm not some house boy that you can send away on errands."

Oh no. She looked so hurt. But, then she licked her lips and smiled. Oh hell. Hiding the hurt with that bloody sexy smile.

"So, playing house is getting boring already? I never thought I'd be the one too boring to fuck in a bar, but things change," Faith said, "Speaking of, If you don't like living at the house no one is making you stay there. You can leave any time you want. I think B has a room since Dawn—"

Spike knew whatever he did next he'd have to do it very carefully. He couldn't mess this up. He wished sometimes Faith was easy and just killing someone or trying to sacrifice himself by burning his soul into her was enough. Then, again that would be boring.

Spike grabbed her by her arms and hooked his thumbs under the coat and black tank top straps and pulled her to his face.

"I thought we went over this last night," he said, "If you said anything about me wanting to be with her instead of you again you'd pay."

She didn't say anything to that or his rough manhandling which wasn't very rough. His words were rough. This club looked like someone a minimalist art show and a golden-gram dipped in glitter took a shit. But, she looked like the finest piece of artisan candy in simple black liquorish. He noticed she had more colors in her closet today, but now had gone back to black. He noticed a lot of things and he'd better. He saw her eyes widen and smelled a little fear on the word "pay," and a little of something else.

"Well, I didn't say 'you'd pay' exactly," he said, "I think my exact words were 'Every time you accuse me of wanting anyone but you, I'll get you alone and spell out just how much I want you, with my tongue, for however long it takes.'"

He smelled a lot of something else on her now. That sweet rise of desire coming up from between her legs. She had smelled a little different since he got back. More potent. It was probably due to her get her powers back and she said she quit smoking. She shut her eyes and he felt her dip down and back up. Her knees got weak for a second. With more potency came more sensitivity.

"Spike, I can't—" she said, "There are things happening. Things I have to do alone. You can't understand. No one can. Just me. You should go. I'll be home soon."

She broke away from his hold without hurting him in the least. She turned and looked over the balcony. He could only see her dark hair. She had cut to her shoulders and taken out the highlights while he was away. He knew she was looking at the man talking to the blond. Spike started walking up behind Faith.

"Yes, there are things happening. Like you being completely full of shit as to why you're here." he said as he held his body against her, "I understood enough last night, slow as I am. You said-"

"Please," she said her voice trembling, "Don't use what I said against me. Whatever I said, I meant it. I wasn't lying. Just please, don't throw them in my face now."

This was new. Faith wasn't one to say please, let alone twice. What was she doing? He knew what she was doing here. She was going to kill a bastard with a twisted soul. What was Faith doing to Spike? What she often did. He felt like someone just gave his heart a hard squeeze. He hated when she said please. He stopped pushing his hips into her ass.

"I—I'm not-," he stammered and got his bearings, "Look, I know you can do just fine without me. But, after last night I thought none of that mattered. I thought it wasn't like this with us. I thought when the world gave us a set-back we just flipped it off. I do get me bein' gone for four months and you thinking I was dead may be more than a set back for most but-Faith, what do I have to do for you to trust me? What do you want?"

He pleaded into her ear. This wasn't going as planned. Actually, he forgot what the plan was now. It had jumped from not having a go on the balcony to having a go, to her pleading , and now to him pleading. He used to think Buffy and Dru twisted him about.

"Nothing is about what I want or trust!" she said.

She spoke through gritted teeth with her back to him over that pop song some bimbo was asking someone to call her, maybe.

"If was about what I wanted I'd be wrapped around you every waking minute and especially the fucking nightmare sleeping minutes because when you're there I don't have them. But, I think—I think I didn't mean to say all that out loud," she said, "The point is-don't tell B about this. There are just some things now that are going to come up that I have to do alone. It's what's best. Unless I'm wrong, but I can't take chances. Not now. If you want me to trust you, trust me"

God! How does she do this to him?

"You are wrong," he said, "and incredibly naïve."

