Disclaimer: Okay, lets think through this slowly... If I was JK Rowling, would I be posting my (humbly said) fabulously written ideas on a FANfiction site? Well, if you said yes...you're an idiot. No offense. Some of my best friends are idiots. *cough*Jess*cough* lol, just kidding Jessie, luv y@! Yur just crazy. Like the rest of us, so as my favorite pirate once said, "Oh good, no worries then." lol, love POTC. Okay, so, back to the disclaimer. NO. My name is freakin' BECCA T****R H******N! (sry, but there are freaks out there) and I DON'T OWN THESE BOOKS! Which is a good thing, considering my insanity.