By Darth Breezy

First Blossom time, Correllia.

Schurke Canaille, former Jedi Knight turned Corellian Magistrate, walked out onto the balcony of his home. His wife, Kampher, lay sleeping peacefully in their bed having given birth to their daughter only a few hours before. Peacefully...

In a galaxy still torn asunder by warfare, Shurke wondered, and not for the first time, whether his daughter would ever truly know what peace meant.

 As he looked out to the stars, the prospect, the reality of fatherhood drew his thoughts back to his old way of life.

Although Correllia had tried to distance itself from the core Republic's political doings, news and gossip still filtered down. The Jedi, once widely regarded as the peace keepers of the Galaxy, were slowly falling out of favor. The Senate was falling into shambles, torn asunder by scandal and divided loyalties. One of the major uproars, a relative tempest in a teapot under normal circumstances, was the revelation that the unmarried Senator from Naboo, Padmé Amidala, was pregnant. However, what made it scandalous, an offense so to speak, was the rumor that the father was a Jedi. Not just any Jedi, but the golden child himself, Anakin Skywalker.

Both Schurke and Kampher had known of Anakin's involvement with the Senator from Naboo, but since they had parted ways (months? It seemed like a lifetime ago...) they had heard very little from Anakin.  It saddened Shurke a little. They had spent so many years together as Padawans. Anakin…Kam…And Gris…  Gris, lost to them not in the war itself, but to her own battle against the darkness within.  A battle much like the one that Anakin always had seemed to be fighting within himself…

Schurke considered himself blessed. He had spent the better part of his time in the Order trying to fill a void. Like Anakin, he was always had sought approval and acceptance in an Order that demanded detachment, and like Anakin, he had fallen in love. However, unlike Anakin, he had been able to follow his heart completely, with the love of his life by his side after all…

"Schurke?" A soft voice came from behind him, interrupting his reverie. . "It's almost time isn't it? It's nearly daylight."

Kam quietly had wandered up next to him with their infant girl snuggled comfortably against her breast. Schurke turned to his wife and smiled. Anakin was part of the old life... the Jedi life that he and Kampher had turned their backs on with little, if any regret. Perhaps someday, Anakin himself would understand that some things were worth letting go of…

The first threads of daylight began creeping over the horizon as first Kampher, and then Schurke touched their new daughter's head to their hearts and kissed her forehead.. Schurke carefully took the little girl out of her wrappings. She squirmed in the chill of the morning air, but didn't fuss, soothed by the presence of her loving guardians. .She had a shock of black hair and dark eyes and such light skin…she looked so tiny in his large hands! So tiny and yet so… momentous.

 At last, as the sun finally rose, and Schurke raised their child to the dawn, presenting her to the light… to the Force.

"Aubé..." Schurke's voice was soft, but it was an announcement of her name to the heavens.