Untiled part 2

Category: Pete and Mac

Author: Julia Russell


Summary: Pete meets Mac for the first time in 15 years. He finds out the she has kept the fact that he has children with her, twins a boy and girl. They realize that they still love each other. They date for a year and then get married. They have two more children. The story goes 16 years in to the future and their second daughter is 16 yrs old. Their second son is 14.

Setting: 2 years later

Mac and her daughter Anita are planning her 18th birthday party.

Who do you wont to come to this party? Mac asks Anita

Well what is the limit? Anita asks

Well, I suppose 10- 15 friends; do you wont any family to come?

I would love to see Megan and Brett again. Anita says. May be Aunty Angie, Grandma and grandad, Uncle Michael. (Note this is her only blood relation she been able to meet except for her grandparents. Macs older brother.)

That sounds fine. Mac says, but I'm not shore if Uncle Michael can come because I haven't heard from him for a few months. I'll ring him and see what his up to.

I hope Michaels not back in jail. Mac thinks to herself.

So what sort of cake would you like? Mac asks

Mud cake.

Colour scheme?

Surprise me.

Do you wont a theme?


A few hours later, Pete comes home from work. Honey I'm home.

Hi daring. Mac says as she kisses him on the lips.

Who was your day?


So what have you been up to all day? Pete asks

Well Megan and I have planned party. Mac replies

That's good.

She wonts Michael to come, but I'm not shore exactly where he is. Mac says.

Well I haven't heard any whispers about him around work for about a year Pete says.

I'll ring the latest number that his given me later tonight. Mac says.

Later that night.

Mac dials the number that her brother sent her about a year before. It connects and rings five times and gets picked up.

Hello Marg Gogan speaking

Is Michael Callum there? Mac asks

Who is this?

I'm his sister.

Yes he is.

A few minutes later

Hi sis. Michael says

Hi Michael.

So how have you been? Michael asks.

Fine. How about you? Mac asks

Well, so why have you rung me out of the sis? Michaels asks.

I was just wondering how you were and we haven't talked for about a year. Mac replies.

So how are my niece and nephew? Michael asks

They're well. Mac says

Pete come up behind her and whispers in her free ear "who's that?"

Bye Michael. Mac says

C Ya sis.

She hangs the phone up and turns around to Pete.

It was my brother. Anita wonts him to come to her 18th party. I was just checking to see if the address I have for him is still current. Mac says.

So I gather he was he still there. Pete says.

He is.

A month later, Mac, Kane and Anita are at home waiting for Pete to come home from Angies. There is knock on the door. Mac goes and answers it. It Brett, his partner and Megan

Hi Brett, Catherine.

Hi Megan.

Mac says as she hugs them.

I was expecting you mid next week. Mac says.

Well we decided to come down earlier, because we haven't been back for so long. Megan says

Come in.

Is dad home? Megan asks

No but he should be any minute. Mac replies. But Anita and Kane are home.

If I know any they will be down soon. As Mac spoke Anita, Kane and Kane's friend Simon come down stairs and they all her Pete's car drive in to the garage and Kane and Anita run in to tell him that Megan and Brett have arrived early. Pete comes in and welcomes his older son and daughter home. After this is over, Mac realizes that Simon is still standing in the corner of the room. She calls him over and gets Kane to introduce his older brother and oldest sister to him.

A week later (Anita's birthday.)

Mac and Megan are in the kitchen cooking, the doorbell rings, Mac looks at the time, I'll answer that. Mac says.

She answers the door it's Angie and her son Logan

Come in Megan and I, are just doing the finishing touches to the party food.

Mum I've just finished doing every thing we need to do now. Megan yells

Logan you could go and find Kane would like too. Mac says.

Angie follows Mac back in to the kitchen. She gives Megan a hug.

How are you Megan? Angie asks.

I'm well, thinks Angie. How are you? Megan asks.

I'm Well. Angie replies

Where's the birthday girl? Angie asks

She's out at the movies with 5 of her friends and they'll be back in time for the party. Mac says.

The doorbell rang again it was Macs Parents and brother. About 1/2 an hour later Brett arrived home with the alcohol. A few minutes later Pete arrived home from the airport with Danni and his sister in tow. When introductions were over, Pete took his sister up stairs till the party had started. Then Anita and her five friends arrived 10 minute later. The party starts. Pete goes up stairs and gets his sister. While he is doing this Mac goes and grabs Anita. Pete introduces his sister to Anita. (This is her only true blood relation, since both Mac and her brother are adopted.)

Later on, Danni, Angie, Mac and Pete are talking to each other.

Pete why didn't your sister come to your wedding? Danni and Angie ask.

Well to be truthful I've only got back in touch with her since my father died about 5 years ago. Pete replies. We really don't get along still but we can stand being around each other. Pete continues.

Pete's sister inside taking to Megan, Brett and Kane. She explains especially to Megan and Brett why she was meeting them now. So long after their Mum and Dad got married.

The end

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