It's kinda ironic, really. She's everything I never was, everything I've always wanted to be. Sexy, cool, confident, self-reliant, and strong- willed, not to mention brave. And she's my girlfriend.

About a week after Riley left, Willow and Buffy finally realized they were in love with each other. I'd been waiting for that day ever since I saw the way Willow would watch the blond slayer, but it still hurt. It was almost two months before I was hanging out with the Scoobies again, and a year before I was comfortable around any of them.

About six months later, *she* walked into the Magic Box, decked in a black- halter and skin-tight jeans. I melted at the sight of her. Too bad no one else felt that way. The next week, she showed up at my door to say goodbye, and I told her to give me ten minutes to pack, and then I was ready to go with her. The shock was evident in her eyes, but never have either one of us regretted that I went with her two and a half years ago.