First Date: Part Two By Ryan Bodle

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He can't remember when it happened. For some reason there was a lapse in his mind that blocked the moment, but Matt was suddenly arm in arm with Sora. The two were graciously sweeping across the wooden floor in a sweet harmony only they could hear. There was a feint hum of music in the background but she drowned it out as he stared at her intently.

In her eyes he was looking back at her adoringly with a cute grin on his face that cut deep into and struck a nerve that gave her a warm but tingling feeling she couldn't describe to herself. She was unable to hold on to a single thought in her head. They raced by with different emotion from panic and fear, somewhere feeling she wasn't quite enough for him to a giddy teenager who couldn't believe her luck t a love struck girl, swept off her feet in the greatest romance tale ever told.

She leaned in closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder. As if it were a natural move, comfortable, right in every way, Matt increased his embrace around her as they danced, catching a chance to smell her hair. Where the beginning to this went he couldn't remember, all that mattered was now.

The music came to a stop and while everything around them was still phased out, Matt ears pricked at two words from an announcement. "Teenage Wolves." He even missed the rest of it as the crowd began to applaud and he looked about him, all eyes looking at him to do something. He moved away from Sora.

"Stay right here," he said with a smile and started in fast walk to the stage. He heard a strange applause up to the stage, a crowd cheering was more of a normal sound to his gigs. He slipped a strap over his shoulder and felt the weight of an acoustic guitar on his shoulder, semi-electric as it was plugged in through an amp.

"Hey, how you guys doing?" He asked through the microphone as he checked his strings were still in tune. He was answered with a cheer from those watching him. "So we're not going to do a full set, we just volunteered to do a couple of songs." There was a pantomime disdain from the crowd and he laughed a little. "So, this first one is a new song which I wrote while we were on the road this year, it's a slow one and about being away from you're loved one, it called 'So Far Away.'" He stung one chord ready to start and looked behind him.

Matsuki started off by bringing in a soft beat mainly with hi-hats and soft snare hits until Matt counted in his cue playing full chords. Just to his right a second guitar with very light distortion played a simple riff complimenting the notes Matt played and somewhere an underlying bass note rang out, finishing off a well rounded melody. Matt took a deep breath and worked his voice.

'I can see you, smiling through the window pane. Until now I thought the rain, my only friend. It's been a long, long time, since I last thought of you.'

Matt seemed taken back to just under three weeks ago. He was on the tour coach again feeling very drowsy and miserable for some reason. All this travelling had got to him, he never had a moment to himself, always playing then moving on and it wore the hell out of him and the rest of the band. It was somewhere midnight and although weary, he couldn't sleep, something kept him up and he couldn't tell what.

He had his Discman on, not sure of what was playing but it cut out any other audio input around him. He stared out of the window, trying to fins something to fix on. It was raining hash outside as the vehicle went by. Just then, from nowhere he swear he could see another face like a reflection of his, but it wasn't his. It was someone else.

He made out the red brown hair and the rest feel into place. It was her. He snapped his eyes closed and then open again, she was gone but he was still stunned by what put her there, it could have only been him imagining but he couldn't remember why. He hadn't thought of anyone form back home for a while and didn't know why Sora all of a sudden. He let himself relax again and she started to form there again. This time he welcomed her coming.

'You used to mean the world to me I swear, Don't know how I came to leave you dear And its been a hard, hard time, since I last saw you.'

Then he responded to her appearance the only way he could think how. He took a scrap book from his bag between his les and opened it out, removing the old pen that had been there for years. He started writing down a few lines, they felt good to him and something sung them out to him. He started writing more and smiled to himself. He felt this come naturally and when he got stuck, he looked back at her.

He understood why her now. Music became a language to him. His heart told him what his hand should write and as he read, his mind began to understand. He missed her. Not home, not his bed and a good nights sleep, not all of his friends in comparison. Of all things, he missed her. Still in reality he broke into the chorus.

