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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fall and the Rise


Since the Council's last meeting the Black Lotus had went on the offensive and attacked the Foot Clan, but the Foot wiser from their last encounter with the Lotus went into hiding rather than face them head-on. The Black Lotus' numbers were soaring due to their new inclusive recruitment, other gangs didn't even try to stop them, they were too large and powerful, other gangs could only hope to stay out of their way. The main reason it was so for the Black Lotus to do this besides the fact that they had so many members was that they were using firearms. The Lotus were obtaining power surpassing that which they had before the turtles had first defeated them. They easily dispatched of rival gangs with their weapons and once again people were forced into hiding out in their homes until this newest conflict would end. The NYPD was powerless to stop them they always arrived on the scene once crimes had already been committed. Meanwhile the majority of the crimes the Black Lotus were committing were in order to draw the turtles out of hiding, but they weren't working the Lotus could find no sign of the turtles and were growing restless.

"I think it is time that we stop hiding and return to the surface," John said.

"We're outnumbered even worse than before and they have guns now," Donatello argued.

"Innocent people are getting killed those guns because we're scared to take action."

"Well we cannot hide from them forever sooner or later they are going to have to be dealt with. If we have to go against the odds to defeat them so be it, we've done it before," Leo interjected.

Donatello sighed then he asked everyone to follow him to his workbench. Laying there were tons of little grenade looking objects.

"These flashbombs will be crucial to us, they'll help give us an advantage over their guns. They disorient people with an extremely bright flash of light, just close your eyes before activating them not to be affected."

The turtles grabbed their weapons and some flashbombs and they and John left the lair. They all knew that the streets would be vacant because everyone was staying inside to avoid the path of any stray bullets. As Michaelangelo slid the manhole cover out of the way he immediately saw how bare the streets really were. Everyone climbed up after him and they just stood silent for a bit.

"Where do we start?" Mikey asked.

"I'm not sure, we'll wing it and maybe we may be able to find them or at least some clues," Leo answered.

Everyone began walking north for a while until, Leo motioned for the others to follow him into a nearby park. Creeping around slowly all they saw was shrubbery and a jogging trail.

"Man we're wasting time checking out this place, let's hurry up get outta here," Raph grumbled.

As they turned to head back to the entrance they saw a large number of Black Lotuses standing before them. They were about thirty of them and close to half were carrying guns. The turtles unsheathed their weapons and studied the group in front of them.

"Even with the guns I don't like their odds," Mikey joked.

"Stay sharp, Michaelangelo, now is not the time to goof off," Leo hissed.

Michaelangelo only nodded in response and then poised himself to strike. In uncharacteristic fashion Don was first to attack, he charged ahead, ready to do some damage with his metal bo staff. When he saw that many of the ninja's were cocking their guns, he used his staff as a vaulting device and soared over their heads before they could react. Then as he landed struck a blow to one of their head's and did the same to two others before escaping for cover. The Lotuses began to fire at will and John was barely luckily enough to dart behind a tree for cover.

Meanwhile Leo was busy some gunners himself. He was able to block a barrage of their oncoming bullets and then sped at them and kneed one of them in the and then crashed his skull with someone else's. The remaining Lotus ninja was about to shoot, but Leo knocked the weapon out of his hands in time. Leonardo grabbed his attacker by the waist and hoisted him overhead and then tossed him right into a tree. Leo bent down and picked up a gun that had been dropped in the fight.

"Hey John! Catch!"

John caught it safely and was back in the fray. John began to fire away instantly, with guns to help out the turtles, there were already three less Lotuses to worry about. Michaelangelo had been biding his time trying to launch a surprise attack on six Lotuses close by. He was standing on a tree bright above and suddenly the time came, he jumped off the branch and quickly dispatched of two ninja's closest to him. The four remaining ninjas formed a circle around him in an effort to entrap him. Without warning one of them fell forward, he had been shot. As Mikey split kicked the ninjas standing on opposite to him, the last of the six fell as an explosion of dark red liquid erupted from his chest and splattered on Mikey's shoulder.

"Well this thing is done." A voice from behind announced.

"Oh whew, its just you John I was scared for a sec."

Raphael was surrounded by three Lotus ninja's in an isolated area of the park away from everyone else.

"Come on let's just hurry up and shoot it!" One of them shouted.

As they were training their guns on him Raphael activated a flashbomb and they dropped their guns in confusion. Raphael turned his sais around and hit one of them between the eyes with the handles and then a dropkick. Quicker than his last attack Raph sweep kicked the remaining two and while they were still on their backs delivered brutal shell drops onto their chests and then hurried to rejoin the others.

John was alone when he saw two stragglers still in the park. He gave one of them a swift kick to the gut and the other a lightning face hook to the jaw. He swung left and hit both of them in the face and then charged ahead for a double clothesline. By now all the Lotuses were either retreated, unconscious, or too hurt to move. Everyone met up again near the entrance and managed to corner a Lotus ninja. Raph grabbed the guy by his clothing and demanded answers.

"Where does the Black Lotus meet?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I'm talkin' about, now hurry up and answer before things really get rough!"

"We don't have a headquarters or nuthin' we just meet at random locations, the grunts are always contacted by the higher ups on the location a few hours before."

"Alright fine forget that, who are you working for and where is he?"

"I don't know I'm too low on the hierarchy to know something like that."

"When are you supposed to meet again?"

"I'm not sure I haven't been informed yet, y-you're not gonna kill me are you?"

At the exact moment the wail of police sirens could be heard, so Raph flung the Lotus to the ground. John and the turtles bolted from the park and escaped into the sewers. Walking back to the lair you could hear the exasperation in Mikey's voice.