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Chapter 12

Two months later

Jack woke up in a cold sweat breathing heavily. The dreaded memories were quickly fading away as his breathing slowed and he realized that he was in his bed and not in that cursed room. He felt the warmth of a body next to him and smiled at seeing Ana sleeping soundly. She hadn't left his side when he was bed ridden and after that she was never more than an ear-shot away.

Jack sighed in acceptance that he probably wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. He tried to get up quietly enough as to not wake Ana, but as he rose from the bed he felt her cool hand touch his. He turned to see her looking up at him sleepily.

"Where ye goin'?" She asked softly.

"Fer a walk…can't sleep."

"Want me t' go wit you?"

"No love, get some sleep…busy day," he smiled down at her before lifting her hand up and kissed it quickly. She smiled back and nodded before settling back down into sleep.

Jack waiting a few moments before standing and stretching. He begrudgingly took the cane that leaned against his cabin wall and walked silently out the door. After being as close to death as he was…again…and being in bed for so long it was necessary for him to use it at certain times. He only used it when he was sure no one would be around, as at this time. Except for his watch and those surrounding the Pearl by request of the governor on ships of the royal navy, there was no one to see him. Jack didn't think they would pay much attention to anything going on, on the Pearl, just if anyone decided to be stupid enough to approach it. He would never use it during the day when he was commanding his ship and would shoot down anyone who suggested he rest a bit if he seemed to be tired.

Jack opened the door silently and stepped out into the cool pre-dawn air. A quick scan of the horizon showed that the sun would be rising within the next hour. He slowly made his way to the railing absorbing the environment around him. He took a deep breath, inhaling the familiar scent of the sea around him and enjoyed every bit of it.

He would never admit it, but there had been moments when he had believed he wouldn't have been able to do this again. To stand on the deck of his ship and watch his horizon knowing that the people he dared to care about were safe and sound. The nightmares still plagued him from time to time, but they were coming less and less. Ana, Jack smiled, would always ask him about it if he was disturbed enough by them to accidentally wake her up. He would be mumbling her name, or Will's, Elizabeth's, or even Osrick's with such venom in his voice. It some what startled him how real it would all seem as if it were scorched into his memory forever, threatening to haunt him till the day he did die.

Shaking his head, Jack took another deep breath and tried to clear his mind, but when he closed his eyes the images were still there, not as vivid, but they were still lurking. They then shot open, needing the reassurance of the world around him to prove he was not fantasizing it all. He let the movement of the Pearl calm his nerves, moving with her as it rocked him in a reliable rhythm, allowing her sounds to flow through his ears and over power the screams and cries that still echoed within him. The smell of the sea erased the smell of blood, burning flesh and wood.

It was here he could find peace and he found it once again, but underneath still laid the heavy burden of guilt and what-ifs. The what-if game he played with himself never let him forget his faults in the events that took place, for he truly believed that if he'd been able to do some things differently, it could've turned out better. Like, what-if he'd stayed on his guard before Ana had been able to stab him again. He could've fought Osrick instead of watching helplessly as the man had tied them all up. Or perhaps, what-if he'd been strong enough to keep Osrick out of his head so he wouldn't have inflicted so much pain upon Will, and Ana, and Elizabeth.

Jack sighed and leaned into the railing and allowed his head to hang. He hated feeling this way, but it never went away. He knew it wasn't how he would normally be, but nothing had really been the same since that day.

"Jack?" The familiar but soft voice broke the silence. Jack quickly masked his thoughts and feelings before turning with a small smile to see Will standing at the stairwell from below deck. Unlike him self, it was necessary for Will to use a cane. This was all thanks to the fractured shin and a well placed pitchfork in his thigh courtesy of himself, Jack thought sullenly.

"Couldn't sleep?" Will ask as he tried his best to walk casually to Jack's side by the railing.

"No," Jack stated as he looked back out to the ocean.

Will nodded and smiled. "Me either."

