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Definition of a Rogue, Chapter Three

"It's not what you feel by touching with your skin...It's what you feel that touches your heart that matters."

Rogue stared open mouthed at the woman sitting next to her. She knew that it was impolite to gape, but she had good reasons to be shocked and surprised. She soon found herself stammering out loud, "B-but...You can't possibly be Danielle...its just impossible...Danielle died five years ago." Rogue finished quietly. Danielle laughed and flipped back her long white blonde hair. "Look Sugar, I know that it seems strange but after I explain the reasons for my 'death' then perhaps this mess will make more sense.

They pulled up to a long gravel driveway and stopped at a small one story house with sunflowers growing near the veranda. Rogue stepped out of the car and sat down on one of the wooden chairs that had been placed on the porch. Danielle walked inside and returned to the porch carrying two tall glasses of iced tea. Rogue suddenly realized how thirsty she was and gratefully accepted the cool drink.

Rogue watched wordlessly as Danielle started to speak. "Ah suppose this all starts back home in Meridian...As you know a'hm your father's sister. When I was bout' your age I realized...Ah realized that I was different." She paused a second for reflection, then continued steadily, "Ah was able to control and leisurely view people's minds...their thoughts...even their memories. When people found out what I was they began to treat me differently. I became a threat to quiet little Meridian and it's peaceful way of life. At first I tried to just ignore them. To block out the ugly rumors and whispering that I heard around me...but I couldn't control myself...I had no way to manage my powers and ah heard it all in their minds and the terrified thoughts in their dreams."

Rogue listened intently while she stirred her glass of iced tea. Danielle stalled for a moment and knitted her brows, as if trying to find the words to describe something complex and difficult to a small child. "Ah was of course always frustrated, but then things got worse. I met someone, a man from Louisiana who was like me...Of course the town rejected him too and finally he was accused of a crime that he didn't commit. Meridian was extremely biased against mutants and his only chance was to run for it. He left in three days and I never heard from him again..." Danielle continued, her eyes now oddly misty, "Ah...Ah tried to find him, but he had vanished. I needed to tell him that he had a daughter...Her name is Rachelle, and I knew that she would be like us...a mutant. However, I decided that I wouldn't subject her to the same hatred that I experienced. I faked my death and they buried a small, empty casket down by First Union Methodist, in the southern corner of town. I bought fake ID's, came here, and from that point on I became Alice." Danielle was finally finished but Rouge was still full of unanswered questions.

"What do you do here...Do you run a farm?" Rogue asked. "I'm a local psychologist. It's helpful to know what exactly is going on that patients won't tell you about. And I bake too, pies and such for the local diners." Danielle said with a hint of pride in her voice. "Is-is Rachelle here, here right now?" Rogue asked curiously. Danielle nodded. Rogue continued, "An- and what power does she have...?" A voice appeared from behind Rogue, "Fire. I'm a mutant too. My mutation is that I can control fire...I'm a pyro." Rogue whipped around to see a tall girl, about three years older than herself, with the same bright, white blonde hair, and warm brown eyes. Rogue was astonished. She was here, talking casually with two other mutants. She couldn't speak...oh well she decided to be polite anyways. "Ah'm Rogue. Ah'm not exactly sure what my power is...I can't touch anyone though." She added as an afterthought and gestured to the long gloves on her hands.

"Well now that were all aquainted could you lead Mahrie to her room Rachelle? And afterwards you might as well show her the ropes around here..." Danielle said. Rachelle nodded and gestured for Rogue to follow her. Rogue curiously took in all that she could see- homemade peach jam in the kitchen, strange wooden sculptures of horses in the living room, and watercolor paintings that she recognized as ones her mother had made. Rachelle led Rogue to a small room just past the living room. It had a small open window with linen curtains next to a twin bed and a small nightstand with a vase filled with fresh cut sunflowers. "You can get settled in if you want to...give me a call if you want to go out to town later tonight- I'm two doors down to the left and there's a bathroom down the hall past the kitchen." Rachelle said and walked out of the room. Rogue started to arrange the few possessions she had brought with her in the drawers but halfway through she collapsed on the bed and nodded off to sleep.

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