Paint by Numbers - Part Six


Gil and Catherine sat side-by-side in the AV room. Gil leaned forward and popped the surveillance tape from the night Cassidy Jung met her demise. He leaned back in his chair, draping his arm across the back of Catherine's chair, his fingers dancing through the soft curls of her hair. Every once in a while, his hand would brush against the bare skin of her neck, and he loved seeing her jump and then cast him this annoyed look. "You're beautiful when you're pissed." He whispered in her ear.

She placed her hand on his knee, wanting more than just the thigh-against-thigh contact that they presently shared. She hit the play button and both watched the screen in fast-forwards. "Okay, there's Cassidy coming in," she paused the tape, "at 7:30pm that night, just as Bill was leaving." She hit fast-forward, and it played through until the tape ended with a blackened picture. "So I guess it wasn't Bill." Catherine looked at Gil. "Maybe it *was* an accident, maybe she wanted to make it look like a murder."

Gil chewed on the inside of his cheek. "Rewind it back to when Cassidy came in and Bill was leaving." Catherine did as she was told. "Now slow it down." They watched as Bill left the building, glanced over his shoulder and picked up speed as he exited. "Did you see that?" Gil placed his fingers on top of Catherine's and paused the tape. "He turned left instead of right."

Catherine's eyes lit up. "The parking lot is right." She looked back at the tape.

Greg walked into the AV room. "Good day." He couldn't contain the smile. "So, Grissom, I got the uh, file you wanted."

"What file?" Catherine asked, intrigued.

"Harrison's file. See if he's had any run-ins with the law." Gil answered, then awaited Greg's response.

"Okay, so what are the most contested types of tickets? Airline tickets, train tickets, concert tickets, speeding tickets or parking tickets?"

Gil just had to look at Greg and the Lab tech handed him another tape. "I did the honours of pulling up the tape where the minor infraction of the law was caught." He beamed.

"Good work, Greg." Catherine said sincerely.

"Thank you Mrs. Grissom." He stated, then dashed out of the room.

Catherine pinched her lips together, trying to contain her laughter. "He's harmless." She tried to console her shocked supervisor. "Let's watch the tape." They popped in the tape and watched as, at around 7:50pm, Bill's car pulled up on the other side of the street and parked. The tape clearly showed him getting out of the car and heading off-screen, towards the left.

"What street is that on?"

"Thorncrest." Catherine read the parking ticket information. "Cross-street is 5th avenue." She looked at Gil, a smile playing. "That's the exact corner that his art gallery in on. My bet is that he went up thanks to the fire-escape he had 'never used'."

"Let's call Jim, have him pick Mr. Harrison up." Gil held out his hand and Catherine gladly took it.


Gil looked up just as Catherine entered his office. She closed the door behind her and sauntered up to his desk. "So Harrison admitted." She sat on the edge of his desk.

Gil leaned back in his chair, and peered at her over the top of his glasses. "And did he give a reason?"

"Yeah, he was scared that she was losing her 'Van Gogh' spirit." She shook her head. "So he had spied on her the past few days, and then finally confronted her. He lost his temper and flung her against the wall." She rolled her eyes, tired of the same old explanation, "he just wanted to scare her, not kill her."

Gil frowned. "So why did he fill her mouth with paint?"

"He figured the weirder it is, the more we'd be inclined to look for some crack-pot walking the streets."

"We did find the crack-pot, except he owned an art gallery." Gil commented dryly.

"Well, I for one have gotten a new appreciation for art." Catherine grinned, sliding onto his lap. His arms went around her but she still felt him tense up. "Gil?" She asked, leaning back from him.

He looked at her with confusion in abundance. "I just want to make sure this isn't going to be just about our carnal desires, Catherine." He lovingly stroked her cheek. "Sex isn't the answer."

Catherine grinned. "Of course sex isn't the answer, silly! Sex is the question." She paused, bringing her lips close to his ear. "'Yes' is the answer." She nibbled on his earlobe, getting off one the aroused growl that came from the back of his throat.

"Catherine, I'm serious." He said, with a vulnerability that caused her to stop short.

"God, it's not going to be about the sex, Gil." She closed her eyes, trying to convey her feelings. "It's about everything, it's about us. It's on such a deeper level; knowing what the other is thinking, feeling what the other is feeling." She paused. "Haven't you noticed that?"

He smiled, nodding. His hand disappeared into her hair. "Every time I'm with you, I feel like we're just always connected."

"We have the perfect relationship for this, Gil. It's our friendship, our bond just taken to another level." She let her hand travel downwards until her stroked his length through his pants. "Just with a few perks." She grinned. "I love you beyond words, Gil."

He smiled, "love you back." He gently kissed her lips, wanting her to know that he was attracted to her mind, body and soul. The kiss was slow and sensuous, though they both noted by their laboured breathing, that it had the desired effects. "Let's say we leave a little early, huh?" Gil offered. "I'm sure we can sneak it past the boss."

Catherine laughed and allowed Gil to guide her outside the office. Outside, they were stopped by the whole team. The two senior CSIs both with perplexed looks, observed the other members who were standing their, grinning like morons. "Well," Catherine offered slowly, "Gil and I are heading off." She pulled him by the hand and they made their way towards the exit.

"Bye Mr. & Mrs. Grissom." Nick laughed.

Gil rushed to Greg. "You told." He narrowed his eyes at the now terrified lab-tech.

"I . . . uh . . . Sara told!" He stood behind Warrick, who just smiled and shook his head. "You never told her not to tell."

Catherine grinned and grabbed Gil by the arm. "C'mon, remember Gil, there is no perfect crime. These guys will be on to you before you even dispose of Greg's body." Catherine mumbled, off Greg's horrified look. She yanked Gil towards the exit.

"Hey, no dirty sex here - there's younguns running around.." Nick called after him, ruffling up Greg's hair.

"Please! Sex is only dirty if it's done right." Catherine yelled, not bothering to look back. Gil on the other hand looked back at the team with lust-filled shock written all over his face.

"Man, he doesn't know what he's in for." Warrick commented and left the other members staring after the two.