First Date

By Ryan Bodle

A/N: Hey all! This is a one shot fic for all you Sorato fans out there! Hope

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Unhappy in his solitude he casually leaned against the wall under spot light

of a street lamp. One hand casually his right pocket, the other toyed with a

coin. The pocketed hand slowly drifted out and came horizontal across his

body, the wrist revealed a watch which he looked at.

'He's late,' he told himself. Not that ever cared that much for time scales,

but tonight was somewhat different. He was eager for it to start. Hence why

he was so agitated that 'he' was late. Dressed to impress with an impressive

black tux, he checked himself over again. He fingered the lapels to make

sure they were striaghtened. He looked down hismelf, making there wasn't a

single crease. There wasn't. He gave himself a smirk and resumed his waiting


A blonde bang fell in front of his eyes. He stared at it with discontent and

quickly tucked behind his ear. Just then he heard the loud bang of shoes

hitting the pavement in a slow casual way. He looked to his left and watched

a sihlouette move towards him. He remained stone still and silent as it

drew nearer.

Eventually the outline was given color as Tai Kamiya came into view. His

hands firmly stuck in his pockets he had a grin fixed on his face that had a

sheepish character to it. He knew he was late and knew Matt didn't want to

be late.

"What kept you?" Matt asked as he pushed himself from the wall and withdrew

a set of keys from his pocket.

"Sorry, Kari held up the bathroom." Tai excused.

"Whatever, come on," Matt inserted his key into the car door. He quickly

seated himself inside of his old Cortina whilst Tai opened the passenger

door. Tai himself looked around the interior while Matt looked into his

mirrors and reached a hand to make sure he was in neutral.

"You even cleaned out your car," Tai remarked. "This really is a big deal

for you."

"Yeah," Matt answered passively. He twisted the key in the slot to start the

engine and it coughed into life. Clutch down and in gear it rolled away from

the cark park within the apartment block. Tai reached for a tape in his

jacket pocket and quickly inserted it into the stereo.

"How about some Hatsu Moji?" Tai asked as a fast paced beat started through

the speakers. Matt tapped his finger on the wheel and smiled at his best

friend. The car drove silently itself as they approached another tenement

block. Tai looked up eagerly.

"I still can't believe you talked Jun into this," Matt said as he pulled ot

a stop.

"It wasn't that difficult actually, I just went through the routine of

explaining how difficult it would be turning up to the prom without a date,

it would scar me and everything," he answered. Matt shook his head and


"How much are you taking from all those guys tonight?"

"Fifteen a head, and there's close to twenty," Tai replied.

"Does Jun know about this?"

"Davis couldn't help spilling as usual, but I smoothed it out, anything I

take I give to her, she said it'll make up for what I already owe her."

"Speaking of which, do her parents know about the money yet?"

"Would I be dating her if they did?" Tai shut the door before there were any

more questions and bound up the stairs. Matt looked at the tape in the

stereo and immediately removed it, placing it in an empty case with no

particular markings. He took another from the glove compartment, simply

blank itself and inserted it into the tape player. He pressed the play

button and a more ambient mood filled the car space. To him, the melody

seemed bland and there was little underneath to keep him entertained but he

left it on.

This sort of thing was just what he expected from a tape Yolei put together.

He impatiently tapped his fingers again. He saw a door close from three

floors from ground and two heads move together towards the elevator.

Something seemed painfully slow about the whole process of getting them to

the ground and into the car.

Tai held the back door open and a surprsingly giggling Jun sat in the car

blushing quite openly. Placing herself gently on the car seat and sitting up

in a royal like manner as Tai closed the door behind her.

"Hi Matt, thanks for picking us up," Jun said in glee as she got seated.

"It's no problem."

"Hey, you even cleaned your car out!"

"It's not that big a deal," Matt protested. Jun kicked at the matt beneath

her feet.

"You even got the pizza stains out!"

"You're looking overly happily," Matt said, in a desperate bid to change the


"I'm excited!" Jun announced. "My prom night was borderline disaster so I

got this time round to make it perfect."

"Oh? Do tell," Matt insisted as Tai got in the car. Somewhat grudgingly, Jun

answered Matt, not caring because she was determined to make this night


"Well, the dress I ordered was cancelled by the shop at the last minute so I

had nothing to waer. Luckily, grandma managed to make some modifications to

her old wedding dress at the last minute and it actually looked pretty, I'm

waering again," she pressed her hands tightly down her torso to attack the

creases beginning to form. Matt clanced in the mirror.

