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Bulma stood in front of her closet, her finger on her chin. "What should I wear? I feel like wearing something ... sexy." She smiled as she continued looking for something to wear. After about fifteen minutes, she sighed and turned her head to look somewhere else, a black shimmer caught her eye. Turning around she walked over to what she saw, reaching out to the object she pulled out a black dress that sparkled. Bulma held the dress up to her body, she didn't remember when she got it but it was perfect.

"Oh I really love this dress," Bulma said as she did a small spin in front of her mirror. The dress was sleeveless and had a rather low v-cut. The back of the dress dipped down to her lower back leaving it exposed. The dress also stopped at mid-thigh. She wore black high heel shoes that wrapped around her ankle and lower leg and ended in a bow. She blue hair was down and curled at the ends. She make-up so light, she didn't do anything to special. Bulma made a small giggle looking at the mirror one last time before going downstairs.

Vegeta had finally gotten out of bed and found his junior year yearbook. While yawning, he flipped through his grade trying to find some decent girl to take out tonight. "This is so boring, there is no one that is worth taking out somewhere." While turning the next page, he spotted one girl with brown shoulder length hair and emerald green eyes. "I guess she will have to do. Even though she is as stupid as a brick." Vegeta looked around his messy room for his phone. Growling at his own mess within his room, he walked over to his bed throwing blankets and pillows over his head. Not finding it beside or on his bed, he walked over to his table. "Hmm, it has to be here somewhere." Moving fast food bags and plates, he searching the dirty table and chairs. He grunted not finding it anywhere near the table or bed. Vegeta crossed his arms angrily and started tapping his foot on the floor. While in the process of doing this, his foot hit something and made a beat noise. "Haha, I found you. Damn fucking phone, thing causes me too much fucking trouble." He picked up the phone that was underneath a shirt and looked for the phone book.

Bulma's doorbell rang at seven just like Dustin said. She quickly walked downstairs and rushed over to the door to let Dustin inside. When Bulma opened the door, Dustin walked in with a bouquet of red roses. "They're so beautiful." Dustin handed the roses to Bulma and smiled. "Of course, they don't even compare to you." Bulma blushed and took the flowers to the kitchen. After putting them in a vase, she placed them on the living room table. "Thank you Dustin."

Dustin took Bulma's hand and led her out the door. Bulma closed the door and locked it. She turned back around to Dustin. She watched Dustin get in his car and finally noticed what he was wearing. He was wearing a white button down shirt and dark brown pants. He topped it off with a nice light brown tie. Bulma quickly hurried over to his car and got in. Dustin leaned over to her and gave her a small kiss on her red lips. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

Vegeta stepped out of his shower with a towel around his waist. "Alright, I call Ashley and now all I have to do is get ready." He threw the towel on the floor and walked over to his dresser to get a pair of boxers. He opened the first drawer and looked around. Smirking, he pulled out a pair of black silk boxers and put them on. Vegeta walked over to his closet, which was surprisingly clean compared to the rest of his room. He pulled out a black shirt and pants. After putting the rest of his clothes on, he looked in the mirror and smirked. For the few times that he did dress up, he admitted he looked nice. Even though he did prefer baggy jeans and a muscle shirt. Vegeta quickly grabbed his car keys and hurried out the door.

Dustin and Bulma walked through the doors of the Blue Moon restaurant. They got seated over by the window, which had a beautiful view of the ocean. You could also see the lights from the houses along the beach, which made the ocean glow a beautiful color. About ten to fifteen minutes later, Vegeta walked in with Ashley. He was already regretting coming out tonight. First of all this place was expensive and second, she was already getting on his nerves and fast. The whole drive to the restaurant all she did was talk about her hair. Also and how, and he quoted, 'how like she was like the best like cheerleader like ever'. Vegeta rolled his eyes just remembering the conversation.

As Vegeta and his date were walking to their table, he spotted Bulma and Dustin by the window. He made a small growl; he knew he didn't like Dustin because something was uneasy about him. However there was something else he didn't like, maybe it was seeing him with Bulma that got him mad, that or it could be the weird feeling he had. Was it jealously? He quickly shook his head of that thought, why would he jealous? Vegeta sat down at his table, which was a few tables away from Bulma's. He sat in a seat facing hers so he could see what was going on. He was surprised that she hadn't noticed him yet. Vegeta picked up a menu and looked at what he was going to eat.

Bulma was having a nice time so far. The place was nice and they had a great view of the ocean. Also, once she picked up the menu, she noticed that her favorite meal was on there. She was so excited; she was going to be having lobster. She had no clue that Blue Moon was a seafood place. Dustin smiled and was about to ask her if she was having a good time, when he spotted him. "I'll be right back beautiful, I just spotted an old friend and I would like to say hello." "Oh sure, be back soon." With that said Dustin got up from the table and walked over to his 'old friend'. When Bulma went to look to see whom it was he was nowhere to be seen in the restaurant. 'Now where did he go?' Bulma thought.

Vegeta looked up just in time to see Dustin leave the table. He watched him go into the kitchen and saw another guy walk up and follow him through the door. His eyes grew into slants, something was going on and he didn't like it. Vegeta looked over to Bulma, he watched her look at the ocean and smile. He continued watching her until his food came. He began eating his salmon and acted like he was listening to his date's conversation. "So like that was when I told him to like get his hands off of me. So I then like hit him as like hard as I could. He like fell on the floor and his like face got like red," that was as far as Ashley got before Vegeta drowned her out with his own thoughts about Dustin and that guy.

"Did anyone see you walk in here?" Dustin shook his head, "She didn't suspect anything." He laughed, "I can't believe she actually thought I was going to say hi to an old friend." Dustin and his 'friend' were outside in an alley. They took the door leading outside from the kitchen. "So do you remember the plan?" Dustin laughed and pulled out a bottle from his pocket. "Of course I remember, this is going to be the best hit yet."


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