After some recovery time both men had been given the reassurance that they were no longer at risk of death, Jack had requested to have a few moments alone with the doctor. He had wanted to discuss a few things that he wouldn't be answered by anyone else. He'd found out that Will would be lucky if he was able to walk again with a limp, but would most likely always need the cane.

As Will gazed out to sea Jack looked him over out of the corner of his eye. The doctor had also informed Jack the extent of the blacksmith's wounds. Hearing the doctor speak about them all had secretly made him sick. Bruised ribs that had made breathing difficult for weeks. There was the fractured shin and ripped muscles in his thigh. He'd lost a tooth and sustained head trauma from two different occasions. Holes in his right shoulder and a single puncture wound in his side had also been present. The puncture wound had done some minimal organ damage, but after some quick sewing up, it hadn't posed anymore threat other than infection. Unfortunately, it had gotten infected leaving Will weak and fevered for longer than anyone had liked.

"What's wrong?" Will questioned, his eyes full of concern when he found Jack looking at him with a pained expression. Jack hadn't even realized he was allowing his emotions to surface and was a bit stunned by it. He quickly pushed them down and gave Will a grin to try and reassure him.

"Nothin' mate, jus' thinkin'. Today's the big day, eh? How're you feelin?"

"Jack, I've never seen you look like that before…" Will turned from the railing to completely face the pirate, ignoring the questions.

"There are a lot of things you've ne'er seen me look like Will, an' ye probably won't," Jack looked back out to the horizon. A moment of silence passed between the two.

"Is it about that day?" Will asked softly and watched in surprise when he saw the pirate captain visibly wince.


"You're lying."

"Pirate." Jack decided he'd had enough of Will's prying and began to walk away, but he was quickly intercepted by him.

"What about it, Jack?"

"Nothing, boy!" Jack turned again and headed in the other direction.

"I don't believe you." Will appeared in front of him again.

"I never asked you to."

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Because I can't stand thinking about it!" Jack stopped and took a deep breath. "But I can't stop…" Will was unsure how to deal with this new side of the pirate and stood silent, trying to think of what to say next. "Don' bother tryin' t' figure me out lad, it won' do you or me any good."

"Jack…I understand that a lot happened…that day, and that you were injured in more than one way, but it will all heal in time. We all will." Jack laughed half-heartedly and shook his head as he stepped around Will and headed back towards his cabin.

"I think, lad, you need to start getting ready for yer big day an' stop worryin' 'bout me."

"You blame your self, don't you?"

Jack froze.

"You do…I saw you looking at me and that was guilt on your face, wasn't it?"

Will's accusation caused Jack to stiffen. "Jack…it wasn't your fault…" Will watched to see any reaction, but could see nothing but Jack's back. He walked slowly over to him. "I don't blame anything that happened to me on you, Jack…it was Osrick that did all that…Osrick that hurt me, Osrick that used the pitchfork, Osrick that threatened all of us-"

"I could've stopped it!" Jack whirled on Will holding out a ringed in finger and pointing it at the stunned blacksmith. "I could have prevented that whole bloody ordeal! Yes, Osrick, may his soul burn in hell, was the one who orchestrated the whole thing, but ultimately it was I who beat you and used that damn pitchfork and it was I who slapped both Elizabeth and Anamaria and gave the scars that she and you will both carry for the rest of your lives! IT. WAS. ME! Savvy?"

Will stepped forward into Jack's face. "It was not you."

"Listen whelp, you want to 'ear somethin'? I have dreams about it. I dream about beatin' you to a bloody pulp, I dream about dragging that pitchfork across Ana's chest, I dream about burying that fork into you and I feel Osrick's perverse excitement. I feel his laughter and-and it becomes me own. I begin to like it, love it, I wanted to do it more. The space between me and him was getting less and less." Jack watched for the expressions of Will, but he showed nothing of what he was thinking. He turned and began walking away again.

"You're a good man, Jack." Will called out to Jack softly. His own words being used against him caused him to stop. "Perhaps you don't see it now, but I pray that some day you will. Osrick would have done those things rather he used you or not, and I hope you know that too. I don't know exactly what happened in your head when he was there, but I want you to know something that I truly believe. Even though I feel…terribly that he was in your head that way and caused you to do those things, it was ultimately because of that, that we survived."

