Boy, this is odd! An intoduction to my introduction! Well, technically not all mine...

This is a fic written by two writers jointly, mingling the pasts of their stories into one. The first writer, known as Keiko C. Crawford, wrote the first few chapters, with several contributions to the rest. I, known online as Una, wrote/will write the last few chapters and contribute to the first. Before each is published, we check over and make sure our stories and characters are not misrepresented.

Although our styles and tastes differ, our passion for our stories do not. This story will serve as a prequel to all of our other YGO fics, as well as to broaden the understanding of our readers in the history of the characters.

This first bit was written by Keiko.


FW: Hello, if your wondering where my partner went, he umm, checked into the insanity ward on his own. So now, Una and I are writing our own story…a story of the past, and since I have to write the first three chapters anyway, might as well cap it off with our theme song.

Una: Isn't that my job?

FW: You are not well, get back in bed!

Una: You sound like my mom….

FW:…..Just get on with the damn intro!


~May it be an evening star Shines down upon you~

A warm breeze blows past the front of a large palace like estate in Egypt. A young blonde girl is playing, trying to get the guards at the door to laugh. She only succeeds in the youngest smirking at her and bringing her inside. Her mother, who looks much like her, bids her husband goodnight and tucks their daughter in. Soon after the mother leaves, the girl sneaks off to find her father.

~May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true~

In a small shack, among a throng of shacks in a run down village, a boy with long messy white hair stares at the stars above. His mother calls for him to go to sleep. He runs into his room, and his mother pulls the blankets around him. "Goodnight my little one." "Mommy, will you always be with me?" The woman smiled and said she would.

~You walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home~

A girl without a home or a family meekly wanders the streets, her dress in rags and her dark pink and blonde hair a tattered mess. She looks in the window of a nearby home and smells food. Her mouth waters. She has not tasted food in ages. She finds a small corner in an alley and sleeps, letting the sand keep her warm, and the stars sing her a lullaby.

~Mornië utúlië Believe and you will find your way~

Two boys wait outside a room, with an elderly, short man in cap and shroud. The taller boy has sad blue eyes and dusty brown hair. The other has tri-colored, spiky hair, much like his father's, and deep crimson eyes. A woman comes out of the room holding something small wrapped in blankets, and whispered something to the older man. He drops to his knees crying. The Prince looked up, and his eyes filled with tears. His mother was dead.

~Mornië alantië A promise lives within you now~

The young girl ran through her home, looking for her father. She was worried, because there seemed to be a fight outside. She looked and looked for him, as the fighting escaladed and she could hear the sound of metal on something not metal, and the screams of many people cut short. The doors to her house were forced open and men ran in. Her father appeared, running to her from his study. She called out to him, but was only shoved out of the way. At first she didn't know why, but she then saw her father falling backwards. A single arrow stuck in his chest. He had pushed her out of the way. She ran out the window and down the lane, watching as her friends and family were murdered.

~May it be the shadow's call Will fly away~

The white-haired boy woke with a start. His mother was not in the room next to him, nor his father. He then became aware of people screaming. He ran outside and saw as the pharaoh's army slaughtering his village. Blood stains the sand and walls. He turns a pale white and his hair feels as if it is standing on end. When the soldiers leave, he desperately calls out for his mother. Only the wind answers his cries.

~May it be your journey on To light the day~

The young thief girl poked her head out from the alley she slept in. A procession of priests passed her way, apparently on their way to the palace. That could mean one thing this late in the night. Someone had died. She thought a minute of her own departed mother and tried to return to her sleep.

~When the night is overcome You may rise to find the sun~

The young Prince cries into the arms of his only friend. The boy with blue eyes looks down at his cousin, who is only three, while he is four. The Prince goes to his caretaker, and the young cousin takes the little Prince from the nurse's arms. The newborn baby was so small, so soft. He held the young baby as his cousin sheds his tears away in the caretaker's arms. He feels jealous. He had never had anyone there for him when his mother had died. Not even his father, but he had never known the man.

~Mornië utúlië Believe and you will find your way Mornië alantië A promise lives within you now~

All the children look up at the sky, and notice the smoke from the two burning villages, sense the death and destruction in the air, feel the heavy sadness that has come with it, hoping that it would all just go away, never knowing how close their destinies would be soon intertwined.


Note: This was written during Winter break, when I had the flu.

To clear anything up, we do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!, or most of the characters. They are owned by KidsWB (*cry*) and Kazuki Takahashi. Bardock is owned by FUNimation (*cries more*) and Akira Toriyama. Kei/Keiko and the Female Writer are owned by Keiko Crawford. Shukura/Nazo and Minkabh are Una's. The song is "May It Be" by Enya.

Yugi: Why was this put under your name, Una-san?

Una: Because Keiko figured more people would read it, since I have more reviewers. Sad, her stories are so under-appreciated. If anyone is reading this, please check out her stories too!

Yami: This was a pretty dismal chapter! I hope it gets lighter quickly.

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