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Author's Note: In keeping with the spirit of "An Elf's Fall" and in response to numerous reviews encouraging me to do so, I have decided to begin a series (you could call it one big story if you like) centered around our favorite young prince. As in my previous story, the plot shall not be overly dramatic- for me, enough drama will come to Middle-earth once the Quest begins- and being set before the War of the Ring, I find the trials of daily life to be more suitable subject matter. And trials they are, for daily life, it seems, is often more dramatic than would appear… especially for our young prince.

    This story (in particular the prologue) is written in the manner in which I use when I write for myself and not an audience, therefore your feedback will be MUCH appreciated and hopefully I shall shake off this garish mood and begin to write more plainly. ;o)

     So I invite you all now to join me in a most happy event (for my part, at least, and hopefully yours as well!) and may we all share together (along with our dear friend Legolas) the story called "Beyond the Veil." Without further ado and unwanted remarks from myself, I present to you now my humble yet audacious tale:


Beyond the Veil


Prologue: Life's Most Hidden and Dark Drama


      He was an image of serenity and confidence, determination and honor to all who knew him; save those who knew him best. Yet even they received only rare glimpses of an untamed spirit, both complex yet simple like all. Can one every truly know another? The task surely seems impossible given the depth and paradoxes of the soul. Familiarity may be reached, but for most of us, we die just trying to understand ourselves.

     Therein lies life's most hidden and dark drama. Who am I? Who are you? Now, my dear reader, please, let us be honest. Can one ever truly know oneself? We are certainly more than nouns and titles. We must be defined by more than our mere relationships to one another. All know this yet few go beyond it. How can one know oneself when the self is constantly changing? The best we may ever hope for is slight recognition when we see our reflections in our own minds and those of others.

      To be may be to be perceived but not all may be perceived. Our senses limit our exposure to the outside world. We see, hear, taste, smell, and touch what we've evolved to by necessity. If a color appeals to us there is a reason. Perhaps it is red like the flesh we crave to sustain us. Perhaps the shine in a fair maiden's hair is a sign of her health- a beacon to the would-be sires of her children. So it would seem that a bird is only as good as his plumage; yet that is the very paradigm that we strive to remind ourselves to contest day by day. It is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.

     You'd think that creatures that had walked the earth as long as the Elves would well understand that- wouldn't you? Some would answer that they did, but to one Elf in particular, no one seemed to take the time to look beyond the veil of seeming much less scrutinize it for its faults and weaknesses to discover where another's heart truly lies. Where the veil falls away and the tumultuous, cavernous depth of being begin.


     For those of you who have already begun to suspect this, I shall confirm your suspicions. Yes, this story most certainly is shaping up to be Romantic in all of the 1800's sense of the word (for those of you who do not know, this was a literary movement and does NOT mean this tale is a romance in the 'love' connotation of the word.)

This being the prologue and written in a manner that may not befit all, I would be most obliged if you would review. You may there tell me how foolishly eloquent I am attempting to sound and laugh- for I shall laugh with you. ;o) 

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