Oops By Scarlet

Alternate History, should be fairly clear since I basically spell it out.

Month One


"Hey, Nick, you bring those boxes inside?" his boss's voice came through the door.

Nick grimaced at the large Trojan boxes at his feet as he took a smoke break, "Yeah, days ago. Why?"

"Well, you don't want to leave that stuff in the sun."

"Right, I remember."

"OK, I'm going to lunch, make sure to get everything on the shelves."

Nick took a long drag on his cigarette and listened for the tell tale jingle at the door.

"Great," he muttered, rapidly moving boxes.



She told herself that Nathan probably cheated on her anyway.

Not with your sister, her conscience reminded her rudely.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," she muttered to herself.

"What was that?" Lucas smiled, kissing her shoulder.

Peyton jerked away from him.

"Something wrong?" he frowned.

"This can't happen again."

His jaw tightened, "I see. So you're just going to stay with him?"

"What do you want me to do? Break up with him for you?"

"That would be the general idea, yeah."

"Well, it's not that easy!"

Lucas was already pulling on his clothes. "Yes, it is."


Her conscience pricked at her the whole drive to Nathan's house. She almost hit a mailbox, a runner and a dog, but somehow, Peyton survived. It was a simple choice. Her boyfriend.or his brother.

She and Nathan fought all the time. But when they made up. Peyton smiled. Basketball wasn't the boy's only skill.

It seemed so wrong to compare them, but her mind insisted on it, awarding points to Nathan and points to Lucas on their various skills in the sack.

"You gonna just stand there or come in?" Nathan chuckled as he looked up from his homework.

"Nathan Scott, doing homework," Peyton smirked, "Man, that girl really has you working hard."

"She's fairly convincing," he agreed with a chuckle.

"Oh?" her eyebrows shot up, "As convincing as me?" Peyton slipped into his lap and kissed his neck, oddly piqued at her boyfriend finding another woman 'convincing' despite her recent sexfest with his brother.

"Trying to distract me from graduating?"

"I'll test you later," she grinned, pushing his books off the desk. "Make flashcards and everything."

"Peyton! Don't be such a bitch, I have to-"

She took her shirt off and his eyebrows shot up.

"Fine, but if Haley gets mad, it's all your-"

"Shut up, Nathan."

His lips twitched and he pulled her against him.

Peyton tried to shut down and just melt into the sex. But her mind kept clicking, kept comparing as the point totals went up and up.



"You seem distracted, are you okay?" Haley nudged Nathan next to her.

"You mean it's not around the rumor mill yet?" Nathan raised his eyebrows.

"Is it about basketball? Cause I try my best to ignore it," she grinned.

"I know you're a secret fan. Don't even try to play innocent," his lips quirked.

Haley laughed, "Seriously, what's wrong?" she rubbed his back in a maternal way, though the shivers that ran up her spine were definitely not familial.

"Peyton and I broke up this weekend."

Haley stilled, her stomach clenching tightly and her heart accelerating rapidly. "I'm sorry! Are you okay?" she blurted out, suppressing the first words that came to her lips: Thank God!

Nathan shrugged, "That's it, I just don't know. I don't want to kill myself or anything."

"We generally regard that as positive," Haley smiled.

"Oh, it depends on the person."

"True enough. Is it weird, though? You've been together for three years, or something, right?"

"Something like that," he shrugged.

"You've broken up before, though, are you sure this is it?"

"Every other time we had a huge blow out and screamed for awhile. This time was simple, easy. She just said 'This isn't working, is it?' and I just couldn't lie anymore."

Haley smiled a little brighter than the situation deemed. "Then this is a good thing, Nathan. You just have to work through the weirdness."

"And since when did you be come little Miss Answers to Everything?"

"I believe I was awarded the title two years ago, when I became your tutor?"

"Slash shrink," he grinned. "I'm waiting for the day you're wrong about something."

"Don't hold your breath. Now get back to work, young man."

"Mmm, teacher and naughty student routine, do continue," he smirked.

Haley smacked him and he chuckled.

"Haley, you want to hang out after the game? It'll just be so weird not having Peyton-"

"Sure," she smiled, "No problem."

