Desperate Solutions

Phi Phi 'Le Trelk'
December 2003


Chiana's finger s moved swiftly over the main panel on Moya's command. "PILOT! Open docking bay three's doors NOW! D'Argo wants us to starburst as soon as they're aboard!"

Pilot's harried voice echoed throughout Moya. "Moya is preparing!" His voice gained volume as Lo'La landed in the docking bay. "PREPARE FOR STARBUST.NOW!"

Chiana and Rygel made their way frantically towards the landing party. Chiana was the first to speak. "Is she okay?" She stared anxiously at the limp form in John's arms.

John moved carefully but quickly to the Med lab, his body tense with anger. He would never understand how one living, sentient being could be so undeniably cruel to another species. He stared down at the precious burden in his arms. Her wounds were still bleeding, not so heavily now, but they were still flowing. "Hold on baby, we're almost there."

"John." Her throat hurt so badly the name was a mere croak of sound.

"Shh.don't try to talk honey." Pulling her closer to his chest he pressed his lips against her forehead and whispered softly. "It will be alright, you're back home..grandma will fix you up." He made the med lab in record time. Noranti was ready and waiting for her patient. "Here! Lie her down here."

John laid Aeryn gently on the lab's center table. He watched Noranti cut the bloody rags from Aeryn's body. Aeryn, delirious with fever began fighting, weak at first, then with more frantic determination. Noranti couldn't control Aeryn's flailing arm. "Crichton, D' must.hold her down so that I can administer the sleep agent."

Noranti waited, watching as the human and the Luxan forcefully but still gently subdued the Sebacean. Her eyes full of compassion as she injected Aeryn with the sedative and continued cutting away her cloths. The collective gasps as the wounds that covered Aeryn's abdomen were revealed, were gasps of horror. Noranti spat in disgust a feeling akin to hatred permeating her entire being, coming to head in her voice. "Barbarians! May the demons of Kynestra shadow your every step."

John stood silently, watching Noranti clean the wounds. His eyes followed the puncture wounds that lined either side of Aeryn's navel. Six puncture, each the size of a dime, three on each side. Punctures where they'd pinned his love to a table as though she were nothing more than a slab of meat.

His gaze traveled to the angry red incision that started beneath her navel and made it's way further down. Images flashed through his mind. As long as he breathed he would never forget the sight of Aeryn in shock, pinned to a table. Her abdomen sliced open. He and D'Argo had barely managed to save her. She'd almost bled to death between the Scarran Dreadnought and Moya. John's hand moved gently through Aeryn's hair. He bent and kissed her gently. "Hold on baby, don't leave me." He looked up in time to catch Noranti shaking her head hopelessly. He pointed his finger in her direction. "Don't! Don't you dare shake your head! You will save her!"

"Crichton, I am not a miracle worker. I will do my best." Noranti answered gently. But the damaged seemed almost irreparable.

"I want more than your best. I need more than your best." John growled, returning his attention to Aeryn.

Chiana didn't realize that she was crying until her clenched hands became wet with tears. She moved closer to D'Argo. "What did they do? Wha.what's that incision?" She didn't bother to ask about the puncture wounds. She still remembered the machine that gave Aeryn the first set of punctures. Her scream still haunted Chiana's dreams. Several times she'd awoken in a cold sweat unable.unwilling to answer D'Argo's questions.

D'Argo's eyes remained on Aeryn's still form, while he answered Chiana. "John and I arrived just as that Kalish piece of dren was removing the baby from Aeryn's womb."

"Is the baby.?" Her voice drifted away without finishing the question.

D'Argo answered, his voice choked with emotions.hurt that one of his had been taken and tortured, saddened that he might loose a good friend and his best friend might loose a mate and child, angry that one of the women of his family had been taken and he had not been able to stop it. The emotions suffused his features. "The baby is.fine." What could he say? He watched Aeryn's still form. "We stopped them before they'd severed the natal cord. She just bled so much." From the moment he'd lifted Aeryn's tortured body from the table and placed her into John's waiting arms, D'Argo realized just how fragile Aeryn truly was. Until that moment he'd only thought of her as a fellow soldier. She was so much more.

Rygel stood in the Med Bay's doorway. He didn't say a word, so unlike the opinionated, diminutive Dominar. While he said nothing his mind whirled. When would they be able to rest? They'd decided to settle down be a family and now this. Why had the Scarrans hunted Aeryn so tenaciously? There had been plenty of chances when they could have taken Crichton but no they'd grabbed Aeryn. Why? It was Crichton who had the wormhole knowledge they sought. Why Aeryn? Rygel couldn't bear to watch the old witch seal Aeryn's wounds, this would be the third time in four cycles that he was faced with the possibility that Officer Aeryn Sun, ex- Peacekeeper and secret daughter of his heart might be taken from his family forever. Earbrows lowered and eyes almost shut, he turned and glided away towards Pilot's den.

Noranti finish sealing the last of Aeryn's punctures. She paused over the long incision. Finally glancing up at D'Argo and John. "D'Argo I think it would be best if you and Crichton waited elsewhere."

John's head shook emphatically, his voice a painful whisper. " I'm not leaving Aeryn's side. D, you go on.I'm staying."

Noranti moved swiftly around the table to grasp John's face. "Listen to me! I must reopen her incision and remove the child in order to examine it for any Scarran nastiness. You do not want to be here when I do that John Crichton. The images would remain imprinted on your mind forever. You must leave. I do not know what I will find, when I open her womb." She caressed his jaw. "Please leave. I will care for her now. You did your job and found her. Now I must do mine and heal her."

After a moment, John acquiesced, nodding he followed D'Argo from the Med Bay.

Noranti stared after them sadly, before returning to the task at hand.saving Aeryn Sun and her unborn child.


Chiana paced disjointedly back and forth, unable to stand still. "What did they wa.want with Aeryn?"