True to her words, the modified dress was one of great wonder. Jun's silken,

light brown hair nested a magnificent head piece. Pearl White and miniscule.

A small band ran from ear to ear, dressed in delicate cotton from a brail.

The front was raised and held a small glittering jewel on top.

Her equally gleaming white dress was low cut and flattering to say the

least. It hugged neatly to her body with silken embroidrary, lines dancing

in and out of each other. The tips hosting small white roses. Aside from the

traditional dress, this one was now slim and hugged to Jun's figure, showing

no remorse to the male attention.

"Matt?" She taunted as he broke himself to look forward. Enjoying this, she

cooed. "Were you just checking me out?" Matt fixed her with a whatever look

back through the mirror.

"Your dress," he answered. "It couldn't be more flattering. You look great."

Jun blushed and let out a small giggle. "Thanks." Tai looked between the


"Hey! Hey! Date right here!" He exclaimed.

"Aww, jealous?"

"Hell no, but if Matt keeps sweet talking like that, you'll expect it from

me sooner or later," he protested.

"Rest assure Tai, that I find you very sweet in your own way." Tai gave her

a skeptical look and Jun laughed at the the double meaning she did imply. By

this time Matt had completed the very brief journey to the school and pulled

up outside the double doors leading to the converted sports hal which was

beginning to fill with life. Tai opened his door and ran aroud to the


Opening the door, he made an over elborate bow to Jun as she stepped

outside. This was it. Matt finally had the chance to se her tonight. Tai

just slowed him up once more.

"So when do you want me here waiting?" he asked. Matt sighed.

"I'm going to be gone twenty minutes top Tai, just wait around here till

then ok?" he answered impatiently. Tai leant in and patted him on the


"Relax, I'll be here. When have I ever let you down?"

"Close the door before I answer that," Matt smirked.

"Ah, there's the infamous Ishida dry-wit. Does that mean you're back to your

normal self? Cool, calm, in control, smooth," Tai made that last word ride

as if he were a jazz muscian. His hands doing a sweeping action that was

just as the word meant. Matt raised an eyebrow on top of his smirk.

"Just close the door, I'm keeping her waiting." The door finally slammed

shut and Matt barely just managed to restrain from flooring the gas pedal.

Trying to remain cool, calm and collected he drove back away from the school

he headed back towards the tenement blocks he whisked Tai and Jun away from.

"Where's he rushing to?" Jun asked as she watched Matt drive away.

"To pick up his hot date," Tai answered. "Come on, lets mingle." He wrapped

and arm around the waist of Jun and guided her through a small forming crowd

just inside of the hall, they were still early arrivals, but they could pick

out some faces. Tai stopped and introduced Jun to a friend. "Jay, let me

introduce you to Jun, my date, and one year our senior." A startled Jay

gaped at Jun as Tai moved on to the next person holding out his hand,

snatching a currency note as he passed. "Come to papa," he said to himself

very content.


The street lights flashing over head as he drove by became a routine

flicker, a rythmic beat which helped Matt keep his concentration as he

drove. Looking to the tape player he activated it again, letting some dreary

music fill the car. He screwed his face at it but left it on.

He looked back at the road. He'd gone too far, he pulled over. He must have

been thinking too much again. He even forgot about what to have even not

paid attention to where he was driving. Opening the glove compartment, he

took a bottle of water out and quickly took a hit of the chilled liquid,

bringing his brain back to reality. He could understand why he was so

agitated today. Agitated wasn't the word, he couldn't think of the right

word. He took another hit of water. There he was thinking too much again.

He opened the window and let cool air pour in and ice his lungs. He was sure

he was ok again now and started the car up again. Pulling a sharp turn he

drove back the other way and headed towards her apartment.

That took no time at all, he pulled the car to a halt and made it safe. The

engine slowed and on its final spin seemed to struggle. Matt let out a deep

breath and looked up to her apartment, just staring at it for a few seconds

before exiting the car.

Before he knew it, he was standing infront of a door staring idly at the

numbers. His concentration broke again already. One last big breath and he

rapped on the wood. He shook the cobwebs and put on his best smile for Mrs.

Takeuchi just as she opened the door.

"Matt, come in," she smiled warmly, making way for him. He bowed politely as

he came under the door, something he'd never done all the times she answered

the door to him.

"Thanks," he allowed hismelf to be directed through to sit on the couch. For

the first time sonce he was first invited, he came to sit up straight. Mrs.

Takeuchi brought him a glass of orange juice which he accepted readily for

his drying throat.

'It's just a date,' he told himself. He took a sip from the glass and

allowed it to refresh his desert like mouth. "Thanks," me said smiling up to

her as she looked down on him.

