The flashback came as quickly and as smoothly as the others had come. Coconuts tried to moan, but no sound would come out of his mouth. Once again, he saw the young Nicole in front of himself. He knew he was in his "toy monkey state" yet again. Inside, he sighed. Would these flashbacks ever end? As soon as he snapped out of it, he thought he should take himself right to a robot repair shop, as to fix his malfunctions. But do I want to solve this mystery? Coconuts thought to himself. A voice deep within his mechanical self told him that everything was coming to light, and he pretty much figured who he was and where he came from.

Nicole beamed at him. In a strange way, he almost wanted to smile back. And perhaps he would, if he could in his state. The young girl reached out, and petted his cheek.

It was then that his flashback took a very drastic turn. Dr. Robotnik, along with several of his robotic guards entered the room. Nicole jumped back, looking frightened. Nicole's grandfather entered behind them, looking very distraught.

"Nicole," he began.

At that, one of Robotnik's robots collapsed suddenly. The crazy doctor pointed to it, and addressed Nicole's grandfather.

"You see that? My robots are weak-this is why the right parts are essential, toy maker. They desperately need the legendary, long-running, sturdy parts that you create, and that I have heard so much about," The doctor grinned evilly.

"Uh, yes-but I have told you, uh-Dr. Robotnik-that my parts are not without malfunctions. It will take awhile to get them worked out, and awhile after that to manufacture what you need."

Dr. Robotnik was not happy at all with this information.

"But I need these parts now!" his face turned red.

The old man turned to Nicole, and smiled through his sweat. "Nicole, sweetie, if you could leave the room for a moment, please?"

Nicole reluctantly started to, without saying a word, but then stopped. She had forgotten her monkey. She went back for him, but her grandfather stopped her.

"No, Nicole. Just leave him for now."

"But why..?" Nicole's voice trailed off when she saw her grandfather's face. She shot one last look at Coconuts, and left.

"I do have a very advanced mechanical heart," Nicole's grandfather stated. "Please, if I give it to you, will you just let me be. I will have the rest of the parts ready for you in just a week."

Dr. Robotnik was growing impatient. "Fine, fine-but I want that advanced mechanical heart NOW." Dr. Robotnik sneered as he looked at the robot lying at his foot.

"Here it comes," thought Coconuts. "This is where I get my heart ripped out-literally, and I am turned into a robot."

It was then that Coconuts heard Dr. Robotnik scream his name; what was strange though, was it came not from the Dr. Robotnik that was standing in front of him.

Slowly, the scene before him began to fade, and Coconuts knew he was coming out of his flashback, and back to reality. He found he was back in the prisoner's cell, but he saw that something was now very different then before he had his flashback. Nicole was not in her chair-and Dr. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder where standing in front of him. The Doctor was glaring; the latter where both snickering.

"He did it again," Scratch whispered sideways to Grounder.

"What?" Coconuts rubbed his head, confused.

"Coconuts! You have failed me again! That blasted hedgehog snuck in here and rescued the prisoner as you took a nap!" Dr. Robotnik was turning bright red.

"What? But no, Doctor-you don't understand-I wasn't napping, I was-"

"Enough! It is bathroom duty for you-FOREVER!" and with that, Dr. Robotnik tried to take a swipe at the robotic little monkey, but Coconuts turned to run.

"Yipes!" Coconuts ran out of the cell, with his long tail between his legs.

It was late evening, and Coconuts had decided it would be best to hide out from the doctor for a while. Being a monkey, Coconuts could actually climb very well, and could access the best hiding places in the fortress. That night, he decided to climb to the highest window, and to sit on the sill. The weather was warm, with a slight breeze. It was the first time that day that Coconuts was able to stop, and think about the events he had endured. By now, he had it pretty much figured out that he, in a past life, was a toy monkey that belonged to Nicole. But there where so many more questions that haunted his mind. For the first time in his pathetic life, he began to wonder what it would have been like if he was not a bad guy, and what could have been.