Qui-Gon sat with his leg propped up on a comfy footstool. Kyran's apartment
was crowded for such a late hour. The two padawans had fallen asleep on the
couch refusing to be separated from their masters even for a short period
of time for sleeping. He smiled a little glancing over at the slumbering
girls. He wrapped his fingers around his hot mug of tea and settled back.
The day had been a very long one. He had been released from the Healers
that afternoon, his leg still a little stiff and sore from the operation
that finally repaired the damage done to it. He would have to be in
physical therapy for some time, but the healers were confident that full
use of it would return quickly. Kyran had been released just a few days
before, his injuries completely healed. Qui-Gon thought back to the meeting
with the Council that had been a mere hour after he'd been released from
the Healers.

It could have gone much worse, Qui-Gon reflected. He was still on
probation, as were Kyran and Devin. However, it was a much milder form than
he had been given those many months ago. Basically, they were all required
to check in with the Temple on a fairly regular basis when on a mission and
remain in the Temple when they were not. He got the feeling that the
probation was more to pacify the C'lasi government than anything else.
The Prime Minister had called for a far harsher punishment until the
Council assured him that Gaikusan was going to be in the custody of the
Jedi for a long, long time. After than, he was much more willing to accept
having the Jedi take responsibility for punishing Qui-Gon, Kyran and Devin.
Best of all, the Prime Minister had finally conceeded that perhaps there
might have been an error in the identifing Qui-Gon as the assassin

Kyran sighed. "Two ordeals down, the Healers and the Council. One to go."

"You're worse than Qui-Gon. The Soul Healers will do you both good." Devin
said quietly.

Qui-Gon sighed at the idea of seeing a Soul Healer. He had agreed to it
because the only way Kyran had agreed to go was if Qui-Gon went. He knew
that the Soul Healers were there to help him, but a large part of him
rebelled about revealing the details of all that he had experienced. A very
private man, it had been hard enough to do with Kyran and Devin. Even
harder to give the basic details to the Council, waiting for them to judge
his worthiness to continue as a Jedi. Letting a near stranger that far into
his inner thoughts . . .

Devin put a hand on Qui-Gon's arm sensing where his thoughts were going.
"Qui-Gon, they're going to help you. It won't be as bad as you fear."

Qui-Gon frowned a little, Devin was ever the optimist. "I disagree, " he
said swallowing a sip of tea. "It was hard enough letting you into my
thoughts, let alone someone I don't even know."

"The soul healer won't judge you, Qui-Gon, not like the Council. She won't
have any expectations or demands of you, like your friends do. She'll
accept whatever you give. And most important, help you find your center
again. You and Kyran both."

: Qui-Gon grimaced at that. He knew Devin was right. The past year and a
half had left him unable to regain his center and he knew he needed help--
he just didn't want it from the Soul Healer. He preferred someone he knew
rather than an unknown stranger.

"Besides," Devin continued, "its not like it will be someone outside the
Order. Its a fellow Jedi. The Healers will make sure you are matched with
someone who will work well with you. They've been doing this for a long

"I suppose your right."

Kyran stood and stretched. His muscles were stiff from having been sitting
for so long. He glanced at Qui-Gon when Qui-Gon didn't say anything. "Qui-

With a deep breath, Qui-Gon released some of the tension he was feeling
into the Force. Things weren't perfect, but he knew as well as any that
life seldom was. Qui-Gon smiled at his friends warmly. Kyran and Devin were
alive and free. He was still a Jedi. That, he supposed was all that one
could hope for.

The end