I wonder around the school, watching and waiting and till I couldn't take it anymore. I missed her so much. She always uses to make me laugh, even if I had such a bad day she was always there with a smile. My heart broke when I walked into my travel class; everything I saw remained me of Chloe. I walked up to our group where I, Lauren, Amber and....Chloe use to sit. "I couldn't be sorrier" Mrs. Geitl said as she come up to me and started talking. I looked at Mrs. Geitl and smiled. "I am...while...Ok" I told her. She hugged me and smiled. If you ever need anyone to talk I will always be here" Mrs. Geitl smiled at me. "Thanks" I told her. She walked away and I couldn't help but have tears running down my face. I knew there were a lot of people who would be there for me but I also knew that Chloe was the only one I wanted.

The day ended and my first officially day without Chloe was over. I walked home and run into Larry again before I got to our house, we spoke more and then I decide I should go and finish my homework. So I went inside and went to my room. Later that night my mom called me down for super. To my surprise there was Larry and his parents. I greeted them and we all eat our super. "So Riley how are you doing" Larry mom asked me. I looked at Larry and smiled. "I...am ok" I smiled back at her before I carried on eating my food...well I was actually playing with it, but how would you feel if you had to eat in front of the guy..Well...I have kind of like him every since I was small but I never really had the guts to tell him, then he was sent to boarding school and then here we are...right now sitting in the same room eating dinner and all really upset cause of Chloe. Could life get any worse?

After supper I said good night to my mom and dad and went upstairs. We still hadn't cleaned Chloe room out, well we all kind of hopped she would come running inside and staying it was all a nightmares. But I knew it wasn't. My mom had promised to clean her room as soon as she had a change. You see our mom is a cloths designer. And she was really busy at the moment. But I felt at more peace knowing Chloe things were still in the room. I walked inside and could feel Chloe presents all over the room. I walked over to her dairy and opened it. That when I realize it was already the 1 June. In an other 12 day I would be 16 I guess I had been thought so much that I totally forgot what day it was. I decide that because of the situation I wouldn't do anything for my 16th. Maybe if Chloe was still here. See was the one who loved Partying. I went to my room and climbed into bed and went to sleep.

The next day it was lot better but like any day I had to deal with my feels for Larry. It was anther 11 day and till my birthday and I was dreading it. I deiced though all I had been thought I was going to take a walk. I found myself walking on the Beach. It was about 8 clocks at night and I was walking with my feet in the water. I felt the water brush my feet and a sever went thought my spine. I sat on the sand a watched the stars up high. I knew Chloe was there, looking down on me. But a tear still slipped down my face. I hadn't been myself this last past month. And I really missed being me. My life was just getting worse and worse but that never stopped me from believing in myself. I got up and was shocked to come face to face with Larry. "LARRY" I almost screamed. "I am sorry I didn't want to frighten you, I just wanted to come and saw goodbye" Larry told Riley. "Say goodbye" I asked. "Yeah...I got into a fright with my dad and going back to boarding school first thing in the morning" Larry told me. I looked at the ground tears fall from my face. How was I going to get thought this without him? "Oh...well then I suppose this is goodbye then" I hugged him tight, not wanting to let go. He pulled me back and wipes my tear away before turning around and walking off. "LARRY" I shouted ok, ok but I couldn't let him walk away without me telling him how much I loved him. He looked at me and started walking forward toward me. "I had to think quirky, so I just blurted it out "LarryIthinkIaminlovewithyou" I just blurted out. Ok so now what do I do was all I kept think? "What" Larry asked really shocked. I looked down at the ground. "Must I say it again" "I think I am in love with you" But of cause I never said that to his face. It was all in my head. I looked up at Larry and he was standing there speechless. I never knew if it was a good thing or a bad thing. So I looked at my feet and when I looked up. Larry was walking away. "Larry" I shouted. But he just carried on walking away. I fall on my knees and cried. Now not only did I loss my twin sister but I lost my best friends also. I just lay there on the sand and watched the star. It must have been about 10 when I finally got up and went home.

