Disclaimer:  If you recognize it, it isn't mine but hers ::points to goddess-like JKR::  Just a little something to prove that I don't JUST write about Severus and Hermione.  And I rather like the look of Draco in 'Prisoner of Azkaban' (although the Boggart scene was the best).  Short piece from Draco's POV…stream of consciousness and somewhat random.  Stand-alone only.

What Does A Mudblood Know?

Now that was just priceless.  Weasley acting like a bloody knight in shining armor to defend the know-it-all's honor.  And now he's burping up slugs.  He and his family of ragamuffins are a disgrace…just a bunch of slugs that need to be trampled into the dirt.

That's what Father says.  I know how much he hates Weasley's father…a physical altercation was inevitable.  I'm only surprised that they didn't end up dueling.

I have never actually used the term Mudblood before.  I didn't expect such a violent reaction from Weasley or Granger.  The twins looked as if they were going to murder me on the spot.  Good thing Flint was there.  Potter looked dazed but that's nothing new.  Saint Potter.  Patron saint of Muggles and Mudbloods.  Delusional.

That's what Father says.  He would like nothing better than to kill the spoiled brat of Gryffindor…right in the middle of Hogwarts if he could, just to spite Dumbledore.

To be honest…I didn't really like the sound of the word.  But that's just because I'm still young and naïve about these sorts of things.  Granger's a Mudblood.  Everyone knows it.  But she is damn smart.  Too smart for her own good.  She is setting herself up to be noticed…and not by Dumbledore either.  No, 'they' will do worse things to her than call her names.

That's what Father says.  And I know he watches her...

I wonder if she is off blubbering somewhere?  I suppose it doesn't really matter.  If Father gets his hands on her, she won't have the strength to cry. 

I'm reasonably certain Weasley cheered her up…as he burped slugs all over her.  Potter probably had to be given an explanation of the meaning of the term…raised by Muggles and all. 

Although, given how red Weasley's face got, I think I'm rather lucky his wand was broken.  I could very well have had slugs coming out of…well, not just my mouth.

That broken wand of his is a menace…I'll be sure to keep my distance in Charms class.  Maybe put Crabbe between us and let the brute take the brunt of any wayward spells.  Even a hex has the potential for improving his looks.

Or maybe Weasley could accidentally do something to Lockhart's hair.  That would be worth a lot of Galleons.

I didn't like how Granger said Father bought my way onto the team.  Well, of course he did.  That's hardly surprising.  It is the Malfoy way to bribe your rivals into submission.  It's never bothered me before.  Why should it?

So why…

It doesn't matter.  She's just a filthy Mudblood.  What does she know?  Her parents are dentists…the very worst sort of Muggle imaginable…spending their days with their hands in the mouths of others.  In a word, disgusting.

But, while I am thinking this, a part of me is inclined to believe that she probably knows more than I am willing to admit. 

Those eyes…I don't think I've ever seen her so angry…as if she despises the very air I breathe…

Damn her!  Who is she to despise me?  I am a Malfoy with a birthright far above hers.  She is nothing.  Worthless.

Mudblood! Self-righteous, filthy Mudblood!

If I say it enough, I might actually make myself believe it…