John sat with his back braced against Pilot's station, one knee raised with his forehead balanced upon it. He mumbled into his leg. "I don't know Chi." His mind on Aeryn.

"I.I.I mean they didn't ev.ev.even attempt to go after any of us on the planet! They only went after her! Why?" Chiana questioned, her voice becoming shriller as she spoke.

John focused on Chiana, his head tilted. He wanted her to stop moving, stop asking questions, stop talking. He wanted her to just stop." Chi!" She continued pacing, not listening or hearing him. "CHI-AN-A!" When she stopped suddenly and turned to him he continued. "I DON'T KNOW! I'm as stomped as you are." He snapped, his patience gone.

"Maybe they intended to use Officer Sun and the baby against you, Commander." Pilot's voice interjected with a calmness he was far from feeling. This last attack on Aeryn might be a fatal one and he was having a hard time handling his emotions and Moya's.

John stood and began pacing the same trail Chiana had, moments before. "That would be the most logical conclusion Pilot, only they didn't try to contact me or anyone else on the ship for that matter."

"John maybe they grabbed her as an act of revenge for what happened on Katratzi." D'Argo offered, his voice extremely calm, a sign that he was indeed worried over Aeryn's well being.

John shook his head. "I don't know.D.I just don't know." Holding back tears John stood still, hands on his hips, eyes closed and head bowed. The images of Aeryn lying on the surgeon's table racked his mind and slashed his soul. He couldn't stop the tears that seeped underneath his lashes. His voice broken, he spoke softly. "You saw what they did to her D. They hacked her up like a piece of meat."

Chiana stepped closer to John and leaned her head against his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Hey, don't think about it. You and D'Argo brought her home and wrinkles will fix her up as good as new."

Rygel floated to the center of the group. "Maybe Aeryn knows why they kidnapped her. She'll be able to tell us when she awakes."

If she awakens was the thought on everyone's mind.



" are you sure you should be up?" John rushed from the open doorway to help Aeryn get out of their bed.

"John, I have followed Noranti's instructions and remained in bed for the past monen. She said that the baby is fine and I'm fine, so there is no reason why we can't get up out of this bed." She raised her finger to stop John's protest. "Ah! Not another word! You will help me to the bathing chamber and then into fresh cloths. I want to eat with everyone else, please John."

"Alright baby, come on." he couldn't resist her and she did seem to be okay. Noranti had suggested she try walking around more. Personally he was excited to see her up and ready to argue! He missed that so much in the first weekens of her convalescence. She couldn't move until the sealed stitches healed so Noranti had given her a drug to make her sleep around the clock. This Aeryn was a far cry from that one and he and the rest were happy. He helped her walk slowly to their bathing chamber.

"Thank you." Aeryn smiled softly, kissing John's cheek. "You worry to much."


Chiana couldn't help smiling every time she glanced at Aeryn. The ex- Peacekeeper was a beautiful sight for all their troubled eyes. "Hey Aeryn, do you want more stew?"

Aeryn smiled up into the happy face of her Nebari friend. "Yes, thank you Chi." She watched Chiana fill her bowl again. It felt good to finally be able to eat more than Noranti's gruel. "You know Chi, I could have gotten it myself."

Chiana sat the bowl in front of Aeryn once more. "No.that's okay! I.I wanted to do it!" Almost as an after thought, Chiana reached over and gave the Sebacean a warm hug. "Welcome back."

Returning Chiana's hug, Aeryn's bemused gaze found D'Argo's solemn one. "Yes, welcome back. It is good to see you up and about."

John leaned over and whispered loudly in her ear. "See.I'm not the only one who worries."

Aeryn laughed aloud, a sound the others basked in. "Just what you need a worry buddy. Be careful D'Argo, John's becoming a bit wussy wissy."

John chuckled. "Wishy washy Aeryn.that's wishy washy."

"Okay, wishy.wishy washy. Better?" When he nodded, she kissed him quickly on the lips and continued. "Well it is good to be up and about finally. Her gaze searched the room until she found her target. "Thank you Noranti." The words were simple but held a depth of meaning.

Noranti nodded. "You are more than welcome. I too am happy to see you up and about. The Dominar here was getting worried.even though he pretended not to care."

Aeryn smiled at Rygel winking secretly. She would never tell anyone but John, how the diminutive Dominar had sat next to her and talked to her, sang to her or read aloud. Sometimes he would just sit and say nothing. But even in the deepest sleep, she knew he was there. Oh he cared and she loved the little slug for it, though she'd never tell him that.

Pilot sat in his den, letting the harmonious dinner conversation and joking wash over him. Moya's happiness at Aeryn's recovery was buoyant. She moved along at a leisurely pace and hummed her happiness. He and Moya had already concluded that no matter what it took, from now on Aeryn and the baby were their prime concern. They would stop at nothing to protect them, whether it meant turning into a Rogue Leviathan or even traveling through wormholes. Whatever the cost, they would pay it!


"How do we stop the Scarrans from coming after us again?" Rygel asked. He floated around the command, as a king would while surveying his minions.

"That Guido is the million dollar question. Now what's multi-million dollar answer?" John sat next to Aeryn, massaging her shoulders.

D'Argo watched both John and Aeryn for a moment before asking the question they wanted an answer to. "Aeryn, why didn't they contact Crichton or the ship to make a deal after they'd captured you?"

Aeryn answered with out looking up from her and John's intertwined hands. It was so easy to show her emotions now. She loved touching him and being touched it somehow made her made her feel complete. "They didn't want to make a deal."

"Why not? We know they want the wormhole knowledge and Crichton is the only one here who has it." D'Argo concluded. None of this was making any sense.

