Writing this was probebly a bad idead, but here it goes.

Rodney Skinner, Elain Quatermain, Nemona, Mina Murray ad Dr. Henry Jekyll were siting at there favourite hangout, a small inn in paris called "Madam Devarges"(1).

Dorian Gray walks in.

Dorian: Hey guys, whatsup?

Mina: Im not talking to you.

Dorian: Your not still mad about me betraying you all arent you?

Mina: Of course I am!

Dorian: Every one else forgave me, Henry, you forgave me right?

Henry: Sure, Could I FORGIVE you anymore?

Dorian: Rodney, Elain, Nemona?

All of the above: Sure.

Dorian: So why dont you?

Mina: You nailed me just to get my blood!

Dorian: Im sorry.

Mina: And then you stabbed me with your sord!!

Dorian: Well you showd me my portrait!!

Mina: Bugger Off.

Doria: WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!

Azmeralda(2) walks by.

Rodney: Hey there Da'lin, How are you Doin'?

Nemona: Both of you just make up, must i take drastic steps.

Henry: Rody, why dont we toddle off?

Rodney: No.

Henry: To the Mollin Rouge.

Rodey: Yaaaaaay!!

Henry: Later.

Skinner and Jekyll run off with boobs and bottoms in mind.

Elain: Aaah, I need a bongshot.

Nemoa: Lets go to an Opium Den.

Elain: Lets!!

Nemona: Later.

Nemona and Quatermain run off with getting high and Nirvana in mind.

Dorian: Have I mentioned I am Gay?

Mina: I knew it, Eyeing Henrys Bum all the time!

Dorian: Well Rodneys is Invisible, what else could i do?

(1) "A Tale of Two Citys" referece.

(2) "Hunchback of Notre Dam" refrence.