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Bloody Tears
Chapter Nine: The Wardens Cabin
Squids father turned to the Warden, "Could we be alone for a while?"
"Of course." The Warden disappeared from the room.
Squids father locked the door, then turned back to Squid and looked him up
and down.
"You sure grew up good, boy."
He started to walk towards his son.
Squid backed up against the wall. There was no where to run, and even if
there was, he doubted he could have ran. His legs suddenly felt heavy,
lifting his feet was an effort.
His father was in front of him instantly. He ran a finger down Squids cheek
Squid flinched, closing his eyes, using the same logic a person would use,
when, hearing a strang noise at night, hiding under the covers. The logic
that said 'if I can't see it, it can't see me.'
Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Squids father grabbed him and shoved him
roughly onto the bed. Squid tried to get up but his fathers knee on his
chest trapped him.
"Don't worry son," his father whispered, "This is fun, remember?"
Words, screams, caught in Squids throat. A choking sensation was rising.
His father had him pinned, holding his wrists down on the bed. He felt his
breathing quicken with panic. Hot tears splashed down his face. He couldn't
move, couldn't yell for help...
"It's gotta be about whats been happening, the suicide attempts 'n' all."
"Why would the Warden care about that?"
"And how would she know about it?"
"The cameras!"
"Oh man," Magnet moaned, "Enough with the cameras already."
They all dug for a short while, then Zigzag stopped. He climbed out of his
hole and started walking back to camp, dropping his shovel.
"Hey! Where you going?" X-Ray called.
"Something's not right."
"What d'you mean?" asked Barfbag.
"Squid needs help."
The rest of D-Tent exchanged looks.
"Hey, wait up!" Barfbag climbed out of his hole, "I'm coming too."
"Yeah, me too," said Magnet.
Eventually all of D-Tent were heading back to camp.
"What are we doing?" asked Armpit.
"I dunno," answered Magnet.
"What are you doing?" Mr Pendanski called when he saw D-Tent walking up,
"You can't have finished your holes yet."
"Where's Squid?" Zigzag demanded.
"He's in the Wardens cabin, what-?"
"His father came to visit him-"
He didn't get to finish because D-Tent turned and ran towards the Wardnes
Squids father slowly unbuttoned each button of Squids worksuit.
Someone pounded on the door, "Squid? Are you in there?"
Squids father put a finger to his lips. "Shhh..."
He took out a pocket knife and positioned it above Squids belly button.
"One word..." he warned, then he took hold of Squids white t-shirt and
sliced it right up the front.
Squid hid his face in his hands, tears sneaking between his fingers.
"Please stop..." he whimpered.
Squid wasn't sure if he was imagining the voice or not. It seemed so far
away, separated by a locked door.
Suddenly there was a loud creaking noise and Squid turned his head in time
to see the door swing open violently, spilling light into the room.
Armpit had Squids father in a head lock and was repeatedly punching him in
the stomach. X-Ray was twisting his arm behind his back.
Squid was sitting up on the bed, clutching his torn shirt together so that
his chest wasn't exposed, looking dazed. Zigzag was kneeling next to Squid.
"Are you alright?"
Squid nodded deftly, watching Armpit and X-Ray.
"Did he hurt you?"
"N-no... I'm fine."
Dispite Squids words, Zigzag could see that he was pretty shook up. His
face was tear stained and he was trembling.
"C'mon, lets get outta here. Can you walk?"
Squid nodded, but when he stood his knees buckled. Zigzag caught him before
he hit the floor.
"Sorry," he mumbled.
"S'ok." Zigzag held him up.
"What is going on in here?"
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up. The Warden was
standing in the doorway.
She glared at D-Tent furiously. They couldn't blame her really, after all,
when you walk into a room and see a group of juvenial delinquents attacking
a middle-aged man, whose side would you take?
"I'm terribly sorry," she apologized to Squids father as he got to his
feet, "I assure you, these boys will be severely punished!"
"But we didn't do anything!" Armpit protested, "He was hurtin' Squid!"
"Excuse me?"
"Ask him!" Armpit looked pointedly at Squid.
The Warden turned to Squid, "Is this true?"
"...uh..." Squid stammered.
Zigzag nudged him, "Go on," he whispered, "Tell her."
Squid looked down at the ground.
"Yeah," he said finally, "It's true."
Squids father flew at him, rage propelling him foreward, "You're going to
be sorry you said that, boy!"
The man raised his hand, ready to smack his son, hard, but suddenly, he
stopped. He stood, frozen for a second, then he fell to the ground,
clutching his crotch, where Squid had just kneed him.
D-Tent erupted into cheers.
Midnight, or close to it. Zigzag and Squid were lying on Squids cot,
whispering so as not to wake anyone.
"He's in jail," Squids said softly.
"He's gonna be in there for a long time."
"He's not allowed to come near me."
A hint of a smile appeared on Squids face.
"It's over."
"You're not very talkative tonight," Squid pointed out.
"There's nothing else to say."
The hint of a smile turned into a full one, "Yeah."
Zigzag went back to his own cot. Squid slowly drifted off to sleep, and,
for the first time in many years, he slept soundly, without nightmares.

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