"No.that's not entirely true. John isn't the only one with wormhole knowledge." Aeryn spoke quietly. She's been told not to reveal her knowledge unless absolutely necessary. The Scarrans still had no idea and she saw no reason to keep the information from her friends.her family aboard Moya.

"Baby." John could only stare at her.

"When we all parted ways after destroying Scorpius' carrier, I did manage to join that ex-peacekeeper squad I was searching for. While I was with them, I had a visit from an old friend of John's." At John's confused look she supplied the answer. "Einstein.I believe that's what you call him. Well he told me things. He.explained that when John and I were on the mock Earth he'd embedded the wormhole knowledge not only in John's mind but in two other minds as well."

John frowned. "Yeah but Aeryn, I didn't meet Einstein until we were all reunited."

Aeryn answered John's unasked question. "I know you didn't but I did."

The room seemed to grow even quieter. D'Argo's voice broke the silence. "The only other possible minds are yours, mine and Rygel's."

Rygel preened a bit before the idea really took root. "Well of course they would choose a representative of the highest order, but I have no intentions of running around Space trying to find wormholes! As a matter of.."

Though Aeryn's voice was quiet, it worked well as a silencer. "They didn't choose your mind Rygel."

Rygel swiveled his throne sled around in indignation. "Why not?"

Chiana didn't allow Aeryn to answer. She turned to stare in wonder at D'Argo. "You.know about wormholes?"

"No I do not know about wormholes." D'Argo answered.

"Bu.bu.but you wouldn't really know. Crichton didn't know at first." Chiana glanced from D'Argo to John and back again.

"They didn't choose D'Argo either Chiana." Aeryn felt John's body tense. She knew he'd figure it out. His despair-laden moan gave him away.

" they didn't!" John jump to his feet gesturing wildly. "Both Einstein and Jack said that I was the only one other with the knowledge!" Suddenly her true words dawned on him. He moved to kneel in front of Aeryn, staring into her eyes. "Aeryn, said Einstein said that he'd implanted the knowledge in two others. Now D doesn't have it and huh.Sparky is a no brainer. Aeryn who's the second person?"

Aeryn couldn't hold onto the answer. She'd already broken her word and now she must finish what she started. "The baby." Her voice was so soft John had to lean closer to be sure he'd heard what he'd though he'd heard.

"What?" John again shook his head at the sheer magnitude. "You did not just say the baby."

"Yes. Einstein embedded the knowledge in my subconscious and in the baby's DNA. The baby knows wormholes." Aeryn reached up to caress John's cheek, trying to relax the muscles that were constantly jerking from tension.

D'Argo moved closer to Aeryn and John. "Are you saying that the child was conceived on the planet? That was over three and a half cycles ago. Yet you didn't know?"

"I know how long ago it was D'Argo. And no I had no idea." Aeryn answered her eyes still on John.

Chiana quirked her head sideways and smiled slyly at Aeryn. "So you and Crichton did recreate on the planet. I always wondered. But why didn't you loose the baby when Crichton killed you?"

"Chiana!" D'Argo yelled.

Chiana glared at D'Argo in amazement. "What? Well he did kill her ya know!"

Rygel snorted in the Nebari's direction. "Oh why bother D'Argo? The little tralk wouldn't know good manners if you pasted them on her eema!"

Chiana made a hand jester at Rygel. "Frell you!"

John finally snapped out of his reverie. "Guys! You know what.why don't you all calm down. You can either hear this first hand from Aeryn or second hand from me."

Noranti finally spoke. "Crichton is correct. Though Aeryn is healing, she doesn't need all this excitement." Turning to Chiana she answered her previous question. "To answer your question Chiana. Aeryn didn't loose the baby for two very good reasons. One, she is Sebacean and female Sebaceans have a magnificent reproductive system. The fetus literally freezes and is protected in a hard membrane until gestation is triggered. They chose Aeryn for that reason. Second, if I know the Ancients.and I do. They kept the child protected somehow." She turned to Aeryn. "Am I correct."

"Yes." She still watched John. "John?"

John turned and walked over to his vacated seat. Sitting he laid a hand on Aeryn's rounded stomach. "Aeryn did this really my."

Aeryn covered his hand with hers. "Yes.oh is yours. The Ancients us along. Einstein said that this child would have been an eventuality. But they needed more like you. Just incase something happened to you, they implanted the knowledge in my mind as well, to guide the baby."

"Her path leads to you Crichton, it always has." Noranti interjected softly.

D'Argo still amazed brought them all back to the real reason for the meeting. "What does this have to do with the Scarrans? They couldn't possibly know about Einstein, Aeryn, John and the baby's connection."

"No they don't D'Argo, but they are able to retrieve incumbent knowledge through the baby's DNA." Aeryn answered.

Rygel floated across the room to stare at Aeryn as though she were a new species. "I can't believe that Scarrans would go through such extremes just to retrieve knowledge they aren't even sure is there!"

"They know its there Ryg.they figure that out the first time they captured Aeryn." Chiana glanced sideways at the ruler.

Aeryn didn't know how John would take what she was about to say next. "Yes they did Chiana. But that's not the only thing they were after this time. They wanted to splice."

"Whoa.whoa.splice what?" John yelled.

"DNA." Aeryn sighed.

John's mind worked quickly, unraveling the mystery. What else could the Scarrans want? "Clones.they want to use the DNA to make clones."

"Yes but not quite."

Chiana was becoming more and more anxious as the conversation went on. "Wha.wha.what does that mean?"

"After cellular DNA is replicated too often it begins to break down.deteriorate. Three strands.they kidnapped for threes strands of DNA."

The answer appeared in John's mind as though it had always been there. "Yours.the baby's and mine through the baby's."

"But Why?" Rygel barked.

John answered this time. "Because Sparky Sebacean and Scarran DNA are compatible. Human and Sebacean DNA are also compatible. With our DNA, they can genetically engineer all the wormhole flying half-breeds they want."