"Cool," he flicked her ear.


"OK, I know you're jealous of my muffin, but there's no need to look so morose about it," Haley flicked Luke's hand at lunch.

Luke blinked, "Did you just flick me?"

"Yeah.it's a weird thing going around," she shook her head, "But seriously, what's your deal? There's normal you and then there's extra- broody Lucas, which is the monster we're dealing with now. So spill."

"You're aware of my somewhat more than obvious feelings for-"

"Nathan Scott's newly ex-girlfriend? Yes. Continue."

He sighed. "Well, I thought something might be happening there, but I've been assured, today, that she's not interested in another relationship."

"Ouch," she winced.

"So what are you doing tonight? Want to get a pizza and watch violent movies with me?"

Haley winced, "I'd love to, but I sort of already told Nathan-"

Lucas whistled, "Didn't take him long to move on."

"It's not a date, we're just hanging out-"

"At his house?"

She nodded.


"As far as I know."

"It's a date."

Haley rolled her eyes, "Shut up, you freak."


It wasn't a date, of course. He was just lonely. They were friends. The cute clothes she was wearing were very comfortable.

Two hours wasn't really that long of a time to get ready. Peyton had been known to take three.and Brooke was rumored to plan these things for months ahead of time.

So she was wearing a skirt for the first time in.four years. It was a present. It was rather rude not to wear it.

And what other excuse did she have to shave except.

Haley frowned. No. She always shaved. All women shave. Every day of winter.

And every second was worth it when Nathan saw her walk in. He jumped, he shot.he air balled big time.

Haley sat down with a smirk.

Lucas raised his eyebrows knowingly. Stupid boy. Haley scratched her head with her middle finger in his direction.


"You want the last piece, Haley?" Nathan gestured to the pizza in front of them, his other hand coming to rest on her knee.

'Nathan touching naked skin' alarms and whistles sounded in her brain until she realized what he was asking.

"Eww! No!" she buried her face in his chest, pushing them back into his couch. If this gesture made his hand slide higher up her thigh.well, then, so be it.

His breath hissed and Haley smiled against his chest.

"I'll just take it back to the kitchen," Haley grinned, rising from the couch and bending to pick up the pizza box.

She thought she heard a muffled, "Good God," but she couldn't be sure.

When she returned, he was watching the Discovery Channel.

"Bugs? How.stimulating."

"Or not.Thank God," he muttered.

"Nathan, we're not watching a bug show," she dove for the remote in his hand.

"Uh-huh," he stretched to get away from her, falling onto the couch with her on top of him.

Haley blamed any and all wiggling on her part as an attempt to retrieve the remote control.

Being, obviously, stronger, Nathan managed to struggle his way to the top, despite any entwining tendencies her legs might have had.

He seemed a little reluctant to let her go and his hands seemed to have made their way slightly under her shirt somehow and his thumbs drew circles on her stomach.

"You know, sometimes I think Peyton was worried we were having an affair," he smiled.
"Us? That's crazy," she grinned.

"Insane," he agreed. And he kissed her.

Haley James.seductress. Oh, the power.

She kissed him back.



Nathan Scott shot an air ball.

Brooke gaped. That sort of thing didn't just happen. Not without serious provocation.usually a hand, hitting his arm. But in this case he just.

She followed his gaze and her mouth dropped.

Haley James was wearing a skirt. Brooke didn't even know she owned a skirt. Oh, wait. Except for the one she, herself, gave her as a birthday present.

Brooke sighed. And here she was, using it to seduce Nathan Scott. Her baby was growing up!

The look on Nathan's face made pride well in her soul.

"Go Ravens!" she screamed, laughing uproariously in pure delight and shaking her pom-poms.

Brooke Davis: Master Seductress and inspiration to many a woman. She ought to start charging.

The back of her neck prickled suddenly and she recognized it for what it was. Male attention. Someone, somewhere, was scoping her out and her eyes quickly scanned the crowd to find him.

Nothing.bizarre, he was a slippery one, but- Her blood started racing as her eyes stopped on Lucas Scott, who winked back at her.

