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"Darned it Drake-arooni, that's one heckuva cast ya got there!"

"Thanks for pointing that out Herb."

Herb Muddlefoot sat in Drake's living room, eyeing his neighbor's broken arm with fascination.

"Wouldja look at that…pins'n everything! Musta been one nasty fall down the stairs!" Herb commented with a clueless grin.

"Yeah, sure was…nasty," Drake said, trying not to think about how much he wanted the suburbanite to leave.

Herb merely made himself more comfortable on the couch and said, "Ya know I heard on the news this mornin' that good ol' Darkwing Duck went to the hospital last night for an injury just like that'n ya got there. Cast an' all that! What a coincidentalness!"

"Yeah, isn't that something," Drake agreed quickly.

"Kinda makes a guy wonder…eh well, Binkums is making pot roast! Gotta head on home! See ya 'round, neighbor!"

As Herb bustled out the door, Morgana took his seat on the couch next to Drake.

"I told you he'd be concerned Drake," the sorceress said teasingly.

Drake mumbled something inaudible and Gosalyn came bounding into the room, followed by Launchpad.

"And now," began Gosalyn in a booming voice, "for your viewing and crime busting pleasure, the indomitable, the courageous, the un-zombified Launchpad McQuack presents to you…your gas gun!"

Launchpad mock bowed and handed Drake his fully restored gas gun. The mallard smiled and grasped it with his good hand.

"Ha! The audacious avian of agility will be back on the streets and crushing criminals in no time flat!"

"And by 'no time flat' you mean 'once your arm heals', correct?" Morgana asked in a knowing tone.

"Oh…yeah. Anyway, thanks LP."

"Sure thing DW, it's the least I can do for…well, y'know…attacking you…" Launchpad said awkwardly.

"Water under the bridge, pal. Say, I didn't know you could deal with weaponry," Drake commented, eyes switching from his sidekick to his gas gun.

Launchpad grinned and exclaimed, "Well, if I can fix a plane, then I can fix a gas gun! I mean, they're pretty much the same thing!"

"Yeah Launchpad, because guns and planes both have engines and can fly," Gosalyn muttered sarcastically.

"Right!" Lauchpad beamed, then paused, "Er…"

While the two redheads struggled to find the similarities between the objects, Morgana asked Drake quietly, "So, Negaduck just disappeared? After all that?"

"I guess," the mallard answered, "I turned around, and he and the rest of the Fearsome Five were gone."

"Fearsome Five? I thought they broke up…"

"I dunno…I'm beginning to think recruiting them all was a bad idea…"

"And the Devil's Eye – you said it was destroyed?" Morgana pressed.

"Yeah, it broke in two, why do you ask?"

"Oh well, I talked to Father about it, and you know how he is," Morgana said, choosing to ignore Drake's expression, "he seemed to think it was dangerous…like he's never seen zombies before…"

"Is that a good thing, then? I still haven't talked to SHUSH about the whole 'one piece' thing."

"Well, my father said as long as it was destroyed, there's nothing to worry about."

"Yep, no more danger, all thanks to Darkwing Duck!" Drake shouted triumphantly. He paused, taking in the harsh glares from the surrounding ducks.

"And family," he finished.

"When there's trouble ya call Dee-double-ya," Launchpad said with a grin.

"Darn right," Drake said to the pilot.

Drake settled himself in the couch and flipped on the worn television.

"Hey Gos, get some popcorn," he said, "let's see if there's a good zombie movie on…"


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