Title: If love was a Lifeboat...

Author: Snacky

Email: snknjak@yahoo.com

Summary: Daniel finds a note but what does it mean?

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate or any of its characters, I make no profit from this Fic besides my own enjoyment.

Authors Notes: Just a small Fic with Daniels P.O.V. Feedback is to writer as dog is to man...



'If love was a lifeboat, then I'd be floating'

What? Does that make any sense? No? I didn't think so. Should it make sense? No? Ok I think I'll just take that and see what Sam thinks.

I think I'll take you back in time a few minutes first, I bet your all as confused as I am!


I was in my office trying, unsuccessfully, to translate some of the alien text from a new artefact Sg-9 brought back when I realized I needed one of my books. It was the book that I had left in Jack's office while trying to explain why the people of PX9-35Y were allowed to have any day during their week off. Trying to convince Jack to, not ask the General if he could have Wednesdays off was not an easy task.

Anyway during this discussion, Sg-1 was called to General Hammond's office so I left my book in Jack's office. That's why I have to go there to retrieve it.

Luckily for me Jack never seems to be in his office, he's either with me, Sam or Teal'c or in the commissary. My guess is that he's with Teal'c or Sam or maybe in the commissary. All right I don't know where he is but I know that he isn't with me, ok?

Walking into his office I found my book lying on his desk and that's when I found the note on his desk that led me to my confusion. 'If love was like a life boat, then I'd be floating' Well there's no point in me standing here and wondering about it, I should ask Sam what she thinks.


Hopefully Jack is with Teal'c or I'm going to have to come up with an excuse for being there. I could ask if he has asked The General about time off, That will keep him occupied for a few hours, the only trouble with that one is it will keep me occupied for a few hours too.

I'll think of something when the time comes, after all, I'm such an excellent liar.



"Hi Daniel, what are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if you knew what this meant? I found it on Jack's desk"

"Aww, Sweet"

"What? What does it mean?

"Nothing, I think you should put this back where you found it"



It's times like this when I feel so out of the loop that it's a line!

A/N Hopefully you will all get the last line...Sometimes I feel so sorry for Daniel. Please let me know if you actually understood what was gong on there!