She went into what may have been brief cardiac arrest before her heart flipped, spun and galloped away.

The look, she identified. He wanted her. After two years of trying to make him do just that, Brooke had finally given up.

Contrary bastard. How typical.

Well, it was too late. He couldn't just snap and make her go running. As seductress, that was her job, after all.

He smiled and her knees weakened.

Brooke smiled back. Who was she kidding?


"You're looking lovely tonight, Brooke," Lucas walked right up to her. "Have plans for this evening?"

Brooke lifted her eyebrows, "Maybe. Could you make it worth my while to cancel?"

"I'd sure try my hardest," he smiled.

"Why, Lucas Scott, are you trying to get in my pants?"

He blushed and Brooke practically bubbled over with glee.

"Well, don't stop now," she grinned, trotting off to her car, "You wanna ride?"


"Wow," Brooke purred, "I think I need a cigarette."

Lucas frowned, "You don't smoke."

"What's your point, lover?" she cuddled into his chest and he chuckled. "You might make me take it up if you keep it up with that. Is that what you want?"

"Do I want to.uhh.keep it up," he practically choked on the words and Brooke smothered a giggle, "Or do I want you to pick up smoking?"

"Well, I actually meant the smoking, but since you mentioned it," Brooke winked, "What is going on? Why now?"

"Did you ever have a revelation where you realized you were the stupidest person on the planet?"

Brooke smirked, "No, I've pretty much assumed that was Tim ever since the glue eating incident of '89."

"OK, second stupidest?" Lucas chuckled, kissing the side of her face.

He was being romantic. They were having pillow talk. In Brooke's experience, this was rare, and the fact that it was with Lucas made her giddy.

"So what led you to this self-discovery?"

"You," he chuckled.

"I knew I must be doing something right," she laughed.

"You are just so beautiful and I could think of no good reason why we weren't together."

"What about Peyton?" Brooke looked away as she said her best friend's name, feeling almost wrong about taking the man the girl claimed she never wanted.

Lucas shrugged, "I've wasted too much time on her."

"And if she changed her mind?" Brooke looked at him.

"Well, I'd tell her I have a girlfriend," he smiled. "That okay with you?"

Brooke grinned, "Depends on what girlfriend you're talking about."

He waved his hand dismissively, "I'll come up with someone."

"Oh yeah? Maybe I could help you out with that," she kissed his neck and moved lower, trailing kisses lower and lower, "Anyone.come to mind?" she stopped, smirking back up at him.

"Brooke." he moaned as her hands kept moving.

"That's right, baby," she winked and set to work on her man.

Month Two


Seeing Lucas with Brooke made her sick, but she only smiled as her friend gushed about her new boyfriend. She wanted him for years and though Peyton felt like a bitch, it irked her that now right when she was finally ready to commit, he had moved on to her best friend.

The fact that she had never seen Brooke or Lucas happier didn't make it better.

And none of it made what she had to tell Lucas any easier.


"Hey, Luke, can I talk to you for a second?" Peyton grabbed his arm on the way to class.

"Sure, what's up?"

"In here," she dragged him into the now empty gym.

"You know if it's a secret.a room where our voices will echo.not the best plan."

Peyton rolled her eyes and walked toward the janitor's closet, "Better?"

"Much," he grinned. "So what's up?"

Peyton laughed humorlessly, "Look, Luke, there's no easy way to say this, so I just have to say it. I'm pregnant."

All blood drained from Lucas's face and he looked like he was going to throw up.

"I.umm.how? No, I mean. What?"


"Right. That. OK.so. It might be mine? But we used umm." Lucas gesticulated wildly, "Those thingers."

"A condom?"

"Right! Yes. So. You don't really know whose it is, do you?"

Peyton shook her head, "I just wanted to tell you first because-"

"Because you don't want him knowing you cheated unless he has to," Lucas shrugged, "I get it."

"I'm sorry, Luke, I-"

Lucas laughed bitterly, "Hey, me too. Look, I really have to go.drink or something. Tell me if you need anything.or whatever."


