Title: Repercussions

Authors: Layren and Greencat

Rating: Strong PG-13 for violence- no language and brief nudity. Non-slash.

Category: Angst Hurt/Comfort

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Disclaimer: We don't own the Jedi. Lucasfilm owns Star Wars and everything relative to it. We made absolutely no profit from this story. Please don't sue us. Layren owns Kyran Josel. Other original characters can be divided up among Layren, Jalei, and Greencat. Please ask before using their characters.

Special Thanks to Jalei for working with us in the beginning and helping us create Devin. We really appreciate all your hard work!

Special Thanks also to Durhelediel for letting us borrow Jayla Bro'ak and have fun with her :-D

Author's Note: Thanks to Cassia and Siobahn for letting us borrow a few lines from their fic "The Hunted" which originally gave Layren the idea for this fic. We really appreciated it guys!


The young girl chatted happily about the art exhibit they had just come from. Qui-Gon Jinn smiled at her enthusiasm. They had decided to walk back to the Temple, rather than take an airbus. It was a bit of a distance for the fourteen-year old, but it seemed a good way to channel the boundless energy the girl seemed to generate. Qui-Gon had been a bit hesitant to take on the responsibility of caring for his best friend Kyran's Padawan while he was away on a mission deemed too dangerous for the young Padawan. But Kyran had insisted.

'Let you get in some practice before the real thing,' Kyran had joked, since Qui-Gon was considering the possibility of taking on a Padawan of his own. Qui-Gon had to admit, Kyran had been right. He'd very much enjoyed the past week, teaching the eager young teen. Perhaps he was ready to take on the responsibility of a Padawan of his own.

"And the way you could smell the colors! We read about pheromone use in art, but I'd never . . . Master Jinn, do you feel that?" she interrupted herself.

Qui-Gon frowned, sensing the disturbance in the Force, putting his hand on his lightsaber hilt. "Stay close to me, Jayla"

Something hard struck him in the back of the head, knocking him dazed to the sidewalk. A sharp stabbing pain in his arm quickly followed. As the world twisted and tilted, he heard a cold voice remark triumphantly, "Revenge is mine."