This completely threw the pirate off and he turned with confusion etched on his face to look at Will. The blacksmith continued with his explanation. "If Osrick had done it himself instead of using you, you never would have broken free of your ropes. He would've killed us one by one, but he chose to use you instead. That gave you the opportunity to break free and save us all, which you did. I know you are no where near being the bastard that man was for many reasons. One, you came out on more than one occasion. When I hit you and more importantly, when you were about to kill Ana. You broke free and saved her, don't you think that we all know that? You also never would've done those things to a person. And how many people would've just given up and surrendered after so much of what happened? Give your self some credit, after all…" Will grinned, "you are Captain Jack Sparrow."

Jack blinked a couple of times before suddenly bursting into laughter. Will chuckled along with him until Jack stumbled forward and pulled him into an abrupt embrace. The younger man was stunned for a moment, but said nothing, returning the embrace.

"Who'da thought that someday William Turner would be remindin' Jack Sparrow o' who he is?" Jack pulled away and held Will by his shoulders grinning at him. "The whelp has grown-up and he got the bonnie lass. Yer da would be proud o' ye."

Will was touched by Jack's words and returned the grin. He pulled Jack back into a strong embrace. It was shared between two friends who had been through a great deal in a short amount of time knowing each other. Words weren't needed as so much was communicated through the contact they shared. They were both thankful for each other and even more thankful that they were each still alive. It was a moment that a father and son would share and it was the closest either would come to one.

"Ahoy!" Jack pulled away so sharply that Will almost toppled over as the pirate bolted to the railing and looked down.

"Mornin' governor Swann!" Jack swept off his hat off and grinned down at the long boat that held the governor and half a dozen soldiers. The governor hesitantly smiled up at Jack and nodded.

"Permission to come aboard, sir!" A soldier called up. Jack fount it quite comical that a soldier of the British navy was asking, of all people, him for permission to board his vessel.

"Aye lad, as soon as you address me as Captain Jack Sparrow and lose the 'sir'! Makes me sound as if I were a gentleman or somethin'." Jack's grin widened when he saw the face of the soldier redden.

"Mr. Sparrow, we are indeed aware of your title and your…choice of living standards, but my men are only following the rules of conduct that they are expected to keep any where else."

"First of all governor, you may also address me as Captain Jack Sparrow," he rattled on, his head bobbed with his words as he leaned on the railing while his wrist wheeled around in the air. "Secondly, this is my ship and as such their rules don't apply, and thirdly…enjoy yer stay aboard the best ship you'll ever have the pleasure o' setting yer eyes on." Jack bowed and grinned at the slightly stunned governor and more than slightly angry soldiers. Before anything could be said to him, Jack waved and disappeared.

"Sir, are we just going to let him get away with that blatant display of disrespect?" The soldier questioned hotly. He was a bit surprised when he turned and found the governor chuckling.

"Lieutenant, that man has saved my daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law's lives more than once. Being a governor, he should've been hung long ago, but being a man and a father I am in his debt. One title sometimes should be substituted for the others in order to let the right thing be done. And right now I am more a man and father than anything else, that being so, there is much that I would allow him to get away with. Besides," he smiled, "he is who he says he is and that is not something to be taken lightly. I've learned that he may be a pirate, but he's more so a good man." The men sat silently as the words sunk in, only moving when ropes were tossed over the railing.

"Bloody soldiers goin' t' be all o'er me ship," Jack made a face of disgust as he walked back over to Will.

"It was your idea to let this wedding happen on your ship Jack." Will laughed. "Which I never really thought would've been possible, but I actually love it now that it is."

Jack gave a weak smile. "It was the least I could, mate."


"Well, I better go start getting ready, the sooner we do this, the sooner I'll 'ave those lobsters off me ship an' take me crew some where they'll forget they had to rub shoulders wit' the lot 'em. Not to mention those ruddy clothes ye got me wearin'." He started to walk back to his cabin when he saw a small group of his crew standing at the stair-well peering out curiously.

