Okay. This is my first ever slash-fic, and also my first Law and Order: SVU fic, but I saw the episode which introduces the character of ADA Casey Novak, and the story just clicked into place.

Title: Slaying Uncommon Angels

This is an Olivia/Casey story. If you find that offensive, maybe you shouldn't read it.

Disclaimer: I only own Regina and Ashely. I make no claim to Olivia, Casey, Eliot, Fin, Munch, Cragen, or any other characters associated with Law and Order: SVU, which is, by-the-by, a fabulous television show. Don't sue me.


Chapter One: Regina


He was everywhere, the knife biting into her flesh like so many rattlesnake teeth. Regina Novak had been bitten by a rattlesnake once. She'd nearly lost a leg.

Now she was afraid of losing her life.

Screams sliced through her pain-induced haze, echoing female screams that cut through her faster than the knife did. Images flickered before her eyes like a bad horror movie, but this was real. Everyone was dying. Everyone, including herself.

Her body unable to function through the shock and pain, she lay curled on her side, blood pooling on the white carpet around her like a dark red mockery of a halo, every breath a sharp inhalation that took far more energy than she knew she had.

Regina realized that the screams next to her had stopped, and nearly died from despair.

Then the knife bit into the sole of her foot, a testing cut, but Gina had passed her pain threshold long ago, and she didn't even twitch. His face swam into her vision, fingers slick against her throat as he scrambled to locate a pulse.

Then came the sirens, the blessed sirens, that reached her ears even over the stubborn pounding of her heart. His face, eerie beauty suddenly contorted in fear, disappeared, and she heard the fire escape rattle as he climbed out of the window.

With a Herculean effort, she raised herself onto one hand, nearly fainting as the deep slash in her palm dug into the carpet, and pulled herself across the short distance to where Ashely lay.

But when she feebly shook Ashely's shoulder, the petite blond didn't respond. Crying out hopelessly in anguish, she dropped her head onto a chest in which the heart had ceased to beat.

Wrapping her arms around Ashely's slim waist, Gina Novak closed her eyes and waited for death.



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