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Hi! It's me again! Hope you like this fic! This was inspired by a game of Duel Monsters in tea time and a few books that I've read. Enjoy reading!

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Here and Thereafter

Chapter 1: The Accident


Ryou stared glumly at the lower left part of the blackboard, where the last and hardest question of today's final test was written in white chalk.

Transform 189 + 81¡ into Polar Form

Ryou rolled his brown eyes. The silence in the room was so pure that you could hear the slightest scratch of pen on paper. He stared down at his paper, which was littered with trigonometric solutions. There were red circles where his final answers were located. He sighed impatiently. He dearly wished that this day would be over. He wanted to see his friends.


"Okay class, pass your papers!" the teacher shouted.

The students gladly obeyed. There was a loud commotion as everyone got up, started talking and slung their bags over their shoulders. Ryou fitted his notebooks into his bag and got up, glad that the class had finally come to an end.

Yugi, Tea, Joey and Tristan were waiting for him by the canteen. They all smiled as he joined them. Cards were scattered on the table beside their drinks and burgers.

"Dueling?" Ryou asked.

Yugi nodded. "Tristan wanted to try if his skills haven't rusted yet. By his performance, I gladly tell him that he's still got the magic."

Tristan smiled smugly as he gathered his deck and pocketed it. Joey looked around at them all.

"Since we're complete now, let's go! Yugi's found this new card shop somewhere and they have those really rare cards!" Joey announced. "Come on, we wouldn't want all the good ones taken, right?"

Yugi, Tea and Tristan stood up. The five of them walked out of the canteen, chattering about their classes.

"Really, with a horrible 70 on it, I don't know how I'm going to tell my parents!" Tea fidgeted as she told Tristan about how her Algebra homework turned out. "And we're supposed to have them signed…I'm doomed, Tristan!"

Joey turned to Ryou. "How about you, Bakura? Did you have a hard time today?"

"Oh, it's always the usual with special class students." Ryou smiled. "We had a couple of tests on Chemistry, Trigonometry and Physics but it isn't really that hard—"

"A couple of tests?" Joey burst out. "You always take tests everyday! Are you sure your brain hasn't dried up or something like that?"

"No, it's really wonderful, my subjects." Ryou shook his head. "It's just a matter of dedication and concentration anyway…I have plenty of that, so…"

They left Domino High and entered the streets of the city. They went to the pedestrian lane and started to cross while the light was still red. Ryou, however, discovered that his shoelace was ruined and had to stay behind while Yugi and the others made it across the street.

"Ryou, hurry up!" Yugi called.

"A minute!" Ryou grunted as he tied his shoelace tightly. "There—I'm coming, guys!"

He straightened up and crossed the street, forgetting that the lights had turned green. Ryou didn't know what happened to him next. He could remember hearing Yugi's, Tea's, Tristan's and Joey's shouts, then the hysterical beeping of horns and then very great, excruciating pain.

Ryou's soul was knocked clean out of his skin, catapulted straight into limbo.

"RYOU!" Yugi shouted.

"Oh my god!" Tea gasped.

Ryou straightened up as he fixed his shoelaces and crossed the street without so much as a second look at the lanes. A garbage truck that had lost control of it's brakes appeared out of nowhere and knocked right into Ryou's seemingly frail body. Tristan saw Ryou's bag spin in midair, scattering his things. Joey saw Ryou fly and then slam into a nearby post. The truck careened wildly and crashed into Domino High's walls.

Yugi didn't have time for second thoughts. He ran to where Ryou's tattered body was, Tristan, Tea and Joey following his wake. Soon sirens sounded, and police cars appeared.

"Ryou! Ryou!" said Yugi, panic quickly overcoming him. "Ryou, wake up!"

"I'll call an ambulance!" said Tristan before dashing to the nearest phone booth.

People started to flock around them. By the looks of it, Ryou was dead. He wasn't answering, and he looked really terrible. Yugi and Tea didn't know what to do.

"Yugi, the paramedics are here!" Joey exclaimed as the crowd around them parted.

Armed with a stretcher, the paramedics quickly transferred Ryou to a lying position and started to check for vital signs. Tea couldn't stand it so she turned away. Yugi was praying silently that his friend be alive.

"It's a miracle!" said one of the paramedics. "This boy's alive after having shattered his whole spinal column!"

"Oh thank god!" Tea breathed.

"Can we come with you to the hospital?!?" Tristan asked as the doctors took Ryou to the ambulance. "Please, we're his friends and his father's not here—!"

"All right, hop in!"

They quickly scrambled into the ambulance and hurtled full-speed to Domino Hospital.

But Yugi and the others did not know what had really taken place. Ryou had died. His body was alive, yes, but someone else was in there. It wasn't Ryou, because right now he's floating in limbo, confused.

The Millenium Ring had saved its master. Ryou's yami was the one going to the hospital to be treated, not him.


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