"What'er ye nothing-but-bugs-fer-brains scallywags doin'. Get on deck!" Jack exclaimed as he shouted out orders that sent the group scattering in all directions to do his bidding, as well as, escape a tongue lashing. Will watched with amusement as mischief played in the pirate's eyes again and a smirk lay just hidden on his lips despite his serious tone. Jack strolled back to towards his cabin.

"Oh, an' Will…" Jack stopped for a moment and looked back over his shoulder. He gave a sincere smile before saying, "…thanks." He turned again and in a few paces was back in his cabin. The single word had spoke volumes to the young man and he couldn't contain the smile that broke across his face.

When he heard voices Will looked and saw soldiers climbing aboard, a few of Jack's crew begrudgedly assisting them. Will thought it would be the opportune moment to take his leave and begin to ready him self for the day he'd been looking forward to for a long time. He happily whistled a tune as he headed down to his make shift room to begin changing.

Jack stood silently by the door gazing over at the sleeping form in his bed. Even though Ana's smaller cabin had been given to Elizabeth for a dressing room the female pirate would've been in his room anyway. She'd been worrying over him and wanted to watch over him. Her way of expressing that, how ever, was more in a first-mate-nagging-a-captain-about-his-health way. He'd played his part, always fighting to get out of the resting or eating less than what she had deemed the minimal amount. He would pull longer shifts at the helm and work harder just to see that glint in her eyes while she stood stoned faced and arms crossed.

The men of the Pearlalso kept their silent watch. His crew had been deeply troubled when they had heard of the things that had happened to him and Ana. They had stuck around to listen for news and offer their services instead of splitting up and leaving Port Royal. And though this was a deeply moving gesture and led Jack to trust them on a new level, he didn't think he could. He and Ana still had not shared the grittier details of their trials. No one knew, other than the four involved, that it had been Jack's and not Osrick's that had done most of the damage.

One reason he allowed Ana to watch over him was that he was able to keep an eye on her as well. He would watch and see her concentration focusing on a point while taking deep troubled breaths. It was about that time he would either holler at her to do something or "accidentally" do something that she would deem 'stupid and daft' of him. In his own way he worried just as much about her and would feel a ping of guilt when he would see glimpses of her scars through the top of her shirt. There were deeper scars too harsher, rawer in them all.

Ana stirred a bit and it brought Jack back into the moment causing him to refocus and think about the day ahead. They needed to start getting ready but he hadn't the heart to wake Ana up. He silently made his way to the bed and climbed in. Immediately the female pirate awoke, but seeing it was him she moved close and laid her head on his shoulder.

After a moment of silence she said, "You had another nightmare didn' you?" Jack heaved a sigh but gave no answer. "Jack, if you didn't feel like-"

"It's a beautiful day today…"

"What?" Ana questioned, propping herself up on an elbow.

"Will an' 'Lizabeth are goin' t' 'ave a great weddin'."

"Jack Sparrow, are you tryin' t' change the subject on me?"

Jack smiled and took her hand in his. This surprising Ana even more, caused her face to scrunch up in wonder. "Are you feverish?"

"Ana love, you still blame yerself?" He asked softly, he didn't have to specify what he was talking about. He watched as a number of emotions flickered across her face.

"Why 'er ya bringin' this up?" She pulled back from him.

"I don' want ye t' be worryin' 'bout me and thinking if something happens it's still yer fault."

"I can't help-"

"Ye know you helped save me?" Her eyes shot up to his.

"What do you mean?" Her head tilted in question.

"When I was sick, I was drownin'. I was gettin' tired…" He found a stray piece of her hair and began twirling it around his finger. "…so tired. And there were black cursed creatures pulling an' pushing…there were voices that screamed and yelled, I could see everything tha' happened. I wanted to stop."

His eyes lowered. "I wanted to stop tryin', but e'ery time I was ready to I'd hear yer voice callin' me. An' the creatures would stop pullin', the voices would stop screamin', and the memories would go away. Sometimes I could 'ear 'Lizabeth and the doctor, but they ne'er helped as much as you."

