"Doesn't have any friends his age," she said. "Grew up in a hell dimension," she said. "Angel's son." She said. "Born less then a year ago," she said.

That last one piqued my interest. He was younger then me. And THAT was saying something. Interested, I made the mistake of going to see Connor. BIG mistake with a capital B-I-G. Sure he's a honey to look at. Sure, he can kill demons faster then you can scream. But he's also one hell of an ass. He doesn't know anything about anything. All he talks about is how he hates making small talk. His idea of fun is training and hunting. I try to change the subject and he glairs at me. I ask him about what he thinks of Angel. He spits on the floor and says he hates the bastard. I ask him about his time in Quortoth. He launches into a huge speech about how you need to stay sharp to survive. About how his 'father' taught him how to kill demons and about all of Angelus's evil deeds. But if I remind him that Holtz isn't his father, he completely shuts down and won't say anything for three days. I learned that one the hard way.

How did I let Buffy convince me to come down here for a month? Oh, yeah, she got me the month off school. I'm starting to think that Mrs. Herbert's geometry class is looking preferable to this.

I have come to a conclusion. Broodyness is hereditary. I've only got one week until I can go back. Only one week until I have to go back to Sunnydale. And I don't want to leave.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Connor is one hell of a kisser, too. I learned that the second week. Because I know he had never had a kiss before. Maybe Holtz gave him pointers, I don't care. Whatever. The point is that even though he acts so tough, he is still only an eighteen year old that had to grow up way too fast. I know this because he is my soul mate. And I love him.

And he loves me.