'I see your face when I close eyes; you're so far away from me. When I strain to listen real hard it's your voice that's haunting me. I hate it when, you're not around. You're always out of reach. Why is it when you're still around, you still seem far away, from me?'

A small break occurred where Koji, to his right, started that riff again. Sora stood near the back looking on admirably being swept up with the emotion Matt put into his voice. She didn't notice she was being watched.

Tai held Jun as they both looked forward, first they Sora who stood on her own, no doubt staring at Matt with a goofy look. Empty eyes, small indications of a smile, red cheeks. They looked at each other and grinned before Jun turned round and leaned her head up to reach his lips and they met in a heart felt kiss as Matt's melody made the moment for them.

There was something of another verse but hadn't cared to listen so intently. Sora leaned against the pillar she stood by and wrapped her arms around her as if pulling a cloak tighter around her to stop the tingling of her skin. But there was no cloak and there was no wind, yet her skin was content to dance and make her shiver a little from what she felt deep inside.


"You really didn't have to do this Davis," Kari nervously rubbed her arm up and down, sitting up straight and tight. The brown haired admirer was across from her, his hands in a flurry as he removed contents from a wicker basket and onto the park table. The park bench on which she sat on was firm and just a little uncomfortable from the way she sat.

"It was no trouble," Davis said concentrating on everything being set out right. "I mean it clicked a while ago. If Tai and Matt and the other guys are having a fun time at their prom night, why can't we have our own fun night, and I thought what better fun than an evening picnic?"

"It's gone evening," Kari replied with an eyebrow cocked.

"Ok, so it's a," he trailed off looking for a right word. "Moonlight Picnic!" He piped up almost startling her. "Come on, just go with it, please?" Kari looked down at the spread he had prepared and couldn't help smiling.

"Chef's finest I see," she said holding up a packet of breadsticks. Likewise everything else on the table was in a packet and similar fashion of food type. Davis grinned sheepishly.

"Kinda last minute." She opened the breadsticks.

"Could you pass me the sour cream dip?" He did so quite quickly and just looked at her. She shied away from that stare and tried to focus on having a pleasing meal without his gawping. That proved quite difficult. It was like ignoring a car crash after a policeman tells you there's nothing to see.

Suddenly as if sensing her being uncomfortable he looked away and down to the food he brought, idly helping himself to something untouched. There was an awkward silence as they both nimbly chewed their food not daring to make a sound. Davis pulled out a soda can and offered one to her she took it with a curt nod.

"Thank you Davis," she said. She almost stopped herself mid-sentence; she had no idea where that came from. She just said it. Davis' trademark grin grew to an all time big. Happy that she was happy. She knew now he could tell. She found herself wearing a smile herself.

"Anytime," he said coolly back finally.

She ducked her head feeling her cheeks redden. The all she could think was, 'this is nice.'


Jun slumped on the table. Somehow, her attempts to rile Matt had failed miserably. Over his initial speechless phase, he was now on top of the world. Strength renewed from his cameo performance during the night. There was nothing she could say to affect him.

"You know, you suits all creased and tacky," she tried. Matt lounged back in his chair opposite her and grinned.

"Yeah but I still look damned good." He heard her curse under his breath and he laughed. "Give it up Jun, you can't get to me."

"Tch. Fine," she surrendered. "How come Tai took Sora off to get drinks?"

"He wants to check up on me being an appropriate suitor for her," Matt answered. "He even tries protecting her from me. Like his sister."

"Does that make you jealous?" She asked, peeking out from her crossed arms, seeing a chance.

"Not really, there's thing a boyfriend can do, a best friend can't," he quipped with a large grin again.

"I'll tell Sora you said that," Jun said back receding back into her arms.

"She'd agree."

"I know. I'm doing you a favour."

"Thanks." Matt looked over his shoulder to Tai and Sora exchanging quick sentences, ending their conversation as they came nearer to the table with refreshments. Jun came out from hiding, taking a plastic cup from Tai.