He lifted his eyes and found hers rimmed with tears. It seemed she'd just realized this as well and wiped them away. "I 'eard ye pourin' your heart out and how could I not listen? I fought so hard and all o' the sudden I was free…An' I could see you…I could feel you there, I was so happy," he grinned, "that I could've used a drink fer celebration."

"Ye scared me crazy Jack!" Anamaria shoved him, but it was only half hearted.

"An' 'm sorry fer it…I guess what 'm tryin' t' say is…" he trailed off looking nervous which was extremely rare. Ana's breath caught in her throat. "I-"

A pounding was heard on the door and Jack's head whipped about, his face red with surprise and just as much with embarrassment. A hand pulled his face back to look at Ana and she had a questioning look.

"What Jack?"

"Sir, ye might want t' be getting' out here!" Gibbs voice flowed through the room, his fist beating on the door.

"Go away!" Ana yelled over Jack's shoulder, but her eyes never left his. "Speak Jack."

"I think there's somethin' more than just first mate an' captain; I mean…I know there is, it's just-"

"Cap'n this isn't the time to be foolin' 'round! 's'bad enough we 'ave more 'an one woman 'board!" Gibbs yelled his banging continuing. Ana mumbled something as she vaulted over Jack and stomped over to the door. She threw it open and found a stunned Gibbs frozen in place, his fist still hanging in mid air.

"The captain will be with ye in jus' one moment…beat on tha' door one more time an' I will show ye the meaning o' bad luck." Before Gibbs could get one word in, the door was slammed in his face and locked again. Ana made her way back over to the bed and returned to her previous position. "Now…you were sayin'?"

Jack gapped at her for a moment before grinning. "You…mean somethin' t' me Ana. More'n jus' a crew mate…yer…special."

Ana blinked. "Is 'at the best you can do?!"

Jack shrugged and grinned even more. Ana looked at him for a moment and allowed a smirk to pass across her face.

"I guess tha's good enough fer me."

"Cap'n sir! Yer needed on deck!" Gibbs yelled, but no knock pursued. Jack made to move to the door, but found his shoulders gripped in a strong embrace and pulled in the opposite direction. He turned as he was jerked back and his mouth crashed into Anamaria's. No time was wasted as both partners fell together as limbs entwined and lips locked. A hesitant pounding resumed on the door.

"Get a life, man!" Jack pulled away only for a moment to speak before rolling over and placing himself atop of Ana as she smiled up at him. Her hands became entangled in his already tangled mass of hair as they pulled his face back down to meet with hers. His fingers were wriggling in between their two bodies slowly making their way under her shirt and up her stomach.

The pounding stopped for a moment but then was quickly replaced by another round of rapid knocking on the wooden door. Jack groaned and forced himself off the bed and strided over to the cabin door.

"Gibbs! When a captain is busy you need to learn to-" Jack angrily threw the door open only to come face-to-face with a stern faced Norrington and a pale faced, white robed priest that clutched tightly to his well worn bible. Jack immediately grinned and held out the both palms of his hands as a welcome. "Norry! Good t' see ye again! An' ye brought the good Father, how do you like me Pearl?" Jack bowed with hands held palm to palm with a grin plastered across his face as if it would never come off.

"Cap'n, I tried t' tell-" Gibbs spoke up from behind the stiff bodied Norrington.

"Thank you Gibbs…you've done a fine job…" Jack cut off his Quarter Master.

"Captain Sparrow, I would suggest that you get your men under control. An argument as developed between your men and my own, but yours seem to be less responsive to military ranking officers." Jack's eyes flittered over the men's shoulders to see a small group of his men taunting a small group of very aggravated British naval seamen.

"Aye, I see what ye be sayin' mate. It shall be remedied immediately. Father," Jack grinned. "Ye look well today." Jack moved fluidly around the men and began barking orders. The priest's mouth was slightly agape as his gaze slowly looked up at the commodore next to him. Norrington's piercing gaze had followed the pirate captain, but he felt the look of the smaller man and turned his attention to him. He was just as surprised himself as it seemed the Father was that there was the smallest hint of a smile on his own face. Norrington quickly cleared his throat and returned the militaristic face that his position required.

