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A/N: Inspired by Hermione of werewolf-finding fame, the marauders, in all their second-year splendor, on their way to discovering the truth about Remus Lupin.


"A third way to identify a werewolf in its human form, is to expose the suspected monster to a boggart. If the wizard or muggle truly is a werewolf, the boggart will immediately assume the form of a full moon. Do not be fooled by the boggarts seeming appearance of a crystal ball, the moon will be larger and rough, as compared to the smoother crystal ball. If this test proves positive, hesitate no longer in killing the werewolf…"

James stopped reading, and looked up at Peter and Sirius sitting across the table from him. "So, what do you blokes know about boggarts?"

"I hid one under Regulus's bed once," Sirius said. "Bloody git ran screaming to mum before I could figure out what his worst fear was."

"Where'd you find it?"

"Didn't, the house-elves caught it and were waiting for dad to get rid of it. I just…volunteered to help."

James grinned and Peter laughed.

"Well, then, I guess we'll just have to find some books on them," James said, getting up from the table and heading toward the nearest bookshelf.

All of them got up and scattered about the library, searching for books on boggarts, or anything that looked promising. Within minutes, they gathered back at the table, dumping their respective books onto it.

"Your Worst Fears and What To Do When You Meet Them: A Book on Boggarts and Psychology by A. F. Roid" James read from the cover of one of the books he'd picked up. Then he opened it and began to scan the table of contents, looking for anything useful.

Sirius and Peter followed suit, each fishing through the books on the table for something promising.

"Try to find something on where to find them, and how to capture them," Sirius said, bent over Boggarts: A History.

For a few moments there was only the sounds of breathing and the occasional turning of a page as the three searched through their books for anything about where to find a boggart.

"Oh, this is pointless!" Sirius exploded. "I don't care if the first known boggart was recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphics, I'm a bit more interested about finding them now!"

He chucked the book across the room, then hurriedly summoned it back, smoothed the pages and set it down on the table. Madame Pince hadn't been very pleased the last time one of her books had been wrecked by a frustrated Marauder.

"Wait, I think I found something!" Peter said, nearly bouncing in his seat with excitement. Sirius and James both turned to him as Peter cleared his throat. "There is no need to lure a boggart from its hiding place. Merely provide a clear path ending in a fearful human and the boggart will emerge-"

"That doesn't have anything to do with where they are!" Sirius exploded.

"Where what are?" Remus asked, coming out from behind a bookshelf, looking tired.

"Back from McGonagall?" Sirius hurriedly questioned, as James slipped 101 Ways to Identify, Hunt, and Kill Werewolves off the table into his schoolbag.

"Yeah, she says I have to stop missing so many classes," Remus said with a smile. "And she doesn't want me to fall behind on my schoolwork." He sat down at the table, dropping his bag. "Anyway, what were you talking about?"

"Boggarts," Peter answered him promptly, waving The Boggarts of Britian and Their Tales at Remus.

"Why?" Remus asked interestedly, picking up A Comprehensive Guide to Boggarts and examining the cover.

"Reckon we might drop a few on a Slytherin Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Teach the Slytherins to really fear us." Sirius said, laughing.

"But we can't figure out how to find or capture one," James explained.

Remus nodded distractedly, already immersed in the book. The table once again lapsed into silence, but this time it was more uncomfortable. Siruis, James, and Peter kept giving Remus sidelong glances, and James slid the bag underneath his chair where his robes hid it from view. And they all jumped nervously when Remus started to read.

"The boggart prefers the dark, hidden places. It can most often be found in areas not commonly graced by the presence of people, be they muggle or wizard, though the boggart will affect both equally. When in search of a boggart, one should be armed with a wand and a cheerful demeanor, and should look in the shadows behind and within even ordinary objects. Hang on, there's a footnote; For example, boggarts are most commonly found under beds, in closets and wardrobes, and have even been discovered on occasion lurking in unused cauldrons."

Peter's jaw dropped.

"Blimey, Remus, we've been here for ages, and you've only taken a few minutes!" James exclaimed, wondering.

Remus smirked slightly, closing the book.

"Well, that settles it," Sirius announced, standing up. He grabbed a few of the books and jammed them into his bag, completely hiding the detailed lunar chart the group had been examining only an hour before, and walked out of the library with his load. The rest of the group followed, each bearing a few books.

"Settles what?" Peter asked as they walked out of the library under Madam Pince's scrutinizing gaze.

"Where to start looking," Sirius answered, flashing a grin at the librarian. "Tonight, the search for the boggart begins…in the dungeons!"


A/N: Stupid ending, I know, but the reality is that this was originally a short vignette, until it began to grow…it's only going to be two or three chapters, but it honestly started out much shorter. And in case you think from the first book they were reading that they've already figured it out, guess again. They're only grasping at straws here, they don't know anything. So they're trying to prove their theory.

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