Faith reveals naked parts she doesn't even realize she has, and then makes him feel like he's the one with his bloody ass in the breeze. She does this while being the baddest of asses. Telling her she was the strongest would just make her feel guilty and weak. Everyone thought he could never keep his mouth shut, but he just knew how to talk too much about what he had to. Now Spike did what he had to do to get through to Faith instead: he laughed at her.

"I never knew a Slayer that was so naïve and I've known some peaches. Miss Dark, Miss Rogue. Really how did you make it 10 minutes being a murder before you decided to do it for the good of humanity? Oh right, you had help. Well, good luck now going it solo, Mastermind," he said after his laugh.

He pressed into her back again.

"You…How…"whispered so quiet only a vampire could hear.

Bugger! Now she was hurt and ashamed. He was really hoping she'd do angry right away and hit him or something, so he wouldn't have to go on with this. But, he did.

"A little tip killer to killer, love of my life," he said "When you are going to go kill a man who has truly masterminded killing a bunch of girls: clear you're bloody browser history. You might as well have sent out a group text saying: 'Hey I'm going to go kill Justin Monroe, a man who has orchestrated the torture and eventual killing of five women, at a horrible fancy-pants bar at this address and this time because the law can't touch him. See you all in the morning."

"I don't how to clear my browser history on my new computer. It's a Mac. Connor got it for me. Why do I have to live with a tech savvy vamp? You're over 100. Shouldn't you be writing with a quill by candlelight?" she said.

Oh good! He peered down over her shoulder and saw her grinning.

"Been—" he began to say something clever.

"So, you're here to try to stop me. I can't," she said with misery, "Does B know? Tell her beating fear into this dude won't work. I kn—Spike!"

He quickly realized she didn't need something clever said and pushed his crotch into her ass and nipped at her neck. He turned into his vampire face and she looked back at him just long enough to see he had. He nipped her neck. Held the skin gently between his fangs.

"Oh, Bad bad, Faith is back, and she wants someone to stop her," he said between nips.

"No," she said but didn't push away.

"I—I can't stop—I-"

"Right," he said, "That's why you want me to take you to Buffy she can have at you."

"Want. Take. Have," she said, "That's what I used to say. You think if you hand me over to her I'll—Hunh!""

He cupped her thin spandex crotch and put pressure on the sensitive bits.

"I know what you used to say," he said as his arms circled her waist.

Spike could feel Faith's heart quicken as he dipped into her elastic waste band.

"Just like I know it's you who wants me to pull your pants down and give your bare bottom over to Buffy to spank, metaphorically," Spike said.

"At least you bring out your real face when you talk like that," she said and took a shuddered breath, "Fucking your girlfriend on a balcony like you did your ex while talking about a three-way with her. Any decent chick would leave you."

"As un-decent as you are, I almost hate to say there's no three-way," he said, "No one gets this—"

Faith moaned sharply as Spike some of her sensitive bits a pinch.

"-but me, and not even goldilocks get to do this as long as you're with me."

He maneuvered so he could keep ahold of her waist and smacked her ass as hard as he could from such an angle. Faith cried out and trembled and her smell took hold of Spike hard. Her cry was lost in the music. He closed his waste in on her again and nipped at her neck and fingered and stroked her where she dripped. She moaned and trembled against him.

"And you're with me. Me, Faith," he said, "You think I wouldn't be able to handle what you're doing here? Look at me. Did you forget what I am? You think 'cause I put the frozen pizza in the oven for you and your Gen Ys I'm soft, domesticated?"

"You're fault. You've been too-too good to me," she said, her words strangled.

He smacked her ass again and came ever so close to biting her for real.

"I can be bad for you, baby," he said, "Whenever you want. But, I'll always be good to you. You can't make me treat you bad. No matter how hard you try. Just like you can't truly be bad. No matter how hard you try. You're a good girl, Faith."

"I bet you say that to all the Slayers you fuck on balconies," she said after moaning.