"Sora's been so excited about tonight, what about you?" she asked as she

took a seat opposite him. He gulped and maintained his smile.

"I've been looking forward to it," he quipped. The whole place seemed to go

deafly quiet just then. This was all he needed. An awkward silence. He took

another sip of juice and noticed Mrs. Takeuchi's eyes slip to look up and

over him. He put his glass down on the coffee table as started to glance

over his shoulder.

A light padded step could be heard from behind him and he caught glimpse of

some silken blue shimmer. At that point his whole body turned to face a girl

emerge from her room. He light brown hair fell straight unlike it ever did.

Cascading in light texture of honey in front of her shoulders

Her face radiated its own light, emitting a captivating aura. A timid smile

was placed upon it, rose lips not sure of how to act. Her hazel eyes glinted

on the surface as they sunk deep in their beauty, much further than any

mortal could hope to know. They were brought to life by the red on her


She walked round the back of the couch to stand in full view for Matt. He

raised to his feet, pulled by the magnetic force she held over him. Her skin

bared until the low cut dress imposed, covering her breasts. She stood with

both hands behind her back and a foot in front of the other and looked to

Matt for some sort of approval, nervously she bit her lip gently.

The material of her dress shimmered and sparkled under the light and waves

swept across as she moved. It hugged her shape, thin and lean. It was cut at

one side to reveal her leg as it peeked out, and it seemed to tease.

"You look," Matt only got that far and barey anaged that. He found it hard

to move his mouth any more, it just hung open. Sora beamed a smile back at

him. She brought her arms back infront and held them together.

"Ok, enough staring at each other," Mrs. Takeuchi broke it up. Matt snapped

back to reality and looked to her. She held a camera and flocked them

towards a wall with her arms.

'She was staring at me?' Matt asked himself and looked to her as she stood

upright to pose for her mother. She crossed her arms just around the waist

and tilted her head up to Matt. He instinctively stood behind her and took

both her hands with his. Both posed a warm smile for Sora's mother as she

took the photo.

Sora looked back up to Matt. "Shall we go then?" Matt cooly nodded and let

Sora lead him out.

"Have a good night you two," Mrs Takeuchi told them. "And behave."

"Mom! How could you not trust Matt by now?"

"I wasn't talking to him," the mother winked and walked off into the

recesses of the apartment. Sora looked at Matt with a grin.

"Come on," she dragged him by the wrist and soon the door was slammed shut.

He was whisked away to the elevator where Sora slammed on the button and the

cage doors creaked open. She pulled him in and pressed down before pouncing

on him. Locking her lips with him. Matt didn't think to be surprised and

fell into the lock with her, allowing to be aggressive in this case. In mere

seconds she had melted in his arms and he began to kiss back with slow,

strong and passionate kisses. The elevator had come to a stop and they

hesitantly broke away. Sora leaned into Matt for a second to look up at him.

"Did I tell you how handsome you look in your tux?" she asked softly. Matt

smiled back, he hadn't done anything but smile when she looked at him since

he saw her tonight. He leant in and briefly kissed her on the lips once more

and then led her away to the car.

"You cleaned your car out," Sora noticed as she buckled up. Matt was in


"Why is everybody noticing that in particular?" Sora giggled as he put the

car into reverse to turn around. He punched the tape palyer back on, quite

grudgingly. Sora gave it a moments notice before removing the current tape.

"Yolei's I take it," she commented before looking in the glove box. She

removed one. "Oh you have the latest Hastu Moji!" She inserted the tape and

let the alternate rock fill the car. she nodded her head to the beat

minutely. Matt kept glancing over at her as she stared out of the window, he

couldn't help just looking at how amazingly beautiful she was tonight.

Sora purposely sat looking away from Matt as she couldn't help a grin on her

face. She knew he was staring at her. She had seen those eyes of his a

thousand times, looking over her, those adoring eyes that didn't seem

lecherous but awe struck. She couldn't begin to describe how good that made

her feel. She sang silently along with the tape and tried to ignore it so

she didn't look stupid when facing Matt outside the car.

'I only want you for your body, I couldn't give a damn about your mind,' the

same line seemed to go over and over for a while. Matt pulled it out.

"Must be busted," he said and held the wheel akwardly whilst he rewound it

with his finger and then put it back in. The line played again but moved on.

Just as they reached te school. Matt spotted Tai outside counting a small

wad of notes to himself.

The brown haired boy heard the car pull up and he quickly deposited the

money in his inside pocket. Matt got out from the otherside as Tai opened

the door for Sora.

