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Title How I Found You

Pairings Rikku/Auron, some Rikku/Jeckt, maybe some reference to Yuna/Tidus.

Rating Just to be safe…you should be at least 16 XD rated about NC-17 to M. There are some adult things such as sex (consensual and nonconsensual), swearing, violence and the like.

Genre Romance/Drama/Action

Synopsis Post FFX, Rikku is having a hard time dealing with the loss of Auron, a man she found herself to be in love with. When coping, she finds herself pulled into the waters and emerges in past, 10 years in the past. Upon arriving she stumbles into a familiar face.

Chapter 1 How I Broke the Barriers of Time

It has been a month since Yunie beat Sin, a month since all of us beat Sin. Time seems to be slowing since then because everyone just focuses on Yunie. All they do is shower her with gifts and praise, talk about plans of the future now. Everyone else seems to be off doing his or her own thing, not really caring that Yuna is the center of attention. It's not a surprise though really, it technically is her pilgrimage and calm, but it seems Spira forgot all about her guardians.

I don't mind really, ever since we beat Sin I've just been anti-social. Losing Tidus was one thing, but then Auron too? Tidus has felt like a brother to me…and Auron… I suppose it wasn't till after he was gone I soon began to realize and understand these awkward feelings I have for him. I thought it was just nervousness or extreme sign of respect, or something that I couldn't quite put into words. However once he was gone there was this longing feeling, I wanted to see that smirk behind the red collar, the way he spoke with such thoughtfulness and the way he seemed to understand me and I him even though we seemed so different.

I felt my eyes well up at this point and just rubbed my fingers along them gently, trying to get rid of the tears. It was then I noticed how dirty my fingers looked, something that shouldn't have surprised me seeing I had been camping out at the Zanarkand ruins since Sin had been defeated. I wasn't really sure why but then again I realize it was quiet, a place no one really wants to go to. So I could be alone with my thought.

There wasn't much water around however. Only way to bathe really was finding small pool areas of water. A bath…it sounded good in my mind, I was tired of thinking about grim things. Thinking about grim things wasn't a Rikku thing to do I had decided. Or was it just a thing people decided Rikku wouldn't do? I let out a sigh and stood slowly, letting some feeling come back into my legs. There I go again I thought.

"Just think bath, bath, bath. I smell horrible." I spoke to myself and I sniffed myself a little.

I opened the flap to my small green tent and dug around, shoving tons of clothes, accessories, items and blankets out of the way as I looked. It took awhile to find my towel but when I did I frowned. It was turning brown, no wonder I was having a hard time finding it among my stuff.

"Guess I'll have to do laundry too…" I muttered.

I snatched it up along with my bar of lavender soap and headed over to this area of water near my tent. It had started out small when I arrived but it slowly started to fill and fill, to the point I think it now connected to the oceans of Spira. I wasn't quite sure. However I had decided if expanded any farther I was moving my camp farther away. I didn't really want to wake up to find myself wet or underwater, or even worse, not wake up at all.

I felt my feet reach the water after walking a few feet and let out a small groan. I suppose I was the type of person who needed to do things but hated actually doing them. Was that considered laziness? Who knew? I was feeling too tired and dirty to care. I just threw my towel into the water and then decided to kneel at the edge, feeling my knees complain as they dug in to the rocky surface. I was soon scrubbing at the towel the best I could with my nails. The stains weren't really coming out though.

It was starting to look hopeless so I reached back for my bar of soap. When I couldn't feel it with my fingers I decided to look back over my shoulder for it. It was sitting on a rock a tiny bit away. Did I put it there? Was my mind playing tricks on me? Had someone moved it? Was I just tired? I scratched my head a little in confusion and before I knew it I felt myself falling forward to the water.

I let out a small muffled scream and then stopped, I didn't want any more water to be in my lungs. I looked around to see if someone was holding me down and panicked when I saw no one was. I felt myself being pulled deeper and deeper and all I could do was panic in my head. What was happening? I squinted my eyes shut and started counting in my head as I felt currents pulling and pushing at my body.

All I knew was if I was going to survive this ride I was going to be very sick to my stomach. All of the pressure of the water around me was hurting and when I thought it was going to be over, I was actually right. Only reason I knew was because I suddenly felt air, which I gladly sucked up through my nose and mouth. The air was cold and breezy, causing me to shiver along with the slightly cold water. However as I had thought, I soon felt sick. Coughing up water and soon felt myself throw up. I was heaving as I opened my eyes slowly.

As I opened them I saw sand, pure white sand, minus the contents of my stomach ruining the lovely color. I almost squinted from how bright the color was however I soon saw water hit the shore. The wave came up to my hands slowly and then it went back down slowly, washing away the vomit with it. I just kneeled there with my support on my elbows, breathing heavily and wondering what on earth had happened.

I was still lost in thought when I felt a big wave hit my back, sending me tumbling and soon I found myself lying on my stomach a bit farther up on the shore, groaning at the annoying wake up call from my thoughts. I was about to kneel again when I saw the ground below me go black, indicating a shadow.

"Might want to get up before another wave hits you" I heard a man's voice spoke.

I thought my mind was playing tricks on me again, first my bar of soap, and now a voice that almost sounded like…Auron's? It was a bit different, well…younger sounding. Something seemed a little off. I was too scared to look up. What if it was? No that's just crazy I thought. It was my stomach; I was feeling sick, that must have been it. Or maybe it was all that water in my ears or something. Maybe that could be it too.

Once again I was finding myself traveling to the back of mind, thinking, wondering, hoping. The questions "Could it be?" "It can't be?" kept going across my mind back and forth, back and forth. Maybe I should actually just look up at the guy to know for sure. But what if I don't want to know for sure? I let out a very loud mental groan at my indecisiveness. I was turning into Wakka!

Before I had even the chance to try and stand up I felt myself yanked rather hard. Instead of landing on my stomach this time I landed on butt. It was not very happy either.

"What do you think you're doing old man?!" I yelled as it had snapped me out of my thoughts once more.

Am I not allowed to think to myself anymore?! I thought feeling very frustrated. I glanced back seeing a strong wave hit where I was and only just groaned to myself. I kneeled and rubbed my sore bottom, brushing sand off of it.

"Who are you calling old? I'm not that much older then yourself." The man spoke again and let go of my remaining wrist.

I glanced up slowly this time, bringing a hand up to block the sun out of my eyes as the black shadow slowly turned into a figure, a very familiar figure. I felt my mouth go agape at seeing that trademark smirk. Surprise and shock quickly turned to relief and happiness as I felt moisture come to my eyes the second time that day. I felt myself fall back onto my bottom as I looked up at him more, taking him in.

"I'm going crazy….i'm imagining things….he can't be here…he's not real….he's dead…." I heard myself muttering quietly, feeling tears run down my cheeks.

Oddly enough, I could feel my the muscles in mouth moving upwards, into a small shy smile as I cried to myself.

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