"They could create an entire race of beings with wormhole knowledge." D'Argo thought out loud.

Aeryn shook her head wildly. "Yes.that's exactly what they planned." How did she tell John the worse? Some things she would never tell him. She would never tell him that she'd been conscious and un-medicated when they'd cut her open to remove the baby. She would never tell them about the other tortures she'd endured. But there was something she had to tell him. "John they were able to harvest enough DNA and they've already begun the engineering process! We have to stop them!"

"My god" John whispered his head down.

"Hezzmana help us all." D'Argo spoke quietly.

No one could see the desolation written on Pilot's face but it was there.


"No!" Aeryn shouted, pacing back and forth across the Common area. "I will not be packed off like some irreverent child!"

The entire crew shouted in response. "Aeryn!"

John waited for the noise to die down before trying the calm approach. "Aeryn honey listen to me. You know better than anyone that the Scarrans will go to untold lengths to get to you and the baby! Hell they've succeeded in capturing you twice and nearly killing you BOTH times!"

Hissing, D'Argo interjected. "And we were almost too late this last time!"

John could see that the tone of their conversation was only adding to Aeryn furor. He had to calm her. She didn't need the stress. He hated adding to it but there was no choice left. He had to keep her safe. He managed to wrap his arms around her waist, embracing her from behind and spoke softly. "Baby, if anything else happens to you two...I.I don't think I would be able to take it."

Rygel floated towards Aeryn stopping directly in front of her. He stared for a moment before speaking. "Aeryn in light of what we know, Crichton is right. You must go, it simply isn't safe for you or the baby here any longer." When it seemed as though Aeryn would argue, he continued. "Aeryn we have known each other for over four cycles and that is a long time when you are in one another's company daily. In all that time I have never known you to think of yourself before anyone else. You have always tried to do the correct thing. You always put the weak and defenseless before yourself. Think of your child, there is nothing more weak and defenseless than an innocent baby. Go to Earth Aeryn. It's the best choice.the only choice. "

Aeryn closed her eyes. The Domineer was right, she had to think of her child. "I."She wavered and in that moment a picture of Earth after a Scarran invasion flashed through her mind. "No! I will not put John's world in danger by hiding there. Do you really think that the Scarran are so simple, that they wouldn't think of Earth once they realize the wormhole has been reopened? What's to stop them from entering the wormhole in search of Earth? They still have the data on Earth that they retrieved from Lo'La!"

"Aeryn this is our only chance to get you to safety." John spoke directly to Aeryn his blue gaze capturing her gray-blue one.

Her answer was a whispered one that traveled through the entire room. "What.what about your family.your people? If the Scarrans somehow manage to get through that wormhole to Earth, they will enslave your world."

"We'll figure something out, but I'm not going to loose you." John cupped her face between both palms.

Pilot's voice though quite calm, blasted through the room as though it were a battle cry. "Actually I have a solution to that particular problem."

"Really Pilot?" John's interest was quite peeked. Pilot usually shied away from all wormhole talk. " Well let's hear it."

"Well, after going over the individual sectors of Space catalogued within Moya's data stores, we found a area where Solar flares are common. After further research based on your work Commander, we concluded that this would be an opportune chance to create another wormhole."

"Are you willing to travel down the wormhole Pilot? You and Moya?" D'Argo asked.

"Yes, Moya and I are willing to do whatever it takes to see that Officer Sun and the baby are kept safe." Pilot's answer was given firmly and without hesitance.

Aeryn still wasn't convinced. "So you create another wormhole, what happens if the Scarrans happen upon the wormhole? What then?"

John shook his head. ", Aeryn I'm not creating that type of wormhole. The wormhole that I create will be a temporary one."

"What? How's is that possible?" D'Argo frowned at John as though he'd lost his mind.

"It's too complicated to go into D. suffice it to say, I can chart wormholes, create wormholes and destroy wormholes. The wormhole I create I will close once we're through it. Pilot you and Moya won't have to go through the wormhole. We'll just need you to stand fast, until we come back." John informed. He was already working out the plan necessary to travel to Earth. "When we're on our way back I'll create another."

"The same one?" Chiana asked.

John shook his head. ", a different one. Each wormhole is different. The one that we closed was a natural wormhole. I'm creating's just different, Chi."

The wormhole knowledge within Aeryn's brain, allowed her to process John's idea without a blue print. She understood what he was trying to do, but she still didn't like it and there was another problem. "But once we exit the wormhole into your Earth's solar system, we will be detected."

D'Argo too was starting to understand John's reasoning. "Not if we exit the wormhole in Lo'La cloaked. Earth doesn't yet have the technical capability to detect her when she's cloaked. We have the coordinates for John's father's house. It couldn't be simpler." D'Argo watched Aeryn pale. He moved toward her slowly. "Aeryn this is the only way we know to keep you and the baby safe."

Aeryn knew they spoke the truth, but she still felt as though they were trying to abandon her and the feelings of betrayal laced every word. "You all want to keep me and the baby safe, yet you have no compunction about sending us to a planet full of people.humans that hate us. No! No! I refuse and if you try to force me, I swear I will leave Moya and this time I will not return!" She turned and stormed the room.

Noranti broke the silence following Aeryn's exit. "Well that went well."

Rygel chuckled dryly. "We'll never get her to go now, not without force anyway."

Chiana shoved Rygel. "Weren't you listening? She.she won't go! If we try to force her, she'll leave."

"Oh goodie maybe she'll head toward Earth!" Rygel sped out of Chiana's reach.

John's face-hardened. "Oh she'll go and it will be her choice." John address Pilot. "Pilot? You and D'Argo go ahead and plot the course. Do have we have an ETA on our arrival?"

Pilot answered assuredly. "We should arrive within three solar days."

