A/N: This is a sequel to "A Slayer. . ." yet another one shot. I own nothing. The Munsters, the idea of a Slayer, and Spike? Nope, not mine.

Munster Vision

Marilyn Munster had only been a slayer for a day.

And then, Grandpa Munster had changed her.

Marilyn never figured out who's they gotten to replace her. It had been nearly a decade. She had traveled with Spike and Dru for the last ten years. She got tired of fitting in with her freak of a family.

They were in Boston. They were thinking of going to Prague. It sounded like fun. Dru and Spike had left the lair a few hours earlier. Leaving poor Marilyn to fend for herself.

She made her way through the nightlife of the city. It wasn't much. As she walked through the streets, she heard a noise in one of the alleyways. Curious, she poked her head down the alley, she saw a girl fighting off three vamps.

Marilyn watched as the slayer dusted the three vamps. It was oddly fascinating. In a way, this girl was as good as her successor. Or as close to Marilyn's successor. Her real successor had been dead for years.

"Ya gonna watch me all day, vamp?" She turned to face Marilyn.


"We gonna fight?"

"But I'm just a girl. Why would I want to fight? It's not very lady-like."

"'Cause you're a vamp and I'm the slayer."

"Well, technically," Marilyn said, vamping out, "We're both the slayer."


"And guess what?" Marilyn used her skills to get behind the slayer. "We both get to die in the line of duty." She sank her fangs into the slayer. A new one would be called.

A Few Months Later

Marilyn sat in the lair with Spike and Dru. She was so bored. Dru was off with Miss Edith.

"Spikey! I'm bored! I heard that there's a new slayer in New York. And Spikey?"

"What ducks?"

"I'm ready to drink her blood. I might even let you have a taste."

A/N: The new slayer in NYC? Nikki Wood.