"So Sora, did you hear Matt? He said he's not jealous of you and Tai because boyfriends can do some things best friends can't." Tai chose to ignore that as a joke. Sora grinned at her before taking position on Matt's lap.

"That's why I decided to get one," she answered. Tai rolled his eyes back. He hadn't gotten much out of Sora from their little chat but resigned his post of chaperone. He'd tried for two weeks already to convince Sora to be more formal. Two weeks work didn't do and no amount would.

"I give up!" he said aloud. Much to Sora's amusement.

"I tol you to forget about me," Sora told him as Tai replied with a shrug. "And start worrying about Kari." Tai's ears pricked.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh begged me to stay quiet, but now you're I don't see it matters," Sora trailed off.

"Who's he?"

"Davis, he's taken Kari out for a surprise mid-night picnic."

"Oh how sweet!" Jun exclaimed.

"The hell it is!" Tai barked. "I'll kill him the next time I see him, no wonder he wanted that tape."

"What tape?" Matt asked.

"The tape Yolei made for you, he was snooping around the car park asking for it."

"You gave him the on in the ash tray right?" Matt asked. Tai cocked an eyebrow.

"No, I gave him the one in the player, why?" Matt and Sora looked at each other before breaking out in laughter that Tai couldn't comprehend.


"Dude, that wasn't Yolei's tape," Matt explained. "It was your Hatsu Moji. There is no way Davis is getting anywhere with Kari tonight if he plays that tape." Tai's features relaxed and tensed again as he stifled a laugh. He tried to hold it back again but saw it futile as he broke out in hysterics, he only wished he could have been there when it happened.


"Thank you for this Davis," Kari complimented as he cleared everything away. She sought an end in this as she felt quite strange being relaxed around him. "I should probably get back though, would you walk me home?"

"Wait there's on last thing," he said. Digging out a stereo from the large bag he'd brought with him. She sighed tiredly.

"Can't I have one dance?" he pleaded. He stacked up the stereo on the bench and pulled a cassette out of his pocket. "My special songs for Kari compilation." He said with a suggesting tone.

"Just one," she conceded. Davis almost jumped and kicked his feet in the air as he scrambled to put the tape in the player.

The next two seconds consisted of Davis pressing play, spinning around and saying, "Kari I-." Before the tape interrupted.


With volume that could have woken up an entire block, Hatsu Moji, a metal- rock band that Kari despised began blaring out through the park. With butter fingers, Davis tried to find the stop button and then turned it off. Dogs barking in the background at the interruption to night's silence.

"Wait! That's not the right one!" Davis started saying, hoping that by waving his hands in a defensive manor would wipe him free of crime. "Maybe it's the other side!" He ejected the tape to find it caught up in the player. Bits of magnetic strip were being torn from the cassette as he continued fumbling with it. "Just a second!"

"Forget it Davis," Kari told him. "I can find my own way home." She walked off very disappointed that he managed to pull off another Davis at the perfect moment.

"Kari!" He bellowed after her in a wounded voice. "Wait!" It disappeared as she exited the park and got round the corner. Then with a heavy breath, tried to accept and shrug off the night she had.


The lights went out, signalling a end to the night as far as the organiser's were concerned. Odaiba High school prom had closed and the occupants of the hall were ushered to the exits, clean up crew, eager to get started so they could get home.

The last four to leave, did so in a disorderly fashion. In one long line, arm in arm they careered from side to side as they struggled forward. The sound of laughter being the energy that kept them up. The came to a sudden stop as the brown haired boy peered into the sky. Throwing the rest backwards, almost knocking the two ladies off their feet.

"Wow, it is late," he remarked. Its was answered by silence. He turned and looked at their faces, puzzled. "What? I was just saying."

