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Back at the camp everyone was still awake. They had dozed off once or twice, but remained awake for the most part.

"What are we going to do?" Crystal asked herself as she lay next to Ligra.

"I don't know." Ligra responded.

"We shouldn't give up for one thing." Angela said to Crystal, startling her. "Oh sorry. I thought you knew I was awake."

"Actually, all of us are awake." Jamie announced.

"So what are we going to do?" Ayla questioned.

"Hey Angela, would you be willing to go for help now?" Tony asked.

"I guess. Why?" Angela looked surprised at the question.

"Because if you go now you could be back here by morning."

"Yeah but I'm out of ammo."

"You might be able to use mine." Jamie said.

"How?" Angela was still puzzled.

"First I think that the Raynos' ammo would be compatible with the Dragonair since they're so similar, and I know how to do an ammo transfer without any equipment." Tony stated.

"But why not send Jamie or Fire Phoenix?"

"You can't send me because after doing further checks on the Raynos, I found that there was more damage than I thought." Jamie looked at Crystal.

"And we can't send Phoenix because if we send an unmanned zoid they'll think we're dead."

After pausing for a moment to think, Angela decided. "Alright I'll go. Start loading up the ammo."

"Ok. May Violet and Bryant, I'm going to need your help." Tony got up and the other three were about to follow when a voice stopped them.

"No one is going anywhere until she explains why I'm stuck like this." Hellbound Rider half said, half growled as he pointed at Ayla. Ayla, who had been silent until then, looked at him and said,"You made eye contact with one of them, didn't you."

"Yeah, but that doesn't explain why I'm stuck like this!" Hellbound Rider yelled. Then he added more quietly,"Aren't you afraid of me?"

"Um....... since when?" May asked, trying not to laugh.

"Dude, if you want to see scary you should Violet when she wakes up in the morning." Bryant looked away as Violet gave him a death glare.

"I do not look that bad in the morning!" she screamed.

"Yes you do." May and Jamie confirmed in unison and Violet went into sulk mode.

"If you want me to explain everything, everyone has to sit down."Ayla repositioned herself on the Zillah Illusionist's paw. Everyone proceeded to sit down when they heard a moan coming from near Liger Zero.

"Bit!" Crystal ran over to the now conscious Bit who was trying to sit up.

"I'm fine." he mumbled. "You're not leaving me out of this."

"Let me help you." Crystal helped Bit limp over to where the others were sitting.

"Ok." Ayla began. "To start, I'm not from Zi. I came from a world called Barrmare. I came here to search for the cure for a disease, called the Gray Death, that my sister has. Also, I'm not human, but an Elise, a fairy like race native to Barrmare."

"You don't look like much of a fairy to me." Hellbound Rider sneered. Ayla shot him a look and continued.

"I can hide my wings so that I look human, Dragon Boy."

"But what were those monsters?" Bryant asked.

"We haven't found a name for them yet, but as Hellbound Rider experienced first hand, they can control you if you make eye contact with them." Ayla explained.

"How did you cope with them?" Crystal questioned with Bit leaning on her shoulder for support.

"We didn't. We tried to isolate ourselves in different villages to stay away from them and when one needed to travel they went in groups. It's difficult for them to control more than one person at a time." Ayla sighed.

"Now about the disease....." Angela trailed off.

"The Gray Death is a deadly sickness that has three stages. The first stage is weakness. While some people weaken quickly others can stay strong for months before going into the second stage, the sleep, that always lasts for nine days." Ayla paused and took a breath. "The third and final stage, the fever, lasts three days and ends in it's victim's death."

"How long does you sister have?" Bit asked quietly.
"I'm not sure. The last time I checked she was still in the first stage." Ayla responded sadly.

"Alright, we're finished loading up the ammo so you can go, Angela." Tony told her.
"Okay, I'm going. Wish me luck!" Angela yelled as she climbed into the cockpit of the Dragonair and took off.
"Good luck." everyone whispered in unison and decided to go back to sleep. All except Ayla and Hellbound Rider.

"You still haven't explained why I'm stuck like this." he growled.

"Well if you told me exactly what you are I might be able to help you." Ayla said.