Peyton sighed. It was weird only being able to talk to a jilted lover about her situation. She couldn't tell Brooke, cause it might be Lucas's. She couldn't tell Haley, because it might be Nathan's and Peyton wasn't blind. She couldn't tell Nathan, cause it might be his brother's. How did she get herself into this?



Nathan Scott was on the verge of dying a slow, painful death. Haley had it all planned out. Unsurprisingly, he'd freaked after their night together. Apologizing profusely, but wanting to get over his last relationship before committing to a new one.

It stung, of course. When one gives her virginity to the boy they've loved for two years, "Baby, it's a bad time," isn't precisely what they want to hear the next morning.

But she'd known Nathan was a cagey one and it would take time and tact to win him over, so that didn't bother her so much, it was that he seemed to have reverted entirely back to their old friendship as though their night of crazy passion had never happened.


The fact that Lucas was now deliriously happy with Brooke didn't make her feel any better. In fact, it was a bit revolting. Stupid, ridiculously attractive couple.

Add to her frustration the fact that she was extremely nervous about missing a time during the month she didn't tend to enjoy, but now really wished for, it would just be hugely satisfying to walk up to Nathan Scott and kick him in the shin.

Or a really good ear flick. It could hurt like a bitch if you did it right.

If she could get up the courage to just go to a Pharmacy, at least one of her problems could be resolved in some way. Depending on the result, of course, Nathan could only be in more danger of her wrath.


She felt brave, just walking into the Pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. Being Haley James, seductress extraordinaire had its downside, after all. This was an every day thing for her, as far as everyone in there knew, anyway.

There was a reason she picked the store the furthest from her house, after all.

Now, she just had to slip in, buy it, slip out, hide it and lock herself in the bathroom. Or maybe she should get two. Haley frowned.

She crouched to grab one of the last boxes, but it wouldn't move.

"What on-"

Another hand was latched onto it from the other side. Haley's mouth dropped at the person attached to it.



"Haley?! What are you." her eyes widened, "Oh boy," she let go of the box. "You take that one. There's another."

"Do you think we should.uhh."

"Take two?" Brooke frowned, "Yeah, good idea."

Haley walked around the shelves and looked toward the cashiers nervously.

"Want me to buy it for you?" Brooke asked.

"No," Haley shook her head, "Can't handle buying one of these, you shouldn't be having sex, right?" She looked at her feet.

Brooke smirked, "You want me to buy it for you?"

"Could you? I'd be right there for moral support."

"Of course," Brooke chuckled, looking toward the counter nervously herself.

"Have you done this before?" Haley asked.

"No.this is new.but it'll be fun. Ohhh.wanna grab some condoms and tampons, go to the youngest male cashier?" she grinned evilly.

"Brooke! This is serious, we can't-" her lips quirked, "Oh hell, why not?"


The young man fidgeted nervously, searching the pregnancy test boxes for a price.

"Don't even consider doing a price check, kid," Brooke glared at him and he jumped.

"Right, I'll.be right back," he muttered quickly, scurrying to find his manager.

Haley chuckled, "You're going straight to hell."

"Having that much fun, are we?" Brooke smiled.

Their cashier came back and quickly rang them up.

Outside, they looked at each other awkwardly.

"So, do you have a place to.you know," Brooke gestured at the tests.

Haley shrugged, "Just home."

"Your parents there?"


"Well, mine aren't. If you want to come back with me, we could find out together and not have to worry about your mom walking in and freaking. I mean. If you want."

Haley smiled. "Sure, let's go."


"I don't want to look," Haley muttered.

Brooke laughed, "I know, me neither."

"Our lives could be forever changed."

"Thanks, hadn't thought of that," Brooke rolled her eyes.

Haley exhaled, "OK, we just count to three and look."

Brooke nodded. "OK.1.2.3." Their eyes dropped.

"Hey Brooke, is the bell broken again?" Peyton walked into the room and stopped dead.

Unable to speak, Brooke just looked blankly between her friends.

"Brooke?" Peyton frowned, "Something.Oh no," she snatched the tests from both their hands. "You too??"

To Be Continued (Or not, I'm a lazy person)