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            It had been a sleepless night, one of many, but this one had been the worst.  The suffering and anxiety were slowly fading away with the mist as the sun stretched its warm rays across the sleepy town of Port Royal.  They were being replaced with excitement and happiness, a happiness that could not be contained.  Will stared out the window as the sun continued its climb in its unchanging path through the skies.  The crimson color transformed into oranges and yellows as it danced over the blue sea that surrounded everything.  Will looked and closed his eyes as a breeze that smelled of the ocean slithered up to his window and caressed his face gently.  It whispered promises and secrets into his ear as a lover would and he smiled.  This was what continuously drove Jack back out, the need, the freedom she promised any man who was either drunk enough or patient enough to listen.  Will had seen Jack both and it didn't surprise how little different Jack was when he was either and sometimes even both. 

            Will knew that Jack and Ana would want to attend the wedding and knew that they would somehow find a way to do so.  A grin formed on his face and he opened his eyes thinking about the two pirates.  They would come, even if they could not be seen as whom they truly were. They would be there and that was all Will needed to know.  He turned and decided it was time to get ready for the big event that would change his life. 


            The sun's soft kisses had begun to warm the sand and he felt it as he stood barefoot in it.  He adjusted his hat and shook off the new clothes he had just acquired.  It wasn't his style, but then again he never was one to be a simple fisherman.  The man whom the clothes belonged to would no longer need them.  With a smile that would send any child scurrying away and make a cold shiver run down any respectable person he looked down at the motionless body they lay in the sand no more than a few feet away from him.  It'd simply been the fact that the man was in the wrong place at the very wrong time. It wasn't anything personal.  What was personal was the "business" he'd come to take care of in Port Royal.  This thought turned his smile into an even colder scowl.  Nobody messed with his business…he'd spent too many years making his name known and feared and a great deal of loot was lost because of a certain pirate and his friends…his friends that were to be married this day.  Not if he could help it…the smile came back and was even more freakish than the last. 

            "How I'd love to kill thee…let me count the ways…" He let ideas of how to harm the pirate and give him a lesson he would never forget flow through his mind, each one making the thought of the game, the hunt more and more thrilling.  He'd heard from others that the worst way to hurt this particular pirate was not any physical harm to himself, though that was one of his favorite ways of getting revenge, it was to hurt those he cared for.  The pirate's history proved this theory and now he was ready to test it.  It also helped to think that the people the pirate cared for had helped hurt his business as well.  It was killing two birds with one stone as they said…and kill them he shall, he thought as the smile spread across his face and a deep sound escaped from his throat that could only be described as a demonic laugh…kill them he shall.