"Tai!" The brown haired boy spun on his heel as Daisuke Motomiya entered the car park, his head wrapped in magnetic strip. "I thought you gave me Yolei's tape!" He shouted somewhat angry.

Tai cracked into a laugh. "So did I, how was the picnic?" Himself and the other three had to hold each other up in their fits of laughter.

"Very funny," Davis replied, clearly not amused.

"So, what's with the decoration?" Tai asked laughing at a pitiful Davis as if he had just been the victim of a prank.

"That tape you gave me got busted in my stereo, it took me all of tonight just getting it out," he held up the blank tape, now empty of magnetic strip. Tai just came to a realisation and stopped his laughing.

"Huh?" His face became red with anger. "Davis! That's my Hatsu Moji tape!" Knwoing the enraged look on Tai's face, Davis bolted in a second , the older boy hot on his heels. "You're buying a new one first thing tomorrow morning Motomiya!" The two sped off into the distance leaving a laughing Jun behind.

Still thinking she was in the company of Matt and Sora. "If we ride back to mine, who do you think will be there first, us or them?" She looked over her shoulder to see nobody there. She spun on her heel to see Matt and Sora already in the car, Matt with his arms around her as he slammed the car into gear and took off as fast as humanly possible.

"No! No, no, no!" Jun shouted as she stamped her foot. The car taking off into the night. Within a few seconds she could barely make out the silhouette of Tai and Davis, zigzagging across the road. "Tai! You better have money for a cab!"


Peeking over her shoulder, Sora giggled at the stomping figure of Jun. Arms waving at her and Matt making a quick get away. Once out of sight, she slunk back into Matt's one armed embrace as he kept his other on the wheel.

"So where do you want to go?" He asked.

"Anywhere where it's just us," she murmured as she nuzzled comfortably against him. Matt smirked with an idea as he headed for the city boundary. She was oblivious to their journey.


She was only aware of the car ceasing to make any sound. That was the only indication that they had stopped. She stirred from half slumber. She hadn't remembered falling asleep. Or being tired for that matter. It must have been because of how comfortable she felt. Matt looked down at her adoringly as she looked to achieve eye contact herself.

"We're here," he said softly. She roused her self and stretched, her dress creased from the way she leaned into him and hair starting to lose its placing.

"Where are we?"

"Take a look," he nodded minutely to the windscreen. She looked and instantly recognised the scenery, he jaw dropping.

"I haven't been here in so long," she gasped.

"Thought you'd like it," he said back and opened his door. "Come on," he suggested as he got out. She followed suit, looking like a child in a toy store. He had taken her to the grounds of the summer camp where they first were taken to the digital world so long ago.

She ran through the grass that was growing long. The dew still there splashed her legs with moisture till she finally reached the big tree that was just outside the hut they had stayed in. Matt strolled over casually, he couldn't the big grin he had, seeing her so happy.

"Why did you bring me here?" She asked as he found a comfortable leaning area.

"It's the first place that came to mind when I thought of you," he shrugged.

"You thought of me?" she asked with a teasing tone. "When was this? I hope it was clean." She raised her arms and gingerly laid them around his neck.

"I doubt it," he answered. "But I did think of you a lot when we were touring."

With a gentle smile, Sora reached in and kissed him lightly, then again and again until light kisses became one sensual exchange of emotion for both of them. Matt held her by the waist and drew her nearer as they courted in the moonlight, silent whispers of the natural world around them completing a blissful moment.

Sora broke away just for enough time to say, "I thought of you too." She fell into his shoulder and felt him wrap his arms around her, instantly making her world the safest place she could possibly live in. He hugged her tight.

"We should go soon, I don't want you to get cold." She shook her head slightly.

"I don't want this to end just yet," she said softly. He hugged her closer and looked down on her, hoping to catch a glimpse of the face he dreamed of whilst he had gone away. Just then he caught a trail of her perfume, sending his senses reeling.

He was glad this night had happened and turned out the way it did. Most of all he was happy he had her.


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