Since You've Been Gone

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There's a truth begging to be told

"Aragorn may I speak with you.honestly?" Legolas not look at the man next to him, afraid he would lose courage. "Could you not before?" Aragorn ask sounding slightly amused but when Legolas did not reply he added seriously. "Please go on." Still looking into the flames Legolas tried to think of how to word what he had to say. "We only met three days ago," here he paused not sure where he was going with this. "But.after watching you (Aragorn gave him an enquiring look) and talking to you I have realised how quickly our friendship could grow but I fear that friendship will not be enough for me," he said all this in a rush half hoping Aragorn hadn't heard. He finally looked at the man sitting next to him. He couldn't decipher the look in the man's eyes but decided it must be pity so he went on. "I know we cannot have more than friendship. I am not a child with a silly crush. I know your heart belongs to the Evenstar." Legolas got up to leave but before he did he looked down at the man and reached down to trace a finger along the pendant Arwen had given Aragorn. "She is very lucky and so are you," he said with a sad smile. Before Legolas could remove his hand he found Aragorn's on top of it. He transferred his attention away from the pendant and the warmth of the hand to the man's face where he again attempted to decipher his expression. "Thank you for being honest and now I suppose I should be honest with you. It is true that my heart belongs to Arwen but she will be leaving these shores before long and my heart is already breaking. I also feel that after today it would be very easy to become very close. I hope we can confide in each other as we have tonight. Unfortunately we cannot allow ourselves to be more than friends. I'm sure you will find that it is not quite the feelings you believe you have and that you are just pleased to have someone like yourself on this quest," Aragorn finished not satisfied with what he said. He had managed to convince himself the feelings he was feeling were merely delight at having someone to talk to that has shared similar experiences. He concluded that he couldn't stop staring at the elf because of the beauty all elves possessed and nothing more. After a few minutes silence Aragorn continued "I'm very glad you are on this quest with us. It is good to have someone to talk to and I don't believe a dwarf, hobbit or even a wizard would have quite as much in common as we do. Thank you. You can sleep now, I will take watch then Gimli can relieve me in a few hours. Sleep well." Legolas nodded and went over to a spare bit of ground where he laid out his bed and lay down. He did not fall asleep though; his mind was working overtime with all that had been said minutes ago.


It had been days since Legolas and Aragorn's fireside talk and Legolas had not had time since that night to dwell on what Aragorn had said but now they were in Moria and it was dark and silent. The journey had slowed after the events of Caradhras as if everyone (except Gimli) was reluctant to take Gimli's advice and go through the mines. Everything had gone bad since they entered the mines and they discovered all the dwarves were dead including Gimli's cousin. At that moment however everyone but Gimli and Gandalf were waiting silently as Gandalf tried to remember the way through the mines to the bridge of Kazad-dûm. It had been at least an hour and the fellowship was beginning to doubt they would leave the room they were in at all let alone that day when Gandalf jumped up and exclaimed that it was this way, he pointed down one of the passages. This did not please the other members as Gandalf had hoped but he ushered them down it anyway. He wanted to leave before the fell beasts awoke. They reached a fairly well lit room containing the tomb of Balin, Gimli's cousin and Gimli's grief deepened. The whole time the fellowship was in Moria Legolas sunk deeper into depression though he did not show it on the outside. Aragorn had not understood how deep the feelings went and seemed to be avoiding Legolas since their talk. Legolas half hoped a fell beast would come and wound him so Aragorn would take care of him and pay attention to him. Now he told himself you are acting like a child.

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