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Kai gasped at what he saw.

"Welcome home Kai!" Everyone exclaimed.

Tyson, Rei, Max and Kenny were standing in front of a brand new trailer home, settled near the beach, and only a block away from Hilary and Tyson!

"What is this?!" Kai couldn't believe his eyes.

"I pulled some strings, and we were able to find you a house! We were going to have the one back in Russia towed out, but it was in pretty bad shape and wouldn't have made it. All your old stuff was moved out here!" Mr. Dickinson stated.

The BladeBreakers all ran over and embraced Kai in a group hug.

"Welcome back Kai!"

"Glad to see you well again!"

"Thanks....everyone.....I don't know what else to say!" Kai said.

"It was our pleasure! Why don't you check it out!" Rei said dropping a key into Kai's gloved hand.

Kai opened the door and entered the brand new house. It looked almost identical to his old one! A new couch sat across from a TV, with a coffee table in between, a small kicthen complete with a fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove, a large bathroom which opened up to a spacious bedroom. Natural light filled the whole house, giving it a warm, airy feeling. Pictures lined the walls in the living room, new ones and old ones. His crimson eyes settled on a group photo of Rei, Max, Tyson, Kenny, Hilary and himself, all obviously happy about something.

Kai chuckled and smiled.

" do you like it Kai?" Max finally asked.

"I love it! Thank you so much!" Kai exclaimed turning to his team.

"I finally have a place to call home!" He thought to himself.

~The End~



Even though Max and Rei eventually had to return to their own countries, they all continued to train for the next championship.

Mr. Dickinson held a news conference, stating that Kai was alive and well, and was returning to the team. Kai started attending Hilary and Tyson's school about a month after he settled in Japan, and attracted a huge amount of attention from the girls there, causing Hilary, AND Tyson to become very jealous. Kai mostly ignored them though, and spent more time with Hilary.

Once every month, Kai and Hilary would travel back to Russia, to visit Tala and the rest of the Demolition Boys. Kai allowed his old team to live in his mansion as long as they wanted. With the help of his grandfather's fortune, Kai had the abbey rebuilt, and opened it as a training center for the children of Russia. He had appointed Tala to oversee everything that went on there, and with the help of Ian, Spencer and Bryan, they helped train the younger kids.

Kai had finally found happiness.


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