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After the Blitz Team won the Royal Cup and the higher-ups in the Backdraft group were arrested, things were very peaceful. That is, until the remaining officers of the Backdraft declared war against the Zoid Battle Commission. The ZBC asked all zoid teams to join the war, including the Blitz, Flugle, Lightning, Zabers, and Champ teams to name a few. Now each pilot is put into groups of three for stealth purposes. Now let's see what has happened to our favorite pilots now.


" C'mon can't you fix this radio any faster? " Bit Cloud yelled to his partner and friend, Tony Smith.

" I'm working as fast as I can. " He replied. " Why do you get to order me around all the time? "

" Because one I'm a higher rank then you and you were the one who got us lost." Bit told him as he looked up at Liger Zero. In truth Bit was the one who had gotten them lost. Their mission was to infiltrate an enemy base, but they had gotten separated from the rest of the groups they were with. So here they were, stuck in the middle of nowhere with the Gustav's radio broken.

" Things have been pretty quiet since Chad left, huh? " Bit asked Tony.

" Yeah. Ever since his parents got sick he had to go home and take care of them. Hey I got the radio working! " Tony yelled excitedly. They tuned in just in time to hear, " The mission has been a success. Return to base. " Various moans and growls could have been heard from Bit, Tony, Liger, and Tony's Command Wolf, Shrike.

" Let's head back to base. " Bit said apparently depressed. Then Tony and he got into the gustav and began the trip back to the base.

Two hours, 7 bumps, and 3 battles with bandits later they they finally arrived at the base. After parking the gustav and their zoids, Bit and Tony went to the lobby to get their new orders. When they walked through the doors they saw every other group standing there, apparently waiting for something.

" Hey what's everything waiting for? " Tony asked a boy standing next to him.

" There's a new soldier that General Gunner is going to introduce. " he said. As if on cue, the general walked in the room followed by a 16 year old girl with long light blue hair and violet eyes wearing a pink tanktop, jean shorts and gray jacket with pink gloves and black boots. Bit and Tony heard audible whistles coming from some of the other boys. Then the general started to speak.

" This is Crystal Alyssi Lynette. " he said gesturing to the girl. " If there aren't any questions then I will proceed to place her in a group. "

" I have a question. " Bit said wondering why he spoke.

" Yes, Bit? " the general asked.

" Since Chad left we've been down one member and I was wondering if she could be placed in our group. "

" If Crystal doesn't object, It's fine with me. " General Gunner said. " What do you think? " After staring into Bit's hopeful emerald green eyes for a minuet, she made her decision.

" Sure. I don't mind. " she stated oblivious to the groans coming from the other boys. All she could do was stare at Bit with a grin on his face.

" Well now that that's settled, Bit could you please show Crystal to the

hangar? " the general asked him.

" Sure. " Bit responded. As he was leading Crystal away the general said to him in an undertone, " I had a feeling you would want her in group. Wait until you see her zoids. " he added seeing the confused look on Bit's face.

As Bit was leading Crystal down the hall toward the hangar, he made an attempt to start a conversation.

" So where are you from? " he started.

" Oh gosh it's been so long since I've been there I almost forgot. " Crystal told him.

" Why did you leave? " Bit asked.

" Well.... my parents were killed when I was about 9 and since there was nobody else to take care of me I ran away. "

" Oh. " Bit said compassionately. After walking in silence for about 5 minuets, Bit broke the silence after walking into the hanger. " Here's the hanger. "

" Now I have to find my zoids. " Crystal said while looking up and down the rows of zoids.

" How many do you have? " Bit asked apparently puzzled.

" I have two. " Crystal told him while continuing to look. " Oh this isn't working. Ligra, Phoenix!!! Two shapes emerged from the mass of zoids and transport units, responding to Crystal's call. On further inspection, Bit realized that one looked much like his Liger Zero, except with armor that appeared to be made of some kind of crystal and a distinctively female roar. The other looked like a red and yellow phoenix.

" Those are your zoids? " Bit asked. " That one looks almost exactly like my zoid. " he said gesturing to the female zoid.

" Oh let me introduce you. This is Ligra, " Crystal pointed to the Liger Zero look-alike, " and this is Fire Phoenix. " she pointed at the phoenix zoid.

" Well let me show you my zoid. C'mon over Liger!! " Bit yelled to his zoid. Liger came out in a bad mood apparently mad a Bit for disturbing his nap. " Oh cool it Liger. I want you to meet someone. This is Crystal and her zoids Ligra and Fire Phoenix. They're in our group so get used to it. " Bit said to Liger. Suddenly the alarm went off.

" Tony, what happened?! " Bit asked him frantically.

" There is a huge, and when I say huge I mean huge, battalion of zoids from the Backdraft army coming this way!!! " Tony yelled as he ran by. " Everyone has been ordered to mobilize now!! "

" Ok let's go. " Bit jumped into Liger, and Crystal got in Ligra.

" Phoenix follow us and try to help as much as you can. " Crystal instructed her unmanned zoid. When Bit and Crystal finally got out of the hanger, they searched through the mass of zoids until they found Tony on the front lines.

" Hey Bit what took you so long? I thought you might have gotten lost. " Tony said with a smirk.

" I thought that was your hobby. " Bit retorted. " Oh Crystal, this is Tony. He's in our group too. "

" Ok. It's nice to meet you. " Crystal said. " Um.... Tony? Those extra guns on your zoid are making it uncomfortable and they're slowing it down. "

" How do you know? " Tony said, amazed.

Crystal shrugged. " It's just a hunch. "

" I think you should dump the extra equipment. " Bit said.

" What makes you think she's right? " Tony shot at Bit.

" I don't know, but something tells me Crystal is right. " Bit told him.

" I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. " Tony sighed as he pressed a small button. When he did, all extra equipment he had installed on Shrike fell off.

" Your zoid says thank you. He said he feels much better. " Crystal relayed the message to Tony .

" I'm not even going to ask how you know that. And my Command Wolf's name is Shrike. "

" They're here!! " a young pilot shouted. When the battalion of zoids came into view it put what Tony said to shame. The battalion was ten times bigger than huge. It was composed of at least 250 Rev Raptors and 300 Zaber Fangs.

" Oh man they have us really outnumbered! " exclaimed one pilot.

" Well there doesn't seem to be anyone commanding them. " Bit said.

" That is why we cannot give up! " General Gunner appeared out of nowhere in his black Iron Kong. " We will fight no matter how outnumbered we may be! " Cheers erupted from the rest of the pilots and everyone charged into battle. The ZBC may have been out numbered, but it soon came to be apparent about which side had the better pilots. About fifteen minuets later the enemy zoids had almost been completely wiped out. Then a huge red dragon-like zoid came out of nowhere. It had huge green wings and two guns mounted on its back.

" Well Fireblade, I guess we have to clean up the mess they made. " came a voice.


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