This is my 3rd Beyblade story!

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While doing my finals at school, I finished extremely early so I started to write this....and I wrote the first 3 chapters!

So I thought I should post them.....but.....this story being from's probably really I'm just posting the first chapter for now....

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BTW: This story starts out before the end of Beyblade and will come back around G-Revolution (if that makes any sense) but I haven't seen G-Rev yet, so I don't know what happens. Of course this story is nowhere close to any of it.......i'm rambling now...sorry


oh, I don't have a spellchecker on this computer, so if there are mistakes, I probably don't know about them, so please bare with me.


The BladeBreakers had just defeated another team and were on their way to the championships.

Max, Tyson, Rei and Kenny were all talking and celebrating while Kai was standing in the far corner deep in thought.

Their last battle had been a close one. Tyson was 'goofing off' despite Kai's threats (as usual) and Dragoon almost knocked himself out of the stadium!

"Why did I have to be the one to babysit these immature weaklings?" Kai thought to himself, a scowl forming on his face and his brow wrinkling in frustration as the battle scenes played through his head.

Mr. Dickinson walkd in and said something to the boys. Kai wasn't paying any attention.

He heard Mr. Dickinson walk over to him, his cane tapping on the cold tiles every other step.

Kai opened his eyes to meet Mr. Dickinson's

"Why aren't you celebratin with the others? It's because of your training they won!"

Kai had heard that same question before from the BBA President.

"Why? I'll tell you why!" Kai started, anger rising and blood boiling. "That so-called 'team' of yours can't blade worth crap! Tyson's goofing off almost cost us the match!" Kai's hands were clentched tightly into fists. He was on the verge of attacking someone.

"Man! Kai's more pissed off tan usual." Max whispered.

"But we still won Kai!" Tyson stated, his mouth full of something that looked like it was cake.

Kai slamed his hand against the locker that was next to him, creating a loud sound which startled everyone and almost made Tyson choke.

"That's it! I'm out of here!" Kai stormed out of the room slamming the door.

He heard Mr. Dickinson calling for him to come bck, but he tuned him out.

He had had enough of their childish ways. He had tried to help them, ad they wouldn't listen most of the time!

Kai sighed as he exited the building into the cold evening air and continued down the streets of Russia.

"The final round against the Demolition Boys is in 2 days! If they don't get their act together, they will loose their bitbeasts!" Kai thought to himself.

He came to a 4-way intersection and waiting for a few cars to cross.

He pulled up the collar of his scarf.

"Better get back to the hotel. It's getting cold." Kai told himself.

Sticking his hands in his pockets, he started across the street.

Just then, a car came flying out of nowhere and hit Kai, sending him up against the windshield, cracking it.

He cried out it pain despite all his attemps not to as he hit the cold pavement.

His leg was broken, and he was bleeding from somewhere. He looked around dazed, trying to figure ou what happened.

Suddenly, two men came out of the car and hoisted Kai off the ground

"All right! We got him!" One cheered in Russian.

"Quick! Before people see." The other said.

They dragged the dazed blader to the bck of the car, opened the trunk, and tossed him in.

"Voltaire will be happy to see you." A man told him in Russian.

Kai blacked out.

"Kai! Where are you Kai!?" Tyson and the rest of the BladeBreakers cried out.

They had looked all over the streets for their captain when he didn't show up at the hotel.

"Hey! Look!" Rei pointed at something in the road, glistening in the setting sun.

They ran over to it and stared down for a few moments.

"Oh my God! It's Dranzer!" Max exclaimed recognizing the scattered pieces of blue and red metal. Dranzer's bit laid chipped and heavily damaged, but still in one piece.

Kai's beyblade was destroyed.

"How did this happen? Where's Kai?!" Rei demanded, tears frmin in his cat-like eyes.

"Oh no! KKKKAAAAAAIIIII!!!!!" Tyson yelled out, only to hear his echoe.


Well, that's chapter one!

Chapter 2 is ready to go, I just need to know if I should continue