"Check how he cleaned his car," Tai sneered. Matt almost snarled, that joke

was wearing thin.

"Yeah," Sora laughed. "Even the pizza stains in the back."

"Huh?" Tai peered in. "Hey what did you do to my pizza stains?"

"Whatever I wanted in my car Tai, just park it if you would be so kind."

Tai palced himself in the car and took it away. Tai himself was eager to get

back to the dance. He made the car safe and saw a shadow flicker and checked

over his shoulder. He looked over briefly his shoulder, there was nothing

there. He opened the door and stepped out.

"Hey Tai!" Tai threw the keys up int he air and screamed as a hand landed on

his shoulder. He spun around to find Davis looking right back him.

"Davis! You scared the crap out of me! I am so gonna pound on you!"

"Whoa! Whoa!" Davis threw his hands in front in submission. "I was just here

for the tape." Tai steadied his hand, stopping himself from giving Davis a

dead arm.


"Yeah, Matt said I could borrow that comp Yolei made for him," he answered. Tai

arched an eyebrow and opened the door back up, he grabbed it from the tape player

and handed it to Davis. "Alright thanks man!" he exclaimed before making his leave.

"Oh and Davis?" Tai said as he was leaving.

"Yeah?" Tai landed his fist into Davis' bicep. "Ow!"

"Don't scare me like that again, somebody could have seen me." Tai locked the car and headed back to the dance. Davis left the scene grabbing his arm tight, hoping lack of blood would let the pain ease quicker.


"Oh my gosh Sora!" Jun exclaimed. By now she had taken Sora by both hands and then led her into a spin so she could see all of her. "You look so beautiful! You made this dress yourself?"

"I had some help from my grandma," Sora answered.

"It's so perfect for you," Jun proceeded to give Matt a skeptical look. "I hope this young man had a thing or two to say about how pretty you look."

Sora giggled. "He was speechless," Sora answered.

"Oh, got a little hot under the collar did we Matt?" Jun teased. With mouth almost wide open, Matt's cheeks began to deepen in color. "You never blushed for me before."

"And with damn good reason!" Tai answered, strutting into the hall. Thank god he turned up Matt told himself, he allowed his flush to disappear quickly. "Hey why don't we get something to drink for the girls Matt." Tai dragged the blonde haired boy boy the arm.

They reached the punch bowl and Matt quickly straightened out his sleeve. "You okay man? You're not so sharp tonight."

"I don't know, Jun's giving me a hard time. I'd shoot something back at her but I if I did, it wouldn't be pleasant and I can't think of anything less spiteful right now."


"No," Matt protested.

"Matt, dude. Compadre. Amigo. Friend. Pal. Buddy. Frie-."

"Yes Tai?"

"Its between us alright? Everybody knows you've got it bad for Sora, just admit it and I'll watch your back and certainly keep Jun out of your hair. Ok?" Matt hesistated between a breath, looking as far away from civilisation as possible. "Ok?" Tai asked again.

"Alright deal," Matt agreed. "What's this gonna cost me?"

"You're asking me to keep my girlfriend away from you by spending some quality time with her?" Tai put his hand forward. Matt went to shake on it, Tai suddenly retracted. "But you know-"

"No way dude, you called the score," Mat quickly grabbed the shake and the deal was done.

"I was cheated!"

"Don't be such a baby," Matt quipped as he took off with two full glasses of punch. Tai was in tow as they approached their dates. Tai wore a usual smirk, Matt a rather placid look. Without Matt Seeing, Tai made a nodding gesture to the other side of the hall.

From the looks of it, Jun almost sulked. She knew what brought this seperation on and wanted to have more fun. "What was that about?" Sora asked as Matt handed her a glass. He knocked back his own, hoping someone like Tai had spiked it already. There wasn't much too it, still the citrus juices gave it a kick which almost sufficed.

"Me and Tai thought we'd split off just for now, so we can each spend time just between us on a date," Matt answered, looking to the bottom of the glass.

"Tai and I," Sora corrected.

"I mean, Tai and I decided-" Sora placed a finger over his lips.

"Don't get cool, calm and cocky with me Ishida," she warned. "I suppose its still a bit too early to dance, shall we find a seat?"

"Sounds like a plan," Matt answered, he led his arm aside to the assembled tables, finely decorated in tissue paper. At least Matt thought it was impressive in any case.


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Coming up in part two: Tai gets rich with his bet collection, Jun playfully tries to defy Matt and Tai's agreement and just where is Davis taking that romantic tape?