"If you must know, I am a Draconic." Hellbound Rider said smugly.

"I had a feeling that you were some sort of dragon." Ayla circled around him twice much to his agitation.

"What are you doing?" Hellbound Rider growled.

"I'm thinking." Ayla responded coolly.

"Well?" Hellbound Rider said after a few minuets.

"It must just be a side effect of the monsters. You should be able to change tomorrow morning." Ayla replied. "Now if you
don't mind I'm going to bed."

"Fine." Hellbound Rider watched Ayla as she walked toward her zoid. 'You better be right.'

Three zoids, two flying and one on the ground, were silently speeding across the desert.

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" Rene asked from the cockpit of her Genosaurer

"Yes, I'm sure." Sora called from Fireblade.

"You better be cause we should have been there over an hour ago." Rene said.

"Don't worry about it."

"If you say so."

"Hey guys! I just intercepted a radio message from the base we're attacking and they said that ten of their best pilots have been missing for the last few hours and they have no idea where they went!" Sherman yelled gleefully from Dracon.

"That just makes thing a whole lot easier." Sora said.

"Time to have some fun." Rene murmured to her zoid, who growled back.

Angela had been flying east for an hour and she was getting worried. "If I did these calculations right I should have been there about twenty minuets ago." she said to herself. "I'll call back and see if I'm going the right way." She then proceeded to contact one of her comrades back at the camp.

Bryant had been trying to get to sleep, but couldn't get comfortable in the cockpit of his Gunsniper. He turned over again when his radio went off.

"What?" he said sleepily as a face appeared on the screen.

"Um... Bryant could you get Tony for me?"

"Angela, is something wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"No everything's okay, I just need to ask him something." Angela said quickly.

"Alright I'll get him." Bryant jumped out of the cockpit and Angela began to fidget with her shirt. Bryant returned a few minuets later with Tony.

"Is everything all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's just that I think I should have gotten to the base a while ago." Angela informed him.

"What's you're current location?"

"Sector 7b5."

"Now I know what the problem is." Tony told her as he accessed the Gunsniper's computer. " You're about 34 miles west of where you want to be."

"Ok I'll change course and call you guys once I get there." Angela turned off the radio.

"Is everything ok?" Bryant asked with everyone else waiting to hear the news.

"Angela was just off course. She should be there soon." Everyone sighed in relief and settled back to sleep.

The base looked deserted when the Backdraft Warriors arrived.

"So are we ready?" Sora asked. Rene and Sherman gave him an affirmative and he relaxed. "Let's go.""Got it." Sherman said and urged Dracon on after Fireblade.

"Alright." Rene tensed with excitement. "Let's go Shadow!" the organoid roared and the Genosaurer sped off toward the base. The alarm was raised and all zoids ordered to mobilize. While they were waiting for their opponents, the Backdraft warriors worked on destroying the base itself. Fireblade and Dracon fired at the roof while the Genosaurer blew out chuncks of the wall, damaging many zoids in the process. The base looked like a crumbling ruin by the time any zoids had gotten out of the hanger.

"Took them long enough." Sherman turned Dracon and the zoid glided lazily toward the ground. Sora followed cautiously in Fireblade until both zoids landed on the ground.

"Should we take them out one by one or all at once?" Sherman asked.

"I say take them out all at once." Rene had come over. "Charge the cannon Shadow." Shadow growled and began charging the Genosaure's Charged Particle Cannon. "Let them have it." The Genosaurer fired, whiping out the whole mass of zoids.

"Well that takes care of that." Sora shrrgged. Angela got there as soon as the zoids were destroyed.

Ok now that we have taken care of Bob the Ringwraith, what should we do?

Legolas: I dunno.

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Cloud: /falls off the roof/

What were you doing up there?

Cloud: Robin, Riten and I are trying to contact aliens.

Moonyasha and Legolas: o-o'

Cloud: What?

Legolas: Aliens don't exist.

At least not yet.

Alien Spaceship: /lands in Moonyasha's backyard/

Moonyasha, Legolas, and Cloud: /scream and run/

Robin and Riten: /jump off the roof and run away screaming/