"Thank you Pilot. Both Aeryn and I will be ready to go when we get there." John answered just as assuredly, then turned and left without a word.

Chiana stared after Crichton. "He's farbot if he thinks she'll go."

D'Argo also watched his friend disappear down Moya's corridor. "She'll go."


Aeryn heard the soft whoosh of the door as John entered quietly. "Don't bother trying to convince me. You'd be wasting your time." She spoke casually. But there was an underlying lace of steel to her words.

John heard the steel and fortified his own words with the same. He was not going to give in. "Aeryn, I understand how you feel, but you need to realize that another attack by the Scarrans and you won't survive." He moved quickly to her side snatching her arm and swung her around to face him. "And I'll be damned if I'm going to loose you and the baby!"

"John.I" She began, trying to make him understand her point of view.

"No! No." Stopping abruptly, John took hold of Aeryn's hand and led her to their bed. Kneeling down, he stared into her eyes. Aeryn, don't you understand? You're my baby. I have to do what's best for you both."

Allowing John to help her sit on the edge of the bed. "John, I understand that but sending me away is not the answer." She leaned forward to gently kiss each eyelid and kiss the tears that were forming. "Don't"

"Aeryn, there is no way danger will follow. Once we are through the wormhole, it will shut behind us. Temporary wormhole: along with the new modifications that Pilot added to Lo'La will enable me to do it. Sealed wormholes do not exist to the naked eye or scanners. Without the equations, wormholes are unattainable and I'm the only one with the equation.well I was the only. Please baby, just trust me."

Aeryn stared into John's eyes for a moment. "I." She couldn't get the words out.

"What? What is it baby?" John cupped Aeryn's face.

"I don't want to be left behind. I don't want to be forgotten. What if something happens to you? What do I do? You want me to stay on a planet where the inhabitants fear and hate me. If something were to happen to you and the rest of the crew, I would be forced to raise our baby alone."

It all suddenly cleared for him. Her reluctance to the plan now made even more sense. Aeryn.his Aeryn was afraid of being left behind.alone. As tough and fearless as she, the ex-peacekeeper was, she'd always feared being alone. "Baby nothing is going to happen to me. Besides you family loves you, dad, Olivia, Bobby."

"Not Susan, she still fears us." Aeryn whispered.

"She'll come around. Baby just give me two.three months tops, to fix this.all of this, to stop the Scarrans, the Peacekeepers, all of them. Please? I will be back.I promise." John kissed her lips softly.

"You promise me?" Aeryn whispered against his lips. Smoothing his hair back.

"Yes, baby I promise." John placed his hand against the gentle swell that was his child. "No matter what, I won't miss our son's birth."

Aeryn smiled. "Alright, we'll go to Earth and wait for you. I love you."

John hugged Aeryn tightly. "I love you too, sweetheart." He held her for a while then stood to leave. Aeryn's voice stopped him at the door.


John turned to face her. "Yeah baby?"

Smiling gently, she winked saucily and answered softly. "It's girl."

John chuckled, his eyes twinkling; he blew her a kiss and left the room, leaving Aeryn alone to wonder just what she and her baby were in for. Caressing her rounded abdomen, she spoke quietly. "No matter what happens on Earth, you are mine.a gift from your father and no one will take you away from me. No one!


"Are you sure you want to do this Aeryn?" Pilot's voice betrayed his true feelings, his worry for Aeryn and the baby's safety, his anxiety over the fact that he might never see Aeryn again or the baby, his fear that their plan would fail and they might all be killed and his anger that he'd been unable to keep Aeryn safe.

Aeryn caressed the brim of Pilot's head plate. "We don't have another choice Pilot. John thinks that hiding us on Earth is the only way. I don't want to leave Moya, but the Scarrans are becoming more unrelenting in their attempts to capture me and the baby."

Pilot closed his eyes against the pleasure of Aeryn's caress. He always enjoyed physical contact with the crew, but it was the moments he and Aeryn shared that he enjoyed the most. When they were alone she allowed him to see her in her true light, all her doubts and fears and even her sadness at times. He'd grown accustomed to their private moments. He would miss them. "Perhaps.we could try High Command."

"John doesn't trust them and I can't blame him, neither do I. Right now High Command may be interested in the Wormhole technology, but they wouldn't hesitate to get their hands on the baby." Aeryn stopped stroking Pilot for a second her thoughts again on Earth.

"Our baby Aeryn." Pilot answered.

Aeryn nodded. "You're right Pilot. This will be the second baby born on Moya.our baby, even more reason for our worry. With Scorpius once again in power, John believes that our chances for peace are completely gone. Scorpius still wants the Wormhole technology. He can't steal it, so John would have to actively teach him. In order for that to happen John would have to be in Scorpius' company.or custody. We can not allow that to happen."

Pilot sighed heavily. He knew the safest choice was Earth, but that didn't help his anxiety. "Very well then.I.guess Commander Crichton is correct and Earth is the only choice."

"Hmmm.but correct or not Pilot, I will miss you and Moya very much." Aeryn laid her forehead against Pilot's cheek and stroked his other cheek with tender hand.

Pilot again closed his tear filled eyes. "I will.we will miss you also Aeryn Sun."


John sat in the Maintenance Bay area. His mind worked at a manic pace as he calculated the equations necessary to create the wormhole needed to re- enter Earth's solar system. The constant drag of Chiana's shuffling pace broke that concentration however. "Chi!"

Chiana stopped in mid-stride. Her usual breathlessness even more pronounced in its apprehension. "Wh.What?"

"Stop!" John barked. He tossed the pencil he was writing with down and rubbed his forehead.

Chiana stared at John frowning as she continued pacing. "Stop what Crichton?" She asked offhandedly, her mind elsewhere.

Growling, John jumped to his feet, rushed over to Chiana and grabbed her by the arms and shook her quickly to make a point before leveling his gaze with hers. "Stop pacing! If you are going to stay in here I need you to sit down!"

