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Chapter 1: Return to Hogwarts

September 1st had finally arrived. As Lily Evans apparated onto King's Cross Railway Station she felt a nervous twinge in the pit of her stomach as the realization that this was her final year at Hogwarts entered her mind.

"Ah, but this year will be different because you are the Head Girl," she thought to herself. Absentmindedly she adjusted the gleaming silver badge on her chest with one hand.

Slowly Lily made her way through the busy station and towards Platform 9 ¾. She laughed to herself as the memory of how she found the Platform for the first time swirled in her mind. A busy traveler had accidentally knocked Lily right through the barrier while she was looking for it. Lily smiled as she recalled the shocked look on her parent's faces when she reappeared to say goodbye to them and her sister Petunia. A shudder ran up her spine at the thought of her older sister.

Lily walked through the Platform barrier, engulfed by the familiar tug that separated her muggle life from her wizard life. As she pushed her trolley towards the back of the train, a group of four boys huddled near the wall caught her eye. A tall boy with messy, jet-black hair and glasses grinned mischievously at her. She scowled back at him.

"Bloody Potter," she muttered to herself and continued to push her trolley towards the back of the train.

As Lily handed her pet owl and trunk to the attendant, she heard her name shrieked and a pair of arms threw themselves around her neck from behind her. Lily laughed as she hugged the arms that belonged to her good friend and fellow Gryffindor Liz Corentine. The arms released themselves and Lily turned around to see a beautiful petite, blonde haired girl with stormy gray eyes. Liz was the kindest and sweetest girl Lily had ever met.

"Lily I've missed you! How was your summer?" Liz asked excitedly while holding onto Lily's arms.

"Hello Liz, I've missed you too!" Lily smiled. "Um, my summer? My summer was all right. Petunia got engaged so I spent most of the summer tramping around England with her and my mom looking at every bloody thing that had to do with weddings."

Liz tried not to laugh. She had met Petunia various times and knew how horrid she was.
"Well, that guy must be something if he's willing to marry your sister Lil."
"Oh, there are no words for him." Lily said sarcastically. "Anyway, how was your summer?"

"Well I spent the majority of the summer at a Quidditch training camp. It was awesome! I got to meet some players from both the Wimbourne Wasps and the Chudley Cannons! I can't wait to try out some of the new moves I've learned." Liz said excitedly. "Did you hear from Faith at all this summer?"

"She wrote me a couple of times, you know to tell me that she got back to the States all right. From her letters she sounded really bored, but told me that she was glad to finally be legal. Whatever that means." Lily smiled as she shook her head at the thought of her best friend.

Faith Ravenwood was Lily's best friend. She was muggle born just like Lily. However, Faith's father was high up in the United States army and was relocated to England two months before she was born. She had received her letter to Hogwarts while living in England, but her parents and siblings were forced to move back to the States during her fifth year. Fortunately, her dad saw no problem in keeping her there and was unaware of the dark times that had befallen the wizarding world. Faith was not about to tell him in fear that she would be yanked from her friends.

"Well, knowing Faith, it can't be a good sign." Liz smiled and looked down at the badge on Lily's chest. "Lily! Oh Merlin, you made Head Girl! Congratulations!" Liz engulfed her friend in another hug. " I knew you'd get it. You are the smarted witch in the school, let alone our year!"

Lily blushed at her friends' compliment causing her face to clash terribly with her brilliant, long red hair. "Thanks Liz. You don't happen to know who the Head Boy is do you?" "No." Liz looked around curiously. Her eyes fell upon the four boys standing by the wall. "Well there are only two options. It must be either Alexander Frey from Ravenclaw or Remus Lupin. That would be the only logical choice to me." Her eyes lingered on Remus for a moment before moving around the crowded Platform.

"I think you are right. Well at least I can be sure that it's not James Potter. I think I would be forced to turn in my badge. His head is big enough for both positions." Lily glared at the tall boy who had smiled at her.

Lily noticed that James Potter had just elbowed the boy on his left and was grinning at the platform. The boy turned his head immediately and also grinned. Lily followed their gaze and saw that a tall, athletic looking girl with shoulder length black hair had just walked through the entrance. Lily smiled as she made eye contact with her best friend Faith Ravenwood.