"All will be fine Father, you do not need to worry." Norrington tried to assure the even paler Holy man. "Jack Sparrow nor any of his men will be of any threat to you or the military men aboard this ship. The wedding will proceed as planned." He nodded and with hands placed behind his back he went about overseeing the preparations for security. The now solitary priest stood in the midst of a pirate ship covered with military and pirate men alike. A number of men shouting orders and commands, but one above all stood out above the rest and his name was Jack Sparrow, captain of the Black Pearl. The priest watched this man as he moved and spoke, his eyes now fluttering up to the brightening heavens and sent up a silent prayer. He would need all the help he could get to make it through the day.

Captain Jack Sparrow, terror of the oceans where ever he went, groaned inwardly as he, once again, scratched at his newly shaved chin. Ana had allowed a bit of stubble to stay on where two braids had once been present. She said it was for his sake so he wouldn't feel too different, but he knew it was because she liked the feel of it on her as he-

"Jack!" Will harshly whispered as he jabbed the pirate slightly with his elbow.

"Oh!" A well-known grin spread across the face of the pirate captain. "Sorry mate." He handed the glaring blacksmith the gold ring that he had been holding ceremoniously as he had been instructed. He just couldn't help it if the ceremony it self was as boring as peeling potatoes. Elizabeth had managed to contain, what Jack would've guessed to have been, an outburst of immense proportions due to his lack of attention.

As Will repeated the words that the priest spoke, Jack's eyes glanced over the small crowd of people sitting behind the bride and bride's groom. Norrington and the governor were in front and both a bit perturbed about Jack's lack of a decent attention span. Ana sat, quite uncomfortably but looking ever so lovely, in an over sized gown that would've been seen worn by only the highest classed women of England. Her narrowed eyes said more than any words could. Jack turned back around and tugged at the uncomfortable, itchy trousers that Ana had told him he needed to wear or it would be nothing at all. Jack had said he wouldn't really mind the latter, but was quickly verbally lashed at followed by a sharp smack to the back of his head.

"-you may kiss the bride."

A roar of cheering and clapping rose into the air as Will wrapped his arms around his newly made bride and brought her in for the deepest kiss he'd ever been able to share in public with her. Jack joined in cheering on the newly made husband and wife as they walked down the make shift isle. They were greeted by the few guests that had braved boarding a pirate ship. Ana walked over to Jack as he fiddled with his jacket that hung over a white silk shirt while he mumbled under his breath.

"Stop touching it! You'll mess it up," she chastised.

"I told 'Lizabeth tha' I'd change for the bloody weddin', not dress like a bloody British aristocrat. It itches…"

"Yer lucky she didn' force ye to wear th' wig," Ana laughed.

"Yea, and yer lucky she didn't force ye to get all dolled up like a true bonnie lass." He paused and grinned at her. "Oh wait…she did." Ana's eyes narrowed to slits as her hand shook by her side. "Remember love, slappin' a man isn't very lady li-"

A sharp crack resounded through the air, the effects of which, left Jack reeling for a moment. He gingerly touched the now tender spot on his cheek and looked up at a fuming Anamaria.

"Maybe that was deserved, but was taking the glove off necessary?" Jack asked watching Ana replace the silk glove. She didn't answer. "Thank th' heaven's this is a weddin', I need a drink…"

At this a smirk spread across Ana's face and her eyes slide up to his, laughter filling them.


"Didn't you 'ear Jack?" She asked as she began to walk over to Will and Elizabeth.

"'bout what?"

"This 'ere weddin' is drink free," Ana said over her shoulder. Jack stood for a moment blinking.

"Where's the rum from me holds…"


"Why is it gone?"

"It was removed last night."

"Who did tha'?!"

"The British navy…"

"Who told them to do that?"


"The rum burner?!"

"There's no rum, no ale, no anything."

A moment of silence passed.



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