It was just past dawn when Une awoke, moving instantly from deep sleep to full wakefulness, to find her body arranged neatly on a soft, comfortable bed. She was clothed in a long, flowing silk robe in a gentle shade of red, reminiscent of the petals of a rose, slowly opening to the world. Her feet were bare, but the chill of the wooden floor was ignored, dismissed in favour of the soft, silent siren's call that drew her forth. Stepping through the open door and traveling down the corridor, she wondered - in a vague, far off way - why she felt no distress over the compulsion to move. After long moments of quiet, even steps, she decided it was because she wanted what lay at the end of the tunnel more than she wanted to be in control of own body.

And then, as suddenly as she had come awake, she found herself at the end of the tunnel, faced with a vision that broke and mended her heart many times over even upon observation.

A girl stood before her, her hair pale and shining, falling smoothly down the soft curves of her back to rest just above her buttocks. With her face lifted to the window, her icy eyes delicately closed as the gentle sun bathed her paleness in light. Dressed all in pale pink and blue, her small, slender-fingered hands clasped at her waist, she was the very embodiment of the goddess she was titled as.

Une stood, transfixed and stunned by the sheer beauty of the figure before her, but only for a moment. As her slow, careful steps brought her closer to the goddess, the young woman began to turn her head, her eyes fluttering slowly open. Opening soft, cold pink lips, she murmured a single word. A name, should all be told. Her tones were soft and delicate, ringing like the most lovely of windchimes in the most perfect of winter breezes as the word fell from her lips, bathed in reverance, a mystical word, to be spoken by none save gods and little girls, protected in their power and their innocence.

Reaching out with one hand that, to her digust, trembled ever so slightly, the auburn-haired woman brought her fingertips to the girl's cheek, realizing only when there was nothing to be helped that such a thing was sacreligious, bringing the callused roughness of her hands to the silken perfection of the cool skin. Before the taller woman had registered the passage of time, she found her hand cupping the smooth surface, held there by gentle, ice-cold fingers.

Almost against her will, excepting only that nothing desired by this marvelous creature could ever really be denied, Une lowered her head, touching her lips reverently to those of the little girl...of the goddess she worshipped. It was like drinking the rainbow. For a brief, shimmering silver moment, the soldier in her found that something...that absolution, which it desired so, and felt real. Alive, bright and shining as she shared in the glorious perfection of the goddess, the lady found her grace and beauty. And with soft, ecstatic sighs, both of them died at long last, leaving only a woman behind.

A woman who immediately and breathlessly wrapped herself in the endless cold calm being offered, finding the frozen hardness to be a comforting, welcome balm to heal her many times shattered and hidden away soul. And found, not at all to her surprise, that even in passion was her goddess the embodiment of ice.