It had been a week and 1 day since that night. I haven' seen or spoke to Larry since then. He must have left when he said he was going to because I hadn't seen him around either. I just avoided the whole thing together. It was my 16th birthday tomorrow and I don't even think any of my friends's remembered. Of cause my mom and dad knew because they kept ask me what I want for my birthday. And I kept telling them Chloe. It was the might before my birthday and was going thought my homework. When something affected me, it was something in my cupboard. I walked up to it and picked it up. It was wrapped in a little box. That when I remembered it. It was the birthday present I brought Chloe for her 16th birthday. When I saw it I knew it would be the most prefect gift ever. And now she won't even get to have it. A tear fall down my cheek. It was going to be the worst birthday ever. I opened the box to find a beautiful watch. I remembered I brought it and got the words C and R Forever. I took it out. And held it close, it was the only thing I had of Chloe's now. It had been a long day so I decide I would go to bed.

The next morning I woke up bright and early. Then I remembered what day it was, so I lay back down again and went back to sleep. That was and till my parents come in and woke me up with breakfast in bed and my birthday presents. "Riley...Riley" my dad said wakening me up. I couldn't believe it; here I was having my 16th birthday with out the person who I lived for. I eat my breakfast and opened my gifts there was cloths that I had wanted and photo fame with myself and Chloe that I put beside my bed. After that I thanked them and went to school.

"I can't believe that all of them forgot my birthday" I thought. "Hey Riley" Lauren shouted. I turned around and there was Lauren. "Happy birthday" she smiled and ran off again. "At least one person remembered" I thought. My days carry on and my first birthday without Chloe was almost over. I got home at 18:00 after a day of shopping at the mall {because I got money for my birthday}. When I got home I decide I wanted to go for a walk on the beach. I got all dressed up and started the long walk to the beach.

"You don't think she know do you" Lara asked my mom. "I think she has no idea". "I really hope she has a good time because she really deserves it" Amber said as she walked up to them and helped them blow the balloons up. "Ok everything is set" her dad said as he walked up t them. "Ok guys I think she coming" Tracy shouted. Everybody stood all together and held the balloons. As Riley walked on the beach everybody shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Riley just stood there with tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe it everybody had remembered her birthday. "Wow, all this for me" Riley asked as she hugged her mom. Tears running down her cheeks. She knew Chloe was looking down on her at that very moment. "Happy Birthday Riley" Jennie said as she walked up to her. "Jennie" Chloe shouted and run up to her and hugged her. "I am so so so happy you're here" Riley said as she cried on Jennie shoulder. "Happy birthday Riley" Riley looked up to see a very happy LARRY. "Larry...."Riley started. "Yeah...Smiled I came to say I feel the same way" He looked deep into Riley eyes. By this time she was crying. "I am so happy you feel that same way, I thought I had lost you" Riley moved closer to Larry. Her heart was beating faster the usually. He moved closer to her and their lips meet. With all the passion they shared in years. "I think I am feeling in love with you" Larry said and he looked into her eyes. "I think I have been in love with you forever" Riley told Larry. Just then their lips meet again and they started dancing to a song that held all their thoughts

I get a feeling, I can't explain Whenever your eyes meet mine, My heart spins in circles, and I Lose a space in time.

And now that we standing face to face Something tells me it's going to be okay, And I'm ready to fall in love tonight, ready to hold my Heart open wide.

I can't promise forever, but baby I'll try, I'm ready to fall in love tonight, I know you've been watching, Choosing your moment, But I've been dreaming of that day. No-one before you has gotten to me this way

I can't promise forever, but baby I'll try, I'm ready to fall in love tonight,

Nothing is certain this I know, Wherever we're heading, I'm ready to go.

I can't promise forever, but baby I'll try, I'm ready to fall in love tonight.

Larry and Riley finished dancing; they walked hand in hand off the dance fall. My mom walked up to me and gave me anther present. "I found this is Chloe room" mom gave me a little box. I opened it and found a beautiful watch, just like the one I gave Chloe but I was engraved on it "Sister forever". I took it out the box and Larry put in on for me. "Larry could I be alone for a moment. "Yeah sure. "I smiled at Larry and walked close to the water and I looked at the sky. "Hey Chloe happy sweet 16th, I smiled at the stars and talked to Chloe. "I miss you so much, but you will always be in my heart forever" You know I think everything happened for a reason, sometimes it's bad and you don't see way but you will in the end. Don't look to yesterday look to today and tomorrow and feel the world in your hand. Cause if I can do it. Then you can to.