"Fin.fine Crichton! I'm j...ju.just worried ya know! You're about leaving Aeryn on earth!" Chiana fired back.

"I know Chi! I know better than anyone. It was my idea remember?" John dropped his hands, running his fingers through his hair, leaving the thick strands in even more disarray.

Chiana reached up and smoothed the strands. "They don't like her there. They don't like any of us, bu.but her. She looks ju.just like them and they.they hate her for it. Wh.why are you sending her there? What about the baby.your baby?"

John pulled his head away and moved over to the seat he'd recently vacated. "Don't you think I know the risks Chi? I would rather keep them both here with me, but its not safe. You saw what happened the last time the Scarrans were able to get their hands on Aeryn. At least on Earth, she'll blend in better and my family can keep her safe!"

"But Crichton."

"No Chi! No more. It's settled! Aeryn and the baby are going to Earth and that's all there is it!" John returned to his equations.

Chiana wasn't ready to give up. The thought of leaving Aeryn on a planet that was just as hostile as any Scarran base didn't make sense to her. "We can't just abandon her there! They don't."

"Chiana!" D'Argo shouted, entering the bay. He'd heard John and Chiana's discussion metras away. "Leave John alone! He has to do what is best for Aeryn and the baby.we all do." He grabbed Chiana's arm and dragged her to the door. "Now leave him alone and go and help Aeryn pack.or something."

Chiana snatched her arm away from D'Argo's grip. "Fine! Don't listen to me! What happens if Aeryn needs us? How will we know?" She turned and stormed out of the Bay, leaving the two men to mull over her question.

D'Argo watched her leave. Turning his gaze on John he spoke quietly, all traces of annoyance gone. "As aggravating as she is, Chiana does have a point. How will we know if Aeryn needs us? Once you shut the wormhole all communication will be silenced."

John never looked away from his equations, as he answered. "Pilot and Moya are programming five distress beacons that will sit outside of Earth's orbit. IASA and the other agencies will not be able to detect them but Aeryn will be able to activate them if she needs them."

"But how will we reach them, or rather how will they're signal reach us if we starburst?"

"They will be programmed to maintain a direct signal dimensionally. Meaning that in an emergency they will be able to find us no matter what. Given Moya's new talent of extended starburst we will be able to arrive in a minimal amount of time. Also if you guys are agreeable, and I believe that you will be. I would like to return once a monen to check on Aeryn, the baby and my family. Shouldn't take us more than three least I'm hoping it doesn't."

D'Argo wasn't truly convinced that this plan of Crichton would work. They always, like to go south, as he said each time. But if experience had taught him anything, it was that Crichton's plans always seemed to work in the end.after a bit of reworking. "What if the Scarrans happen upon this part of Space and the Wormhole, while we're away?"

John began shaking his head. "They can happen upon this part of Space all they want. Unless I'm here, there will be no Wormhole."

"How's that possible? These Wormholes don't travel John." D'Argo asked, he walked slowly around the bay coming to stand behind John.

"These Wormhole are different D'Argo. They don't exist naturally; I will have to actually create them. And because I create them, I can close or even destroy them at will." John smiled as he found the correct equation.

"And you can do this?" D'Argo asked. "You can create, open and close these Wormholes?"

John stood clutching the paper between his fingers. "Yes D'Argo. Given the right atmospheric elements, I can create Wormholes."

"If you are sure John, then I am behind you." D'Argo offered without hesitation.

"Thanks man." John glanced up at D'Argo just in time to catch the fleeting look of trepidation before it vanished. "What?"

"I.well.I.mean I can still see Chiana's point. Aeryn on Earth.alone might not be the safest answer."

"D, I don't have another choice and we are runnin out of time. Pretty soon there will be no place left for us to run.NO we have to take a stand now before the Scarrans have us trapped." John argued. His patience was wearing thin. Didn't they know how much this decision hurt?

D'Argo saw the pain in John's eyes and did what any friend would do. He stood behind him, no matter what. "If taking Aeryn to Earth will ease your mind, then that's what we'll do. Then we'll come back and kick some Scarran eema!" D'Argo growled, slapping John on the back loudly, before turning to leave John alone with his equations.

John watched D'Argo for a second. "Hey D?" D'Argo turned but said nothing. He merely waited for John's next words. "Thanks man. It means a lot to have you in my corner."

D'Argo's features lit for a microt, nodding again, he spoke softly. "I love her too." He turned quietly and left, not waiting for a response.


Chiana entered the observation deck silently. She didn't want to disturb Aeryn, who sat staring out at the stars, smiling gently every so often at the baby's movements. Chiana couldn't believe the change in the ex- Peacekeeper.this new Aeryn. She smiled more, she was softer, kinder.more compassionate, This new Aeryn basked in the joy of loving a man and of being loved by that man. Every once and a while Chiana would catch glimpses of the old Aeryn. The two made the whole and that whole would be missed. If not for gray pigmentation, she could accompany Aeryn to Earth, but no. Aeryn had to go alone.

Chiana moved slowly towards Aeryn, not wanting to scare her. She shuffled quietly, making Aeryn aware of her presence. Too many previous encounters, where Chi had ended up on her eema or her back with a pulse pistol against her head, had taught Chiana to make noise when approaching the ex- Peacekeeper from behind. "Hey Aeryn, how's baby Crichton?"

Aeryn glanced up still smiling "He's fine"

"I came to see if you need any.anything.any help." Chiana maneuvered herself down onto the floor to sit next to Aeryn.

Aeryn turned to stare out at the bright stars, so jewel like in their intensity. "No Chiana, I'm fine."

Chiana sat quietly next to Aeryn for a quarter of an arn, enjoying the view, the hum of Moya and the peaceful air of Moya's observation deck. "Hey Aeryn?"

