title: A Rock and A Hard Place - prologue

author: cheebs!

email: chbkamen@optonline.net


rating: R

fandom: Tru Calling

summary: "She'd often thought nothing could be worse than watching her mother die. Now, she knew she'd been wrong."

disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. Which is a shame, because I'd utilise them a lot better.

note(s): Subway maps were employed; hospitals, theatres and churches were googled. Screw the address given in the show - 7th Ave is neither west nor east. :P Besides, most city hospitals have their own morgues, rather than a central one for such a large city. NYC Chief M.E.'s office is on 1st Ave, where there's a proliferation of hospitals. Tru was originally supposed to have been an NYU student and the area in which she's seen most resembles the East Village. Therefore I'm placing this morgue on 1st Ave, somewhere between E 10th and 20th. 

warning(s): character deaths. (Duh.)

archive(s): Wherever I post it, plus those with standing permission. Others, please ask.

date: 12/05 - 12/11/03

feedback: like crack, only better.

Much luv to Shack at Television Without Pity - had he not detailed exactly what the writers have done wrong, I'm sure I'd have made similar errors. Love and gratitude to Vic, for pointing out that this was situated in too nice a neighborhood originally.


It was a beautiful summer night, as so many are, and Tru Davies was off from work. She'd chosen to spend her time with the person nearest and dearest to her: her brother, Harrison. Currently they were making their way from a late movie to the subway. Tru seemed especially anxious, which made sense given the late hour - one could never be careful enough in NYC, as she'd learned the hard way when she was a child.

As a church bell rang in the distance, Tru looked at her watch. The glowing face read July 18, 1:00 AM.

A choked cry forced itself from her throat, quickly growing to a heartbroken, high-pitched keening as she fell to her knees, drawing stares from the few passersby.

"Tru...?" Harrison dropped to his sister's side, taking her into his arms and glaring at one man who dared look upon them for too long. "Tru, what's wrong? Talk to me, please?"

Tru simply buried her head in her brother's shoulder and continued sobbing, shaking violently. When finally her tears had subsided enough that she could speak, she mumbled something, purposefully muffling words she couldn't bear to speak.

Harrison pulled back and held her at arm's length. "Talking works a lot better if I can actually hear you," he said joshingly, eyes full of concern that only grew when he beheld her haunted gaze. "Hey...come on, Tru, you're starting to scare me. What's up?"

Tru opened her mouth to speak but found it impossible while maintaining eye contact. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, praying that when she again opened them it would be yesterday all over again.

It wasn't.

She fixed her sight on the patch of ground between them, concentrating on the discolored grass, forcing her mind to detach what what she had to say. "Harri--," she began but her voice cracked. She stopped, swallowed and tried again.

"Harrison...I'm so sorry...."

~ end prologue ~