But, she was trying to regain her composer. Faith was trying to sound brassed off. She was playing right into Spike's hands, quiet literally.

"I've never told a woman I loved her, trusted her and thought she was good all at once because I never had you. And, I'm not fucking you on a balcony. You're right that you're not the kind of girl I fuck on a balcony. You I take out of here and make love to at home…after I give you foreplay and fuck you on the balcony…and possibly help you kill a man."

"Oh God! Fuck -"

He was nipping her neck with his fangs and giving her hard pulsing squeezes inside her jeans He grinded his clothed hard-on into her. She kept trying to push words out and grab his steady hand with her shaking one.

"Stop. Stop for just one second. Stop, Spike!"

She grabbed his hand and pulled it out of her pants. He opened his eyes as he felt her turn around to face him. She slapped him in the face.

"You dick," she said, "If you're going to go this far at least have the balls to look me in the face."

He felt his face fall into human and his stomach drop out.

"Faith, I didn't mean—"

She kissed him. Hard. And wet and wanting. Thank god.

"And do what you say you're gonna do and fuck me," she said.

She hopped up on the balcony ledge. Yes, it never occurred to him the ledge was broad enough to do it from the front.

"Hold my legs," she said.

Spike did what he was told. Faith took something small and cigarette-like out of the duster pocket and stuck it in her mouth. At first he thought it was one of those awful electronic cigarettes. Then she bent backwards off the balcony so far it scared him. Was she doing something because he upset her? Then, he heard the dart blow out.

From 20 feet down across the room Justin Monroe, motivational speaker and torturer of gifted women put his hand to his neck in pain and looked at his hand with dread. With a quick word to the blond he left the bar.

"Had to get that done," she said, "It was totally distracting me. Now what were you saying?"

"I—That was-" Spike paused, only for a second.

"That was him getting what he deserved. He'll be dead in a day from untraceable poison, but not before some regrettable things happen to his bod," she said and smiled.

Then she frowned as if someone caught her smiling and it meant puppies would die. She took out her amber heart necklace and fingered it nervously again.

"Spike, there are going to be things-" she began

"Things you do like take out a human piece of garbage in bloody hottest way possible. Well, I'm on board," he said and kissed her.

She broke away with a smack.

"There's just so much, so much I fuckin' care about now besides just trying to make up for what I did," she said, "It kind of sucks to care so much and it's just getting worse. Not worse, but bigger. There's worlds of things I- God, I suck at words. I never thought it mattered that I suck at words, but I just can't say everything. Point is sometimes I'll need to be alone. I don't want be, but I'm sorry," she said as she looked straight into his eyes.

Faith stroked his face and looked at it like she was trying to memorize it. He just wished he could tell her that he knew that she was using a protection spell for him, and everyone in his line. Maybe this was even a favor for the witch that did it. But, he knew he had to let her be the hero. Faith had to make the sacrifice. He loved her so much.

"Okay, but if you want that right now you're out of luck," he said.

"Weren't you saying something about fucking me right here?" she said and smiled.

They kissed as she opened his belt and pants and she slid to the edge of the balcony and pulled her pants down out of the way. He slid in to her wetness.

"You glad I didn't leave you alone tonight?" he asked in shallow breath.

"No, yes, I'm sorry. Can't talk, Can't talk. Cant—Sorry, Spike. Spike," she muttered wildly.

That was also new since he'd been back. Words seem to jump out of her when he moved inside of her like she was a record set by his speed. He fucking loved it. But, this time when she started to say "sorry," her voice trembled.

"S'okay my Slayer. S'okay. I'll spank you for it later. We can pretend it's her hand doing the spank, but it'll be my lap you're on, my cock," he said.

He had to slow himself to be able to say it. She tightened and squealed at those words.

"B's hand-You—you're lap your cock! You're cock. You're cock in me!" she echoed and laughed.

"B's hand, and just you. Just you. Just you for me!" she sputtered.