Aeryn gaze traveled sideways at Chiana. "Yeah?"

Aren't you scared? I to Earth alone.well to stay there alone." Chiana finished.

Aeryn paused for a moment, closing her eyes in thought. "Am I afraid? Hmm.Earth wasn't exactly the most hospitable place the last time we were there. I can only imagine, what might happen if the governing forces of Earth find out that not only am I staying on Earth, but that I'm also carrying John's baby." Aeryn 's steady gaze met and held Chiana's worried one. "Am I Chiana, I'm not afraid. I'm terrified." She answered so quietly; Chiana almost missed the soft words.

With tears gathering in the corner of her eyes, Chiana's wavering voice demanding in its intensity. "Then why did you agree to go? Why are you giving up?"

Shaking her head, Aeryn pushed herself up from the floor, brushed herself off and reached a hand down to help Chiana to her feet. "Giving up? This isn't giving up. This is fighting for my child's life.John's life. This is fighting for my family on Moya." She jabbed a finger down towards the deck floor, emphasizing the meaning of her words.

Chiana shut her eyes tightly, trying unsuccessfully to keep the tears at bay. "I.I.I just d.d.don't want you to leave. Wha.wha.what if something happens?"

Aeryn brushed at Chiana's tears, at an attempt to calm the young Nebari. . "Listen Chi, nothing is going to happen to" She cupped her stomach. "This plan of John's is the best we can do. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to offer them. If not. it's off to Earth we go." Aeryn titled her head slightly. "Hmm?"

Chiana shook her head. "No."

Clearing her throat, Aeryn turned towards the door. "Fine then, earth it is." She watched Chiana move past her, head bowed in defeat. "Chiana?" She reached out and grabbed the younger girl's arm. When had this impertinent chit become so wound around her heart? "I'll miss you."

Chiana heard the words and felt their meaning. Coming from a source that seldom offered its secrets. The words meant more to Chiana than any declaration of love could have. "I'll miss you too.both of you." She glanced down at Aeryn's stomach. "Do you...can.can I?"

Aeryn's eyes followed Chiana's arm and rested on the outstretched hand. "Un huh. Here let me show you." She took Chiana's hand and placed the flatten palm against the hard mound.

Both women smiled at the fluttery feeling of the baby's movements. Chiana's eyes open in wonder. "Does it hurt?"

Aeryn laughed softly her eyes twinkling. " feels wonderful, almost like the wings of a Trelkez."

"Wow! You and Crichton are so lucky. I can't wait til he.he.or she gets here. I m.mean.well.if you are here when the baby's born." Chiana drew her hand away.

Aeryn took her hand away from her stomach to caress Chiana's cheek. "Chiana."

John's quiet voice broke into the conversation. "Aeryn will be here for the baby's birth. Baby Crichton wouldn't dream of being born anywhere else." John moved towards Aeryn. He placed one hand on her stomach and cupped her face with the other. Bowing his head, he placed a gentle kiss upon her lips. "You okay?"

Aeryn nodded, eyes still closed in treasuring the taste and feel of his lips. "Umm.hmm."

Without taking his from Aeryn, John spoke to Chiana. "Hey Chi, can you do me a favor?"

"Sure." nodded, her eyes glistening with emotion. John and Aeryn would never know how their love touch everyone, but especially a young Nebari who still had a problem with the idea.

"Tell the guys that me and Aeryn need some alone time before we leave. Okay?"

"Okay." Chiana rushed out of the door.

John waited until the door closed behind Chiana, then spoke directly to Aeryn's stomach. "Hey buuudddiiieee, how ya doin in there? What should you me and mommy do for the next solar day and a half?" The baby's fluttering seemed to answer John's question. "That's ma boy!"

Aeryn giggled softly, another metamorphosis of her pregnancy. "It's a girl."


Moya's crew stood watching D'Argo, John and Aeryn prepared to leave. John spoke aloud to Pilot. "Remember Pilot, any sign of Scorpy Sue or the Scarrans, you and Moya starburst and D'Argo and I will meet up with you at the designated coordinates."

"Yes, Crichton." The sadness in Pilot's voice evident to all.

D'Argo boarded Lo'La while Noranti spoke with John and Aeryn. "These are special herbs. The yellow powder is for your nausea dear. Mix a with a little Praumison tea...I packed some in your bags. The others are labeled."

"Thank you Noranti, good bye." Aeryn accepted the package of herbs and turned to board Lo'La with John behind.

Once Lo'La departed, the rest of Moya's crew made their way to command, just as Lo'La reached the wormhole. Chiana spoke softly. "Will we ever see her again?"

Rygel floated near her watching the view screen. "Of course not! Those frelling humans will put her in a cage and dissect her and the baby."

Noranti reached over and smacked Rygel soundly across the back of the head. "She will be fine and she and the baby.will be back!"

Believe what you like, but you both know deep down that she's as good as dead.both of them!" Rygel sped off leaving the women alone.



Jack Crichton rolled over to answer his phone. "Hello?" He growled sleepily.

" It's me John." John's voice was sketchy and distant.

Jack sat up abruptly. "John! Son.where are you?"

"Serendipity dad." John couldn't contain his excitement at speaking to his father for the first time in almost a cycle.

"How? Son I .I thought.wait I thought the wormhole was sealed permanently?" Jack's voice was beginning to crack.

"It is dad. We came through a different one."

"A different one?" Jack's confusion was mounting. "John.what.who's we?"

John interrupted. "Dad we need to come down."

Jack still couldn't believe that after nearly a year, he was hearing his son's voice. "Of course son. When? I'll call IASA."

"No! Dad can not tell IASA. Just you.only you and the girls, that's it! We'll come down now.should be there in an hour." John had to make sure his father followed his request. "Dad please, no one can know, Earth is in no danger."

