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".." talking '..' thinking

A ringing just set off in Vegeta's ear, turning over to face the clock, he looked at the time. "8:30," he mumbled. Noticing that the annoying ringing was still on, he hit the off button and crawled out of bed just wearing a pair of boxers. Vegeta walked to his bathroom that was connected to his bedroom and turned on the warm water. Vegeta grumbled something about cold water and took off his boxers to take a shower.

Vegeta was a very well built teenager. He was only 18 and his whole body was covered in huge muscles. He had black onyx eyes that seemed like you could get lost in. His hair was charcoal black and stood straight up like flames. He was a very attractive guy, the only thing he didn't like about it was how girls would throw themselves at him just to be just girlfriend. It sickened him.

Vegeta grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his body. He sneered, 'Monday, first day of school. Just a waste of my fucking time, hanging around Kakkarot and his friends.' Vegeta grabbed some clothes from his closet and got ready for school. He walked downstairs wearing a black muscle shirt and black jeans. While walking in the kitchen, he saw his dad on the phone. Vegeta didn't have a very good bond with his dad.ok let's face it, they hated each other. Vegeta swore once he got out of high school he was moving out. He grabbed a bagel and walked out the door to get in his car.

Vegeta looked at his black mustang and smirked. He loved his car; it took him a while to save up for it. Vegeta got in his car and was off to high school. Well about 15 minutes later he pulled up to the school. He parked in his assigned spot and looked up at the sign on the school building, Orange Star High. It was his last year, smirking he got out of his car. While closing his door, he saw a new car in the parking lot. 'Must be a new kid.' Vegeta locked his car and walked into the building. "Vegeta! Hey! How was your summer? I can't wait till football practice, can you?" Vegeta walked to his locker and ignored Goku.

Goku walked up next to Vegeta and watched him grab his book bag from his locker. Goku was taller than Vegeta. He had spiky black hair that went in every direction possible. He had the same black eyes, however his eyes were full of joy and excitement. Goku was also built like Vegeta, however it seemed that he had less muscle than Vegeta. "Hey Vegeta, did Chi-Chi tell you that her best friend since she was little is coming to the school?" Goku asked with joy. "No and I don't give a damn," Vegeta said.

Vegeta and Goku walked into the room behind them. Goku waved to Chi- Chi, who was sitting next to Krillin and 18. They were all sitting in the back of the room. Chi-Chi was Goku's girlfriend. She had long black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her and Goku had been going out for about four years now. She just loved him and she knew he did too. Krillin was sitting at the table next to her with his girlfriend, 18. Krillin was rather short and he was also bald. 18 was sitting next to him. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes. Although she was taller than her boyfriend, she still cared for him a great deal. Krillin and her had been together for about two years. Chi-Chi had hooked her up on a blind date and the rest was history.

Goku took a seat next to Chi and she started asking what he had done over the summer. Vegeta sat at the table to the right of Goku's, Krillin and 18 where to the left of Goku. They sat in the same spot for four years now. Vegeta pulled out his bagel and started eating his breakfast, while dazing out what the teacher was saying. If he had been listening he would have heard that there would be a new student joining their homeroom. There was a knock on the door, everyone looked at the door but Vegeta who was wondering why the hell he grabbed a bagel for breakfast.

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