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Chapter 9 : Aftermath

The final toll for that round of the battle between the Xmen and the Brotherhood was one – Rogue. Mystique disappeared during the battle – it was suspected that Toad had entered the mansion and rescued her. Storm recovered well from her injury, while none of the other Xmen had suffered any long-lasting physical injuries.

No one knew what had happened to Pyro. The Professor was distant whenever asked if he had seen Pyro using Cerebro; all he would say was that Pyro had made a choice.

Bobby suspected – knew – that Pyro could not be with Magneto anymore. He had seen the pain in Pyro's eyes when he realised that the man he had come to view as a father-figure had ordered Rogue's death. Bobby knew that – deep down – John loved Rogue. However, he would never have intervened in Bobby and Rogue's relationship. He loved Rogue from afar, and would never have hurt her.

As for Bobby himself …

In the aftermath of the battle and Rogue's death, the boy had been inconsolable. However, after a few days he built a wall up around his emotions, blocking them off from the world. Storm heard him crying in his room the day after Rogue's funeral.

He stood by his window, staring into the rain … clutching the letter Pyro had sent him in his hand … his heart full of pain … 

And somewhere, staring out into the rain, another teenage boy stood … his heart full of pain …


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