Jack heard the desperation on his son's voice. "Alright son, I won't tell anyone, Olivia's asleep. But son, how are you going to get down here without being detected. I'm surprised IASA hasn't discovered the wormhole."

"The wormhole is in a different place and at the moment it's closed. We're using D'Argo's ship, Lo'La. She has cloaking abilities. We'll come there to the house." John informed.

"Alright John. I'll be waiting. It's good to hear your voice son." Jack answered.

John smiled to himself. "You too dad. I have another surprise for you."

Jack unknowingly returned John's smile. "I can't wait! I'll see you when you get here. Be careful son."

"I will! See ya in a bit dad." John disconnected the line and headed back to Lo'La.

Aeryn's voice greeted John at Lo'La's hatch. "Well? Did all go as planned?"

"Yeah baby." He kissed her quickly on the lips then turned to address D'Argo. "Let's go Cisco."


Jack sat in his dark living room, not daring to turn on the lights, for fear of giving John's secret arrival away. He still wondered if this was all a dream, he'd had them before. 'How long had he been sitting here? An hour.half an hour and a half?' Time now stood still for Jack and he hadn't the strength to restart the clock. "Please Lord, let this be real." A slight noise in the kitchen caught his attention. Getting up he moved stealthy to the kitchen, gun in hand.

Jack stood in the center of his large kitchen. The shadows playing across the expanse of white cabinets were a distraction he didn't need. But the voice that called him dispelled all distraction.

"Dad." John entered the kitchen from the sun deck and pantry side, with Winona charged.

Jack pointed his gun at John until he could be sure. "John?"

"Yeah dad, its me!" John and Jack both put down their weapons simultaneously and grasped each other in a tight hug.

Jack pulled back to stare at his son, before kissing his forehead. "Boy you are a sight for sore eyes!" After a moment Jack forced his gaze away from his son and let it travel around the kitchen. "Son you said we. Who else is with you?"

D'Argo walked in to the kitchen just as silently as John had moments earlier. "Hello Mr. Crichton."

"D'Argo! It's good to see you again." Jack grasped D'Argo's arm and hand in greeting."

"You also sir." D'Argo smiled, returning the greeting.

""It's just the two of you? Are the others okay?'s Aeryn? Jack asked.

John walked over to the door he'd entered. "The others are fine dad. We brought one more.or two depending on how you look at it." Holding his hand out, he spoke softly. "Its okay, come in, he's alone."

Jack watched as a familiar figure appeared in the doorway. "Aeryn!" Jack held his arms out to embrace her. He stared over her head at both D'Argo and John. "Thought you said two?"

Aeryn pulled away from Jack's embrace. "He did." Aeryn's apprehensive gaze caught Crichton's for confirmation. While she trusted John's father with her life, her child's was another matter. As open-minded, as Jack had been about her and John's relationship, how would he feel about a half-breed grandchild?

At John's nod Aeryn open her full-length leather coat, took Jack's hand and placed it against her rounded stomach. She watched confusion turn to surprise and surprise turn to genuine delight. "Oh my god!" Aeryn.a baby? know how or at least I think I do. When is the baby due?" Jack stopped to catch breath and finally noticed his wife's ring on Aeryn's finger. He raised her ring finger and caressed the delicate piece of jewelry. "You two are ma." Clearing his throat he continued. "Married?"

Aeryn's troubled gaze again searched out John's before returning to Jack. "I thought you would be happy."

Jack shook his head. "Aeryn Sun, by marrying my son and giving him a child, you've made me happier then any one man has a right to be." He reached out to gather her into another hug. "Thank you."

John hated to ruin his father and Aeryn's moment but they didn't have much time. "Dad we're in trouble and we need your help."

Jack released Aeryn and turned a worried frown in John's direction. "What's wrong son? Is it the Peacekeepers? Have they decided to invade Earth after all?"

John shook his head. " dad. The Peacekeepers still have no wormhole technology."

"The Scarrans?" Jack moved around the kitchen. "Coffee?"

"No it's not the Scarrans.well at least not the way you mean and yeah, coffee's cool." John answered; walking over to Aeryn and helping her remove her coat. "Here babe, sit down. Dad is there any milk? Aeryn needs a glass."

"Yeah, top shelf. D'" Jack asked D'Argo, turning to the coffee maker when he nodded.

"Yes, thank you sir." He remained at his post by the door on guard.

When he finished with the coffee maker, he turned to the three in his kitchen. "So if the Scarrans are not trying to invade Earth, what is it they want?"

"Aeryn dad. They want Aeryn and the baby. They want them and they'll stop at nothing to get them. They've kidnapped Aeryn twice already. Earth is the only place for her dad." He moved to stand behind Aeryn's chair. Leaning down he kissed the top of her head. "She's my life.her and the baby are my life. I have to make sure that they're safe. If they stay, it has to be a secret. IASA can't know that she's here. Lord only knows what they'd do if they found out about the baby."

Jack stared at his son. "John, you guys are still a hot topic. That Wilson Monroe series is still on air. You, Aeryn and definitely D'Argo would be instantly recognized."

John shook his head slowly.sadly. "No.not the three of us dad. It's just Aeryn this time. In a few days D'Argo and I will leave her here.that is if you agree." He felt Aeryn tense up and massaged her neck and shoulder muscles, leaning down to whisper reassuringly into her ear. "Shhh.relax honey."

Jack's gaze moved swiftly from D'Argo to John then on to Aeryn. Nodding his head slowly. "Oh son you know I'll do whatever needs to be done to help. Okay, if Aeryn stays, how long will we need to keep her hidden? A few days.weeks?"

John took a deep breath, sighing heavily at the thought of being separated from his wife. "A little longer dad."

"What's a little longer John?" Jack asked quietly.

"Three months. We will need three months." John's answer was given just as quietly.