Then she kissed his lips. He had to take every ounce of himself to not come right then. He needed to see how long he could make her come. She was in the throws of it now and he wanted her to stay there. He struggled to speak. Spike hadn't had a problem talking while shagging in 100 years.

"Just close you eyes and feel me. Right now I have you all to myself. All to myself," he said.

She kissed him again and then her mouth just hung open at his. Faith was in that kind of pleasure that just built and built and when you thought it got to a top it just built again. He was holding her in his steady ecstasy that was a brilliant straight line as she climbed a ladder of rapture around his cock. He was in awe and pleasure for as long as they both wanted. She had wrapped and crossed her legs over his ass and around the open duster. Faith had her arms under his coat and around his shoulder. They weren't doing the jarring animal like humping but a slow rocking. He body was trembling and her cries lost all of their sultriness and were just shriek aaahs. When her cries became guttural he knew that she had reached the top of the latter. That was when he also heard some assholes coming up the balcony stairs.

"We'll shut it all out," he said.

"Get out! Balcony is closed," he said as the group reached the top of the stairs.

He turned to them in vamp face. He heard one of them say OMG. Another said What a whore. While a third questioned what was up with Spike's face. Spike's cock slid out of Faith as he hurled a beer bottle at them and they screamed and ran.

"He said the balcony is closed. You want to listen to him. Spread the word to you friends!" Faith called to them and laughed.

She smiled wildly. He could feel her legs still shaking in pleasure.

"Sometimes, I wish we met when we were both evil," she said.

She tilted her head up at him with a half-eyes sultry look.

"Yeah? We'd really shut it all out then," he said.

Faith pulled Spike's hips in with her legs and grabbed his cock and put it back in her.

"Do it, baby! Shut it all out real good and push it into me," she said

To his surprise he seemed to be climbing a little ladder of pleasure as well. There was no one like his girl with her constant surprises. Faith gave him a life he didn't even know he could dream of. Every day something new with heart racing challenges, trust, and a snapping wanting cunny. She was dribbling out the words again as her muscles gripped him.

"William the bloody. My fucking fuck vampire who got a soul for B and almost burned it to save me. My man, sorry. Cock is like a living vibrator. You read my body like brail. I want you inside of me every damned minute. I wanna quit the world and just wrap around you."

"Oh! I love you. I love you. I-arrrghh!" he roared as techno now played.

It was over. So, he was back to another tricky part. Would she think she said to much? Made herself too soft? Would she push him away? There also was the fact that they had just killed a man. A very bad man that probably had no chance of getting better, but they didn't do it in a fair fight and that crossed a Buffy-line. Spike had made love to Faith so she didn't have to feel guilt. He now had to wonder if that remedy had a lasting affect.

"Well, that happened" she said, "I know it did because my legs are still numb."

She pulled up her ripped pants. He buttoned up his. She looked up at him and smiled. He wanted to say something, something profound and loving, but he didn't want her to feel smothered. He knew he shouldn't sound cocky.

"You want me to drive home," was what he came up with.

"Not that you can't do it yourself," he said, "but numb legs and all. I brought the bike. We can fit it in the back of the van and I can drive or you can or-"

She pecked his lips.

"Sure. What's with your rambling? You're not worried that I'm gonna act like a psycho and tell you to get out because you just topped me, and erotically mentioned your ex, while I killed a guy and came all over the place, are you?" she asked.

"I know you too, Spike," she said, "I know you knowing me. I'm not gonna freak out and say we're bad together. I only left you that once 'cause you hurt Wes and you know better now. Now say the cocky thing that's itching to roll off your tongue."

"If your legs are numb I can carry you out on my face," he said without missing a beat.

She smiled huge showing all her teeth. She gave him a running hug. He felt as light as air as she wrapped her legs around him.

"I'd really have to be psycho to kick you out of my bed when we fuck like that," she said, "I think we can get away with a little Sid and Nancy like one night a month after all this shit we went through."

"I like the way you think," he said and kissed her deeply.