"How the hell are my two best friends in the entire world?" Faith smiled as she casually pulled her trolley to a stop in front of the two girls. "I thought you were going to miss the train!" Liz said as she hugged her friend.

"Nah, I knew she would go for a grand, fashionably late entrance." Lily smiled, as it was her turn to hug her best friend.

"Well what can I say? The Leaky Cauldron doesn't have a good wake up call service." Faith smiled as she handed her owl and trunk to the railway attendant. "So what's new with everyone?"

"Well, Lily made Head Girl!" Liz shrieked, causing Lily to blush again.

Faith stared at the badge on Lily's chest and shook her head. "Well now how am I suppose to do illegal things this term if I have the Head Girl sleeping two feet away from me? I guess we are just going to have to corrupt her Liz," she said sarcastically. "So who will be sharing the honor with you?"

"I don't know, but hopefully it will be someone good looking to make my duties a little bit more fun." Lily replied mischievously.

The train whistle blew its five-minute warning and the girls boarded the train. * * * * * * * * * * * * *

James Potter was glad to be returning to Hogwarts. His summer had been very eventful. His best friend Sirius Black had runaway from home and spent the entire summer at his house. He had also received the surprise of becoming Head Boy in his Hogwarts letter. This year was going to be very exciting for him. He was Gryffindor's Quidditch Team Captain, Head Boy for the school, and he had spent a good part of the summer coming up with new pranks with his best mates. Also the fact that he was once again going to be in the forced company of his crush Lily Evans, added to his excitement.

"I still can't believe that you made Head Boy Prongs. Dumbledore must be off his rocker this year." Sirius Black stated as he casually leaned against the wall.

"I know Padfoot. I couldn't believe it myself. I thought that you, Moony, were a shoe-in for it." James smiled as he looked at his friend Remus Lupin.

Remus gave a tired smile. "Well actually I'm quite pleased that I did not get the position. It requires a lot of work and responsibility. Now my time can be spent on pursuing other things." His eyes wandered over to a petite blonde haired girl who seemed to be looking for someone.

James and Sirius laughed as they followed his gaze. Peter Pettigrew looked around, obviously not getting the joke. James was just about to say something to him when a flash of red caught his eye. He turned to see Lily Evans walking out of the entrance; his badge's counterpart pinned to her shirt. James grinned as she turned and looked at him, but felt a little a tiny twinge of hurt in his stomach when she scowled and turned away.

"She has no idea that you are to be her partner in Headship." Sirius smirked as he followed James's gaze. "She's going to be in a right state when she finds out. That fiery temper of hers will go off like a provoked Chimaera."

"I don't care how she takes it," James lied unconvincingly to his friends.

"Oh James, don't give us that line of dung," Sirius said.

"We know that you've had a thing for Lily ever since we dung bombed the girls lavatory third year, and she gave you donkey ears and tail for your efforts," Remus pointed out.

"Why don't you guys just drop it," James replied a little annoyed.

"Or how about the five hundred times she's rejected you when you've asked her out?" Peter smirked.

"Well, speaking of rejection. Look who's walked through the barrier Padfoot," James grinned while elbowing his friend.

A tall, athletic looking girl with short, black hair pushed her trolley casually past the group of boys without so much as a glance.

"How many times did she reject you last year?" James continued to grin.

"This year will be different. I have a brilliant plan to win her over." Sirius smirked arrogantly.

Remus started to laugh. "Is it the same plan as last year? Snog random girls in front of her to show your undying love for her?" James and Peter also laughed causing Sirius to become annoyed.

"Go ahead and laugh it up guys," Sirius crossed his arms and scowled at his friends. "But you will be begging me to help you out with your girl problems when she is all over me this year."

"Padfoot, the only way that would happen was if you covered yourself in food and she hadn't eaten in a week." James laughed.

"Or if you put fire whiskey in her drink at dinner," Peter added.

The train's whistle blew its five-minute warning and the boys walked over to board the train.