Title: A Modern Day Fairytale

Author: Takara, Lady of Western Lands

Rating: PG – PG-13; depends on what I write.

Pairings: Sesshoumaru/Takara (OC); InuYasha/Kagome; Sango/Miroku.

Summary: There's a new girl at Tokyo University, and she isn't human either. In fact, she's youkai. It's my first or second attempt on an InuYasha fic. Please be kind.

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha. Rumiko Takahashi does. But I do wish I owned Sesshoumaru. –sobs quietly in a corner-


A/N: I've seen a total of… -counts on fingers- 6-7 episodes as of right now and 1 manga. . not very much at all, but I think I've read enough IY fics to know the characters personalities but if I make them OOC, please tell me.


A silver Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder parked in a parking space, allowing the owner to get out. A girl looking no less than twenty stepped out in a knee length denim skirt and a white tank top with a small angel on it. On her feet was a pair of spongy white flip-flop sandals. The girl lifted the stylish silver sunglasses off of her eyes revealing spectacular silver eyes, golden tail swishing with excitment.

Takara shifted her bag from one shoulder to the other while looking at the vast college campus, brushing her bangs from her face. Sighing, she walked up to the administrator's office, her mid-back length golden hair held up in a half-ponytail flowing down gracefully behind her. Her keen demonic silver eyes searched for the right door before entering the office. Upon entering, her acute sense of smell caught the odors of many human forms and her golden wolf ears picked up upon the many rustling of papers.

A plump woman with glasses behind the desk looked up from her papers to see the young demoness walk in. Takara walked up to the desk. "Fujimoto, Takara."

The woman nodded before turning to her computer, her pudgy fingers typing in Takara's name, and printing out her schedule before handing it to Takara. "This is your schedule," The woman then turned to a shelf on the wall and picked up a key, handing it to Takara. "… and this is your key to your dormitory."

Takara took the two things and said a quick 'Arigato' to the lady before walking out the door, and right into somebody, landing her a place on the ground. "Itai." She then got up and brushed herself off before turning to the person she had just bumped into. "Gomen for bumping into you," she said while bowing. Looking up, she saw a pair of golden eyes, staring unemotionally at her and long locks of silver hair that belonged to the man.

"Make sure it doesn't happen again." With that, he continued walking to wherever he was headed.

Takara huffed in indignation. "What a jerk." 'But he had a unique hair and eye color. And his smell was similar to that of a youkai, but I really couldn't get a good enough scent. Let's just hope that I don't run into him again.' That being said and thought, Takara stomped back towards her car to go to her new home for the next four years.


Sesshoumaru walked gracefully towards his vehicle, pondering about the girl that had run into him that morning. She had an unusual eye color: the color of a bright star. She was a youkai, he was sure of that. She didn't mask her scent like he had done. She smelled of sunflowers and gardenias (A/N: I don't know if they have those flowers in Japan, but in this fic, they do.), a very unusual mixture, but on her, it smelled pleasant. Sesshoumaru shook his head. 'Don't be getting soft. You've never shown interest in the opposite sex. Why start now?'

'Because all the other females were human and would fall at your feet if given the chance.'

'Who are you?'

'I am you, of course.' (A/N: I love internal battle type things.)

'What do you want?'

'To bug you more than anything else.'


'Fine then.' The voice disappeared from Sesshoumaru's head… for now.


That was my sad attempt at writing. If you want me to continue, please R&R. If not, I shall go sit in a corner and sob. Ja ne!