A/N: Well… this is different. It was inspired by one of my favorite moments in Return of the King (movie, that is) when just before the first battle at Osgiliath Faramir and his merry men are hiding and waiting for the Orcs to come along, you get this great close up of his face before he just PLUNGES into battle. And it is good. So yeah… an almost sonnet inspired by that. O_o

Note: This is an 'almost' sonnet because it is lacking in Iambic Pentameter, which is the dumb rule that says sonnets must have ten syllables per line…

Disclaimer: Which I'm putting here out of force of hobbit because I really don't need one. This poem, out of context, has absolutely nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. So NYAH!

Geeze, this author's note is longer than the actual poem…

~*~Faramir's -Almost- Sonnet~*~

There's nowhere now to hide except

To lean against these broken stones

And no man here can safely bet

That he'll ever once again see home

I can hear the crashing, growling fate

Smell a stench wreaking black blood

I can feel a white-hot darkened hate

Wash over me in a dizzying flood

How can I swing any sword this day?

Knowing all will come to death

Is the world lost now to endless fray?

Is this moment now my final breath?

Hope grows thin

Here it ends or begins